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  1. Basically, this will be an "is it too late for me" question. I'm currently a civilian with an Bachelors degree and Juris Doctor, admitted to practice law in my home state, and I have a civilian PPL-R with just north of 100 hours. I've been interested in army aviation for the longest time, but now I'm worried I waited too long. I just turned 30 in March and speaking with a recruiter, it appears that I need to be in flight school before I turn 31. Accounting for delays in the training process, do I stand a chance if I were to leave for training (the OCS enlistment option) within the next couple of months?
  2. Fair point, but switching off on stick time vs. scanning for traffic/comms/flight management, the idea is to build some hours and experience for half the price. I think what Tom is doing is great and you can build hours faster with him, but this is just another way to do it and I figured I'd see if there was anyone in the area.
  3. Hi Keitkalk, How it was explained to me is this: one pilot is the flying pilot using a visual limiting device to simulate instrument flying while the other is the safety pilot. The safety pilot is the PIC for the flight and logs PIC time while the flying pilot logs PIC time because he/she is the sole manipulator of the controls. The safety pilot cannot log PIC x/c time this way, however, but the flying pilot can. Further reading here - http://www.aopa.org/Pilot-Resources/Learn-to-Fly/Aviation-Subject-Report-Logging-Pilot-in-Command-PIC-Time.aspx http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/fsdo/sdl/local_more/avsafety_program/media/LOGGING%20PILOT-IN-COMMAND%20TIME.pdf
  4. Anyone in the area and want to split time? I'm located close to KHPN but am willing to travel a little bit.
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