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Found 12 results

  1. Welp, CFII complete over here. Now the real challenge starts: Finding a job in a place thats worth living in, where I wouldn't be stuck flying 90 hours a year. So, I've come to the conclusion that a road trip is best. Drive to every place in the region, give them a hard copy, and schmooze. But here is the problem: How do you get in contact with these people prior to visiting? Ive emailed a few ("Hello X I will be visiting your area on 12 DEC, I was looking to meet up with you and talk about the school..."), but haven't gotten any significant responses. So it comes down to networking... The "its not what you know, its who you know" conundrum. But outside of my small school, I really don't know anyone. How does a guy try to build up a network when he's at the first floor? Ive got a great network in my old job (its easy when you're working), but nothing in my new career. Any tips on the road trip? Scheduling, visits, etc? Have you seen anyone come in for an in-person resume drop off who made a serious gaffe? Thanks yall
  2. Hello all, I am new to the forums. I am looking at obtaining my CFI back home in NJ and was wondering if anyone on here as used any of the flight schools in that state. (also open to ones in Philadelphia area as well) Were your experiences good/bad? As an Army Aviator is it worth getting my CFI through the civilian side, or waiting until I track IP and get it that way? I also do not know if there are specific things I should look for when picking a school. Just trying to get the ball rolling so any tips/advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  3. so heres the rub, I'm a new CFII and with my first student on takeoff he overtook my controls and put in a hard left input and we rolled the helicopter. we were in a 44 and we were not injured and for that I am grateful. In the wake of the accident I come to realize that the flight school I went to that hired me after finishing my certs has an insurance police that I don't have enough hours to work under. After two months I took my chances and left to look for a new job realizing that getting those hours was going to be difficult without instructing. So my question is how difficult will it be to find a new school to get on with having had an accident? any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated. Now I have learned a lot and am going to change some things that I did wrong but in my search so far I have been told more than a few times that people had jobs available if I had an airplane CFi certificate. So second question if i can manage to find a way to do the add on would that be a better option than traveling the country looking for a helicopter cfi position (would it make me more marketable?)? I know this isn't an email and phone call business so id be taking a lengthy trip but if there are more jobs with airplanes would that be a better option or do I have a descent chance finding a helicopter job as i stand? I'm around the mid 200 hour dance all in robes and any help is appreciated!
  4. COMMERCIAL PILOT/ CFI/ CFII AVAILABLE FOR FERRY FLIGHTS CONTACT : 603 608 5905 Summary: TT helicopter 1052+ hours , Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated, CFI, CFII, , SFAR 73 CFI Endorsement R22 /R44, Class II Medical, 135 lbs. Single. Flight Experience by Aircraft Type: Piston: 955.5 hrs: Instruction Given: 452.6 hrs R22: 475+ hrs: Instruction Given: 238.9 R44: 394+ hrs: Instruction Given: 209.1 Schweizer: 62 hrs: Instruction Given 35 Bell 47: 21 hrs: Instruction Given: 10 Turbine: 97 hrs Eurocopter AS350 BA 65 hrs Bell UHT1E 1.5 hrs Bell 206 4.8 hrs SA 341 2.4 hrs Twin Turbine: 26.5 hrs Eurocopter EC155B1 12.3 hrs Bell 429 9.3 hrs Eurocopter EC145 4.4 hrs Eurocopter EC135 .5 hrs Flight Experience by Type Cross Country: 327+ hrs Instrument: 122 hrs Night: 59 hrs Night Cross Country: 26.3 hrs Related Aviation Training/ Experience: Flying in the Wires Environment, Edison, NJ, June 2013 Survival Systems Shallow Water Egress Training May 2012. Robinson safety course 2009. CFI Renewal/ Flight Review current to 5/2016; Robinson R22 and R44 Flight Review April 2014; DC SFRA 2011, current. WINGS Phase 1 Basic, 22 courses AOPA/ HAI/ IHST , TSA for Flight Schools 2/2015. Experience with International Flights Education Master of Science, University of Calgary, Geology 1987 Bachelor of Science, with Distinction, University of Toronto, Geology/Geophysics 1983 Mount Holyoke College (transferred after one year) French and Geology 1980 High School Diploma, Hotchkiss School 1979 National Registry Emergency Medical Technician 2012
  5. Hello looking for cfi in Fort Worth area that would be intrested in training me? I am in the process of purchasing an r44 or 300 to train in. Lessons would be out of propwash airport just North of Fort Worth. If so please respond. Thanks
