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Found 20 results

  1. This thread is for those who are on the Commissioned Officer side of the Army looking to apply to WOFT... There are scattered answers on various threads for the commissioned side looking to revert, but I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a thread specific to it. I know there are several of us on the forum who can help answer questions. For the most part, the process for applying is the same as everyone else, but there are some extra steps you have to take to make things happen. Army computer systems and what not have a panic attack when we try and do this, so we have to jump though some hoops to make it happen. So, post your questions here and I (and others) will do my best to answer them. If I can't, there are several reverts hanging around B Co that I can talk to to find the answers. Good luck to everyone applying! I know it's tedious but if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.
  2. Hey, I have recently been looking into starting helicopter flying lessons and I have been looking into Glacier Aviation Flight school in Olympia, WA. I have visited a couple times and it seems great and Mike the owner is very helpful and seems like a good guy. Of course, they would sell themselves to a prospective student who is about to give them 80k, so I was wondering there was anyone who has gone through it or knows anything about them to see if there are any downsides to the school. All the reviews I have read on here seem good as far as I can tell, but it is a big decision and I woudl appreciate any input or knowledge anyone has on this particular school. Thanks so much.
  3. Hello, This is not for a flight contract/in air work. This is paper related work. Required Experience: CFII's/Chief pilots that spent a significant portion of career flying for flight schools Experience creating flight training programs for Part-61 flight schools (IHST/USHST) Understanding of Geo-Location flight school advantages and disadvantages Knowledge of specialized training to include but not limited to: External-load HEMS Fire-Fighting High Altitude Night Over Water Operations Passenger Transport ENG Long-Line Law-Enforcement A plus but not required: Knowledge of Pathway Programs and process If this matches your experience, send your resume to Rudy.Myers26@Yahoo.com with contact information. Put CFII or Chief Pilot in the subject field. Compensation: (negotiable) Contract Duration 10-40 hours Contract Service Provider: Upwork.com (short term contracts) Thank you, Rudy Myers Rudy.Myers26@Yahoo.com
  4. Heading to Fort Rucker in June for BOLC/SERE/Flight school and am interested in splitting rent with a roommate or two to save BAH. I have an old pit mix dog who will be coming up there with me so I will probably be looking off post.
  5. Hey Guys, So at Fort Rucker during flight school, I've read from some that they take a bus to the training facility/airfield. I'm getting a motorcycle soon, and I was wondering if they'd let me drive to and from class on it. Do any of you guys have any guidance or advice on this?
  6. Hello, I am looking for help or advice on how I can receive a recommendation from a Warrant Officer in the Army that flies helicopters. I'm 26 year old and have a college degree, I currently work on an engine in Wildland Firefighting but have a strong interest in flying helicopters with the Army. I have good physical fitness and I'd love the chance to meet with a current pilot and talk. Do you think now is a good time to be applying to the army as a pilot? How is the balance between your work life and balancing that with your personal life? Do you feel you are satisfied with the jobs that are given to you? Do you know any good army recruiters who would be willing to help me with this process? What is a day in the life of a Warrant Flight Officer like? What qualities should I have to be a successful candidate? Thanks a bunch for your response!
  7. Robinson R66 flight training being offered for $660/hr dual for the next four weeks only. This isn't a offer of paying to fly along on a commercial job - it's a discounted rate on helicopter training. You'll fly with one of our CFIs and practice the maneuvers you want to work on. The helicopter lives in McMinnville, Oregon at Jerry Trimble Helicopters. We're an hour outside of Portland, and have student housing a couple miles from the airport. You can find more information about the aircraft at our website. If you have more questions, give us a shout at the number below or come down to the airport and check it out! http://www.jerrytrimblehelicopters.com/robinson-r-66/ (503) 577-6371
  8. Hello all, I am currently a SPC in the NG as a 15p. I have a 69 SIFT and a 350 APFT, and I'm a Private Pilot working on my next fixed wing ratings. I am on the last step for NG applicants in which I undergo a final interview with the CCWO and a SAO. My 350 APFT was not taken for record, and before I took another one for the board, I sustained a foot injury in marathon training in which I have been unable to run for 5 months. Does anyone know, is an alternate event (such as the 6.2 mi bike), authorized for submitting a WOFT app? Or, any thoughts on WOFT or college first? (I am a college sophomore). Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Greetings all. So, it's been a yearlong process, but I've reached the end of the path (or the beginning I guess) and I have been selected for Warrant Officer Flight Training. Having served in the Marines, I don't anticipate any problems with the military aspects of training, however, I have zero flight experience. I am relatively smart, and I'm sure I can make it, but I would like to be as prepared as possible. I would appreciate any advice in regards to books or manuals I should be studying, and anything else that could help someone with no flight experience succeed in Army Flight School. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. Hello, this is my first post but I have been looking at the forum for a bit now. I hadn't found an exact answer to the questions I have so I figured I would ask them myself. I am ready to begin the schooling necessary to earn my Private and Commercial license for helicopters. I have done the discovery flight but that is all so far. I loved it Where I live, I have only 1 school option. They teach on Robinson22's and 44's and that is it. I know there is a lot of debate about learning on a Robinson vs. Schweizer and other helicopters. My first questions is, if I learn on a Robinson and find myself in a position to need to know another helicopter for a job, how hard is it to make the adjustments? Do I have to go back to school? Would it take a lot of effort to make the switch for a job? This school only offers an "independent study" type learning atmosphere. I won't attend a weekly class but rather study and complete assignments at home and then schedule flying time at the school. The CFI will quiz me on the chapters I worked on at home before flying but it is all very independent. Has anyone here completed schooling that way? If so, do you have some pros and cons for me? I am fairly book smart, I do have a bachelors degree but I always envisioned the schooling for this to be more hands on and in a classroom environment and this sort of worries me. I'd love to hear opinions on this! Thank you for your time, Sydney
  11. If anyone is moving to Fort Rucker and is looking for a roommate or knows anyone looking for a roommate, hit me up. I have an extra room in a newly renovated apartment in enterprise. After the split, rent will be $275, the wifi split is $22.50, and the power bill varies. Water is included in rent.
