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  1. I am looking for Chris Bocim or Bill P Francis (last known location- CA). I got your names through Marty Stauber in Alaska and would like to talk to either of you or anyone who has any information regarding these two gentleman. Give me a call at 907.226.2800. THANKS! Melissa
  2. Pathfinder Aviation (Homer, Alaska) is now accepting resumes for utility helicopter pilots. Positions require experience in Bell 206 helicopters. Applicants must possess a Helicopter Commercial/Instrument Certificate with at least 3000 hrs PIC helicopter and meet minimum OAS requirements, which includes 400 hours of experience flying in mountain/rough terrain (above 5000’ DA). Two years experience working in Alaska or remote locations required. Resumes may be faxed to 907-226-2801 or e-mailed to pathfinderaviation@alaska.net.
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