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  1. Wondering who out there has gone to either of these schools and could give their opinions on them. I am looking at either and wonder what people have experienced. Thanks Brandon
  2. Are you currently attending a school in Portalnd or are you going to go to a school in Portland. If already attending what do you think of that school and why did you choose it over other schools around the northwest? Thanks Brandon
  3. Hey Marc, thanks a bunch! That would be great. I'll give you a call. I actually live pretty close to St. Pats as well.
  4. Next question. I have found some operations in Missoula, which is where I live, that will teach you how to fly. I don't think they are considered a "school", but I could still get the neccesarry licenses if I were to learn to fly with them. What would be the greatest advantages/disadvantages to going with a 'school' as opposed to giong with a more 'private' operation. Hopefully the answers aren't too obvious. Thanks Brandon
  5. I am not a pilot but am seriously considering pursuing flying helicopters. I found this forum through the post about Silver Sate (apparently I should not use that School?). So I am curious what schools in or around Monatana are reputable and reasonably priced. This question is probably common so I apologize. I am interested in professional not just private pilot, don't know if that makes a difference in schools. I have done a little research and recieved some info from a few schools, but would like to get peoples opinion. Thanks for any info Brandon
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