  12. Hey, I'm looking into getting my private pilot license and wondering if any one has any experience with flight training in or around South Louisiana. Obviously Google gave me a few leads but I'm looking for first hand experience. I know it can get expensive but I don't mind driving a few hours from New Orleans into MS or even AL if it means better training than what I can get locally. Thanks!
  13. Am I more marketable with R44 time or R22 time straight out of flight school? I have an opportunity to fly the Cadet (R44) in Cedar City, Utah in August. The idea is to finish my instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII up there and hopefully get trained on night vision, high density altitudes, and maybe long line. I'm using the GI Bill to pay for training as well. Would it be beneficial to the start of my career to achieve the last 3/4 of my ratings in a R44? As someone that does the hiring, would you hire someone with more R44 time over someone with more R22 time? Considering most schools train in the R22. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  14. For the first time in many, many years, Louisville, KY has helicopter flight training at Bowman Field KLOU. Cardinal Wings Aviation is the flight school and there is one R22 with more planned for future. $200/hour dry (weird that it's dry rate, I know). Good for folks who want to fly a lot or have a custom training designed for them, as it's not super busy and schedule is usually wide open. And you can rent the helo after you get your rating. Website http://cardinalwingsaviation.com. Disclaimer: I am affiliated with this flight school, but I did get my Commercial rotor add-on here last month!
  15. I'd like to know if after one's military service as an Army Aviator if they get access to the GI Bill or if that is only for enlisted guys? Is this one of those instances where you need to fill out some kind of application ahead of time in order to have access to it come retirement time? I ask because a friend and I were discussing today going to flight school for fixed-wing aircraft after his military service and becoming a dual rated pilot. Thanks in advance!
  16. Seacoast Helicopters in Portsmouth, NH is the newest fully VA Approved, Part 141 Flight School in the country. If you want to train on brand new Robinson R22, R44 and R66 helicopters with the best Flight Instructors in the USA, this is the place to be. We are partnered with Great Bay Community College and offer an Associate Degree in Aviation Technology which gets you not only the degree, but your CFII/Helicopter in 2 years. The scenery is magnificent, the off-time lifestyle is amazing, awesome food and nightlife and an 11,321 foot runway on a towered airport that is manned 24/7. We are now accepting students at all levels, accept Post 9/11 and Montgomery GI Bill veterans as well as private pay students. Call us for more information at 603.373.8743, email at info@seacoasthelos.com or Google Us.
  17. Is it time to start a July board Thread?? With the May Board results coming out soon I cant tell you how anxious I am for it to be my turn! My packet is deemed board ready and now playing the waiting game... Who has submit their packets for July? Who is still trying? I hope we get a good feel for what the board is currently holding in high esteem with those selected. So we can weigh our chances! Age: 27 GT:112 SIFT: 70 APFT: 289 42 Sem hrs Aviation Operations 2300 hrs as NRMC KC135 R/T Boom Operator No Waivers 6yrs prior service AD Air Force (1A051 AFSC) 2.5yrs CA National guard (15P MOS) LORs: CW4 UH-60 SP, LTC UH-60 IP BN Commander, MAJ UH-60 SP, CPT UH-60 IP Company Commander, LTC USAF SP various Fixed wing.
  18. Hello Everyone, I am a current Tiger Performance employee and we have an announcement to make regarding our communications. We have recently spent a long time researching new microphones and we have recently found one that will be basically a David Clark equivalent. We have specification sheets showing how our microphone is an equivalent of the David Clark. The David Clark is known as the top of the line so we now are confident our microphones will be right on par with theirs. We also are announcing that we will price match any other authorized MSA dealers helmet price. You can confirm you are dealing with an authorized MSA dealer by calling MSA or asking for an authorized letter from MSA from the company. We are always striving to make our products the best and with our current communications we believe we match or exceed the best. We strive for perfection. Please call us at 716-674-8545 for more information.
  19. Build Turbine Time on a ferry flight departing in Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH) to Sarasota-Bradenton Intl. Airport (KSRQ) for just $450 an hour on the Robinson R66 Turbine. The flight itself takes about 3 to 4 hours but you will have a safetypilot (CFI) with you and can weather decide to do the standard flight like said above to get experience in a Turbine powered Aircraft or you decide to do some advanced Training maneuvers on the way down: For example: The Aircraft is full IFR equipped and you can do some IFR Approaches to log IFR, Turbine, X/C and PIC Time. Or you decide to do a Turbine Transition Course, which includes a Total of about 8 hours of flying and 5 hours of ground. You see, there are several ideas how we can do the flight and it is definitely a fun Tour. We will land somewhere grap a coffee and make a nice trip. Questions? - Contact us on: Heli Aviation Florida, LLC 8191 North Tamiami Trail, Hangar B1 Sarasota, Florida 34243 info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com Call: 503-488-0555 and follow us on www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
  20. Heli Aviation Florida is looking for a Student Pilot who wants to Build Turbine Time on a 20-hours ferry flight, departing in Florida to Oregon in August 15th, 2012. Hourly Price will be $275 an hour. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO: info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
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