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  1. Maybe, but not really. The "pension" part will be smaller and part of a blended system. Not a stand alone 20-yr and out pension anymore like the old days. "The new retirement system is known as the "Blended Retirement System" or BRS. The “blending” in BRS comes from the blending of two major sources of retirement income: the existing annuity provision for those who retire after 20 or more years of service, PLUS the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)." https://www.military.com/benefits/military-pay/blended-retirement-system.html "Since 83% of servicemembers do not s
  2. Better recheck. The military chgd and got rid of their 20 yr and out pension plan except for then current members and now it's all different.
  3. So, exactly how many lives can a helicopter pilot expect to go through?
  4. You can always get a government job. I work for the guvment and we are filled with people who don't really want to work or know what they want...
  5. That happened to me, too. Went in for physical, the top number was high, bottom normal. Then they made me wait two more hrs to take 2 more measurements and they were normal. They had me go to private doc - did so 3 different occasions. Each time normal almost low. That is when I had a resting pulse rate of 40 (good old days...). Went back for physical again and same thing happened as 1st - top number high and later numbers normal. They STILL didn't take me. It was only after I relaxed and talked to neighboring recruits did I calm down and have fun were the numbers normal on later trie
  6. Tesla is going to go under. Layoffs, closings, never made profit, stock tanking, Panasonic may be pulling out, doesn't meet targets, losing subsidies, hard to find replacement parts to maintain... too long a list.
  7. Yep, that’ll be it! Man, you can find anything...
  8. Bingo... but more likely a big snowcat.
  9. Thank to all of you for replying. I'll pass this info along to my friend.
  10. Agreed, but there is really no other way to get it transported. Plus, he probably has money..
  11. So, friend of mine is looking for a heavy-lift helo to pick up and relocate one of those 'small houses' about a mile in the Tahoe area of NV. Doing a search turns up several heavy-lift companies that are all over the place. Does anyone here have any experience with hiring these types of companies or know of any that can do this sort of thing that you can recommend? Thanks....
  12. I had Lasik and regret it. If I had choice, i would go back and not do it. It has created halo's and starbursts around lights at night, and actually made one eye worse. And with it being worse it has become weaker than the other. Too much risk, I think, for a pilot.
  13. klas


    From the horses mouth (FAA), they will accept angioplasty in lieu of stress test provided that prior stress tests show no issues and this is a ‘one off’ procedure to sort of ‘check’ the status of any stents and past blockages after a number of yrs.
  14. klas


    Thanks, Tom. Already got my answer.
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