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  1. Welcome! As for the starving part, you're dead on! Even after 14 years in the wonderful helicopter world, there are still times I'm enjoying ramen and hot dogs! But that's not why we do it! Nothing beats it in the world if you're willing to sacrafice for years to get what you want! After years on the road or living in some hell-hole where your spouse won't go, I'm finally home everyday (night), and wouldn't change a thing! Good luck to ya!
  2. That reminds of of that cartoon on Youtube (can't find it) where a woman has a flat or something...they roll fire and everyone else including a helo then transport her across the street!
  3. From the vague article, we've had to do a little damage control despite having nothing to do with the "fiasco." I won't comment on what Careflite did or didn't do as I have no idea. No one knows why Native 6 (my base) was cancelled. My crews heard the initial 911 call come out on the radio and were in the bird ready to go, waiting for Fire to request a bird. From start to the scene would have been 7 minutes max for us. Careflight was returning from a call and still needed to service their bird (fuel, o2, med stuff, etc). Both Fire Depts requested us by name. Somewhere in the loop, s
  4. We were talking about this at the base yesterday and this morning. Based solely on the article, what does it sound like happened?
  5. Thanks for the welcome Wally! I don't think anyone in Addison, TX enjoyed the buyout. Everyone but 135 compliance was let go. And I'm with ya on the airports...only go there for gas!
  6. Native Air 6 or is it Lifenet now? Huh...either way, ENJOY. Please "like, share, and favorite!"
  7. Hum...wasn't me flying it and guess I never really looked at it that closely. But I do agree a quick look at your available power before going vertical (every takeoff out here requires vertical...some over 150').
  8. I agree. I wear an under armour type shirt and shorts. Poor ice water over my head and let my shirt get wet. Evaporation works for awhile. I get out of the black flight suit as fast as I can when we get back. If I don't, I feel like I'm going to get heat stroke!
  9. We wear black...and when it's 120 + degrees, it's just awesome! p.s. It was only 115 today, so...nice.
  10. Sebastian, Are you talking about the shot with 2 birds on the pad?
  11. No, off hitch. That would have been Greg in Native 6. I'll be on days the next 2 hitches...finally, after 5 consecutive night hitches. O forgot what it looks like out here in the day time! I was lost!
  12. Yesterday not so much fun...118 degrees, 3 flights in a row to Phoenix, then the A/C breaks in the aircraft...luckily we were only a few minutes from our base, or it would have been unbearable!
  13. My latest with Oscar winning music thanks to Jerry Goldsmith. I hope you enjoy it.
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