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  1. well my board date was today and i got the word back that i was a non select. i know that my packet is automatically in the next board but it seems unlikely that they would say no one month and yes the next. Any one know any one picked up the second time? Any ways I know the hot question is what is competitive and what’s not so I figured I would let you know what I tired with Im 18 graduated high school in 07 I completed 2 years of community college while I was in high school I had a 132 on the afast And an 85 on the asvab I cant remember my exact gt score but it was as least 10 or 15 over qualifying Lor’s from a former army cornel in the aviation field who was my principle, a cw3 that’s a friend of mine a religious leader and an airline pilot that’s my best friends dad. Im and eagle scout and very active in a lot of service projects in scouts school and church I had no flight experience. I plan to keep on trying can anyone give me some tips on what to improve be for when I try again and how long I have to wait to try again. if any one has any advice you can reach me at fb.rider@hotmail.com
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