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  1. Gallets are great helmets. I have had one for several years now and have only had one problem: the buckle on the strap broke. I swapped the ends and ordered a new one for a spare. My only regret is not ordering a hard visor cover when I bought it. I have the CEP's installed and love it when I get the chance to use them. Spend a few dollars extra, and contact Tiger Performance and have custom fit earmolds made. They can also get you an adapter so that you can use the CEP's with your IPOD, or similar device. (This is nice when you have several acres to mow.) It has been very comfortable even in some terrible Texas summers. When it gets really cold, it is a bit difficult to put on, but otherwise it has been worth every dime spent on it.
  2. Seems like I remember seeing a video of a guy in California doing that. He might tell you that thats a bad idea.
  3. Butters, keep flying, and always, always try to keep learning. As your skill level increases so will your ability to 'modify' an approach to suit the needs of your flight. As a low time pilot, an approach like you described, 60@60 50@50, etc., would have made me very nervous, and looked like hell. Now that I have a few more hours, I could, and have flown that approach because it was what I need to do in my situation. Study your books, understand how and why things like SWP happen, and then train with your CFI to recognize the onset, and how to recover. Again, as your experience skill level increases, you will be more comfortable with different approaches and all of the variables that come with each one.
  4. 2 cans of black eyed peas (I prefer Trappeys w/ jalapenoes) 1 can of Rotel, 1 package of sausage. (Owens w/ special seasoning) Mix it all together (after frying sausage of course) and enjoy. This will make enough to have leftovers. Its quick, simple, and fills the tummy. Add a spoonfull of butter, cornbread if available. Yum yum ! ! ! This can be cut in half too. My wife and I do this with one can of peas, and it gives us both one bowl for dinner.
  5. Although, now that I think about it . . . .
  6. Hell no. My wife would probably take one look and you and wonder "What the hell was I thinking?"
  7. Beckwith, I will be in Wolfe Creek in January. 17-23. Let me know if you can get down there.
  8. I'm not trying to hijack a thread here, but this raises a few good questions. Is the pre - post flight briefing de-briefing a legitimate part of a lesson? Why should an instructor not get paid for his time? (Assuming the time charged for is legitimate.) I do not get paid for anytime not directly associated with instruction, so why should I be expected to instruct for free? I personally feel like it is legitimate to discuss what is expected of each lesson before the flight, and then discuss the results afterwards. I don’t charge more than .2 or .3 for each, and there have been numerous times that we have sat and talked for over an hour. Now, back on topic. I have been to schools at both ends of the spectrum here. Schools that were so disorganized and treated students like dirt (cash cows), and schools that seemed well organized, respectful, and made for a comfortable atmosphere that was conducive to learning. The irony is that schools that are TERRIBLE often outlast the ones that are great. John
  9. Very good questions. Be carefull when customers ask you to do something questionable. RUN when an operator asks. It really doesnt matter where this happened. The fact is that unneccesary stresses cause failures like this to happen. We have proof that it happens. And we have the ability to prevent them from happening.
  10. Epic is at Meacham. I flew with Summit for an add on years ago, and then knocked out my CFI at Epic almost two years ago. Nice facilities, aircraft, and people.
  11. Justin, try these two links for getting fitted plugs on your CEP's. I have never delt with them, but when I spoke to the folks from Tiger at the Houston Expo, they said they could mould them and take care of custom projects like that. But, I have heard of people having trouble dealing with them. The PlugUp company I talked to at a motorcycle show a year or so ago, and they said they could do it. Looking at their website, I would say that they could definatly do what ever you need that involves cramming something in your ears. I have just dropped the ball on getting my CEP's sent in to be molded. Also, if I understand them correctly, CEP sells a converter cable of sorts that allows you to use you CEP's with your IPOD, or similar Mp3 player. That would be nice when mowing, or for other applications! (I have a big yard to mow.) http://plugup.com/cart/ http://www.tigerperformance.com/index.asp
  12. Be nice Adam32. I fly a Brantly several times a week, and really enjoy it.
  13. I think on most King radios that you can program in at least 10 "STBY" frequencies. I have all of my locals programed in, but have to access them from the radio (King KY 97A), only because my cyclic only has one button/switch.
  14. sj7162, this is just below the belt, in my opinion. I have flown with Dale, and would do so again in a heartbeat.
