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  1. I think I would really enjoy working ENG. How could I get into this field? I know you probably won't get hired in with 1000 hours like in the offshore buisness. Thanks Chris
  2. AUChris


    makes sence thanks alot. Chris Learn something everyday.
  3. AUChris


    For a newbie please- would somebody define a brownout and a white out. Thanks alot Chris
  4. My opinion if you had to combine a few. I would combine the ferry flight and helicopter club. Flight training gets way to many post to be combined. It would make everything hard to find. I myself spend alot of time in that forum. I think I would go with you on the equipment forum; I think it would have a good bit of action right off the bat but then probably die out and only be revived when new stuff was put out. I can understand you leaving that out. We can always post in the General Forum. Anyways just my opinion. Thanks Chris
  5. I would like to see a forum for all the offshore guys to post. However I don't want to clutter this site up with way too many forums like the PHPA's site. I realize you can't please everyone but I think an offshore forum would be nice. Thanks Rey, Chris Oh, I do like the Idea of an Equipment forum- Could be cause I am really wanting a GPS, ha
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