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  1. is focusing on UAS & sUAS in the NAS

  2. Here are two news links about the R44 that had a bad landing after engine problems. The main rotor chopped the tail boom but the two pilots were not injured. http://1010wins.com/topstories/local_story_352171623.html http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/jersey/index...0860.xml&coll=1
  3. I wouldn't recommend 'Principals of Helicopter Flight' as a beginner book. Great book but it is a WAY TOO advanced book to start with. I have read many different books in print and pdf form. The two best & my personal favorite are: Jeppesen 'Helicopter Pilot Manual' & Coyle's 'Cyclic & Collective'. I found myself reading both of those book at the same time. Both of those book in my opinion are a must! Though you could get through you PPL & CPL with only the Jeppesen book.
  4. The FAA has updated its web site, it's now much easier to navigate. Check it out: http://www.faa.gov/ Here is the new link to the FAA 'Handbooks & Manuals' page: http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals/
  5. Gary Coleman: Whatchu talkin bout Zero 5 Pappa?
  6. Here's a link to a few Manuals, Guides and Handbooks for anyone interested in Aerial Firefighting. USDA Fire & Aviation Management
  7. Very strange, I too now have 50 invites. They just might be ready to release the first official version to the public.
  8. Congratulations to the two of you. Things turned out for the better after all.
  9. I have one request to all the guys that I gave an invite to. If you get any invites, it'd be nice if you offered a couple of them to other VR members.
  10. That one is cool I've used these in my email sigs. OlllllllO eat, sleep, Jeep! & o[ ]o (O lllllll O) []==O=[] My license plate cover says "It's a Jeep Thing... You Wouldn't Understand!" I have been trying to work on one for a Heli. Has any one seen one? Or if you're creative enough can some one make one?
  11. I have a few gmail invitations that I can spare. If anyone wants one PM me.
  12. Just came accross this today: This page has the "Robinson R22 Flight Training Guide", a great study guide for your PPL Oral Exam, radio calls and an R22 quiz. All of which is either in PDF or .doc format for download. http://www.pegasusflight.com/559883.html
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