  15. As with any small helicopter, you will get to a point where you become power limited. With that being said, I left the other day, with myself (215) and another (253), with 15 gallons and 25lbs in the baggage compartment. CG was a bit forward, but not too excessive. We left the hanger, taxied to the taxiway, where we did a final check, and by the time we crossed the active we were climbing out at a respectable roc. We easily cleared the row of trees across from the runway with 70 feet or better. The B2b does have a set of cooling fans that draw air through the oil cooler and fom the engine compartment. They are belt driven off of the transmission. Is it EXTREMELY underpowered? I dont think so. But, when I load up with fuel, and two fat guys, I can't do confined area work. Lack of tail rotor authority? So far, I can't say that I think it is lacking. I do have a good bit of left pedal in when hovering. At least more so that the 300C I fly. But, I have not had a bad problem, even considering the winds we have had lately. Of course, I also don't make a habit trying to hold it 90* to winds that are 15G21. So, is the B2b the perfect helicopter. No. It has its issues just like any other helicopter. I have been flying this one for some time now, and enjoy it more and more with each flight. I like that fact that it has a baggage compartment. Its great to be able to put a few things into it and still take off on a x-country. CG is nice too. It remains relatively unaffected by fuel burn, because the tanks are under the seat, and are somewhat 'bowl' shaped. Sorry for the rant. Thanks for listening, John
  16. Mechanic, if you ever get to Fort Worth, look me up and we'll see about getting you an hour or two in one.
  17. Mechanic, Brantly has indeed been sold to the Chinese. Right now they are still building 8-10 a year in Vernon, the last time I heard. If you ever have a chance, get yourself an hour or two in one. They are really pretty nice little ships.
  18. 12-26, a few years ago, I had one on approach. No damage to the a/c, my wife looks over at me and asks, 'what are we stopping here for?'. This was, incedentaly, the first time I had taken her up after finishing my training.
  19. Witch, I likw the pencil idea. I have never heard that before. I'll have to see how well that works on a mechanical one though. Hovergirl, thats sweet of you to call me 'Kid". The only time I hear that anymore is when I stop by the liquer store. "Hey kid, let me see some ID !", (at 37).
  20. We all know that a girl cant read a map ! JUST KIDDING ! ! ! ! Be patient. Also, remember that you are flying a helicopter. You can get low, or even land close enough to a road sign and read it. When you flying your x-countries, be sure you pick out obvious landmarks. Try working off of the KISS rule, even if it means going out of your way a nit.
  21. As Copterpilot said, great post. I always enjooy seeing some friendly discussion here. (Rather than the nasty-ness that goes on at that other place.)
  22. All right, I just woke up, and am on a pretty good dose of Vicodin after knee surgery yesterday, but I'm going to take a quick stab at these . . . 1. No. An ELT is not required in all training aircraft, 2. No. 3. Not sure. Airspace is kinda fuzzy right now, pretty much the same way my mouth feels after the anesthesia (sp?). 4. Yes, you can. According the FAR, it has to be less than .04% though, and at least 8 hours since the last drink. As for any comments on this subject, let's just not go there. 5. No. You do not have to have your logbook with you on all flights, unless you operating a light sport a/c under light sport rules. 6. No. But you do have to have a 2nd when acting as a commercial pilot. 7. Yes. When taking instruction for a rating it counts. 8. Hmmmm. Not sure. I will be reading the FAR's as soon as my eyes will focus, and making sure I have a clear understanding of this. 9. No. It works the other way though. 25 hours of the 22 time will count towards the 44.
  23. The SSH collapse affected more than just those who were enrolled. I was just about to start working as a new CFI when they shut the doors. When I got home from the Robinson course, there was a line of SSH instructors and students out the door of my potential employeers office. I really can't blame him though. Who would you want to hire? A new CFI with no experience, or a CFI that has already given 2-300 hours of instruction? O well. I just have to find another direction to go.
  24. I have been following this thread since it started. What amazes me is that many veteran posters here have been sucked in by a troll. It is MY opinion, that Ercam is posting under multiple names, and it seems that his sole purpose here is to flame Premier and bait others into an argument.
  25. Bose does have a 'try it free for 30 days' policy. http://www.bose.com/controller?event=VIEW_..._index&ck=0
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