  6. I hope this is the right area to post this topic. I currently live in Bakersfield, CA and I have 400 hours in Robinson helicopters. About 60% r-44 time and 40% r-22 time. I was wondering if anyone on here knows information on the current market and demand for helicopters in this area. I know there are a lot of private helicopters that do not advertise but they are heavily involved in frost protection and the agriculture industry. I am mainly just looking for some info and potential work (any work in the industry, not just flying). So far, the only local helicopter companies I know are SRT and San Joaquin Valley helicopters. I know I should move locations to get myself a job, but I currently do not have that option. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I am currently looking at the prospects of becoming a helicopter pilot. I understand there are two main routes after acquiring a CPL, which in itself costs a bit but does not qualify a pilot for a job due to lack of experience. The less expensive route I have heard of is that you acquire a CFI and hope to get a job as an instructor, however I have heard of people applying to every flight school in the UK and not getting one of these jobs due to lack of experience and the vast amount of available CFIs out there. Then there is the opportunity of doing instrument ratings which qualify a pilot for working in the North Sea or for oil rig companies, I also understand there is a higher demand for pilots in this market and the salary is higher. However this of course costs considerably more in the first place. If a pilot had access to the money for the extra IRs, should they do them and try and land a job in the oil market after graduating with a CPL, or is the best option for a graduate to just do the CFI and try to find work as an instructor? Also is there any other way to commercial success that I have not considered in this question?
  8. CFII seeking time building / ag / ferry opportunities of all kinds. Experience ferrying from Los Angeles to Seattle / Wenatchee 2x and from Los Angeles to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and back. If you are bringing a ship back from a cherry contract or back from Alaska at the end of the season I'd be delighted to copilot.
  9. I've been in the sand box a while and need some FAR interpretation help. I'm trying to find guidance on a ATP holding a CFI not CFII, teaching instruments in a FTD for a student seeking instrument time for a rating (ATP). The instructor is a former military pilot that use to be an IE (instrument examiner- esseintially the military equivalent of a civilian CFII). Any previous forums or FAA legal interpretation any one can think of? And would he sign the student's log book as CFI or ATP if he were able to teach instruments in the FTD. (Training will be taking place under part 61 not 135).
  10. Not crossing my fingers but how cool would it be to one day see instructors actually get paid good! CFI Pay Article
  11. Greetings, I just recently got my CFII and went on my first job interview for an instructor position at the school where I have done most of my training. It did not go well at all. The critique that I got from the DPE for both CFI and CFII were positive and I know that he is honest and fair. The ground portion of my interview went well. I felt calm, organized and professional. However, as soon as we got to the aircraft for the flight portion, it was like I had forgotten how to teach and fly. I was flying with the cheif instructor with whom I had never flown with before and in a patter that I was unfamilliar with. He said that I was instructing well transitioning from the ramp to the taxiway(start up, taxi, air-taxi, quickstop, takeoff), then he flew the first pattern to show me where to turn (it is not a standard pattern). It was all down hill from there. His critique about my teaching from then on was that I was not authoritative enough, as if everything I was saying was like I was asking him a question. For instance, in my head I was thinking "starting my descent by lowering collective with right pedal for trim, looking for about a 500fpm descent rate. I want to keep my spot between the compass and trim strings for a nice normal approach angle" apparently came out as "should I start my approach here and does this angle look good?" This uncertainty led to several mistakes including not hitting my spot, and probably the worst autorotations I have done since I was a student pilot. Has anyone out there had a similar experience or maybe had a student display this type of student to instructor transition problem?
  12. Hello Forum, I am rather new to all of this internet job searching, I am used to the older days of finding work by going into a place and asking for an application. So hopefully this finds you all and you can help give me some pointers or direct me towards a CFII job or building hours to get that CFII job. I am a recent graduate from Bristow Academy here in New Iberia, LA. I have a total of 172.2 hours in helicopters and 37.1 of that is in R22. I know that in order to instruct in the R22 I need 200TT and 50 hours in the R22. So that is the next goal is to get me to that amount of hours. I am basically willing to do whatever it takes to get to that goal. Pay for flights, tag along on ferry flights. If there is anyone out there that knows the quickest and reasonable price for building hours please let me know, whether on here or my email lmtcharvey@yahoo.com. I am not shooting boatpix down but I do not need any information about them, already been contacted and did my research, I am okay with finding a different route. Your responses are much appreciated!! Thank You.
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