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  1. HELICOPTER TIME BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE IN THE ROBINSON R-22.. $100/hr, fully fuelled with a CFI. No additional expenses. Based in Miami area. We are chasing birds over row crop. It's all low level work and fun. Come fly 1 hour or fly 100 hours. Main operating times are early morning and early evening. (561) 600-8885
  2. While reading about aviation today (a pretty common occurrence since starting my WOFT packet) I came across some articles about the Future Vertical Lift (FVT) program. I was just curious to hear what current Aviators out there think about it as well as the proposed V-280 Valor and SB-1 Defiant airframes that are competing for a spot to supply the military. Any thoughts on how this would change the world of Army aviation? Pros/Cons and Likes/Dislikes? What this means for applicants just beginning to enter the WOFT pipeline?
  3. I'm an active duty Soldier and I want to progress my career to become an Army Aviator. During the packet process I got stuck on the DA 61 form on block 22 "highest level service school attended". My question is what should I put down that would be acceptable in my situation, I haven't completed BLC. Can I put down something else or should I just leave it blank?
  4. Is it normal for the helicopter with CCW rotating main rotors (2 bladed), to pitch down and roll left in forward flight, when force trim is turned off and hands off the cyclic? Moreover, when we put the helicopter in right bank, would it tend to return to straight & level / left bank after a few seconds when hands off the cyclic (force trim off)? By forward flight I mean 80 to 100 kts
  5. Time building opportunity for the right person. We are going to be bringing a Bell 206L from California to New York in October. Excellent chance for some turbine time with a CFI at R44 prices. Contact Adam at aventura191@gmail.com with your contact info and current Ratings held.
  6. Now that I can no longer fly for fun, it seems that if I ever want to fly again, I have to get hired to do so,...which sucks balls 'cause I really don't want a flying career anymore! I would actually love to take this job, a part-time flying gig sounds great, but $10-$15 bucks a day! Even when I had just one months experience driving a semi I was able to get a part-time job driving one just four hours a day for $100 bucks a day! I realise R44 tour operations aren't huge money makers and entry level pilots have to pay their dues and all, but we should be worth more than a burger flipper!,...or at least equal to an entry level truck driver! ,...shouldn't we? I don't know,...if the job included a place to stay, then,...maybe I could make it work?
  7. Hi all, I am currently finishing my last semester of undergrad in Louisiana. My recruiter told me one of my LOR absolutely has to come from a pilot. I have no pilot contacts. How should I got about getting this LOR. Can I show up on a base and start asking around? Can I call someone? Thank you for the help, AH
  8. http://scihi.org/rotary-plane-engelbert-zaschka/ On June 19, 1926, German engineer, designer aviation pioneer Engelbert Zaschka filed a patent on his “Hubschraubenflugzeug” (Zaschka Rotary-Wing Airplane), a predecessor of today’s helicopter. He also constructed a large human-powered aircraft and produced some interesting unorthodox designs for automobils and motorcycles. Engelbert Zaschka grew up in a family of musucians. His father taught music and was part of the Freiburg city orchestra and his mother was a singer. However, Zaschka went in a different direction. Already at the age of 14 he filed his first patent and founded an aviation club. It is believed that around that age, Zaschka performed his first flying attempts. In Altenburg, Engelbert Zaschka studied engineering and became chief engineer in Berlin. During the 1930s and 1940s, he worked for the aircraft company Henschel. Zaschka managed to become one of the first German helicopter pioneers. Around 1926 he presented the Rotationsflugzeug “rotating airplane”. It was equipped with two rotors, in which a gyroscope was used to increase stability and serves as an energy accumulator for a gliding flight to make a landing. However, gliding then meant a straight descent. Further, a swivelling propeller at the rear provided propulsion and rudder control. Zaschka’s machine was probably something between an autogyro and a helicopter. The advantage of Zaschka’s invention was according to the inventor its ability to remain motionless in the air for any length of time and to descend in a vertical line, so that a landing may be accomplished on the flat roof of a large house. The patent for Engelbert Zaschka’s invention was also filed in the United States, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, and Denmark. In 1927, Zaschka managed to actually lift off with his 360 kg heavy machine from the ground and the rotor made about 100 revolutions a minute. At the airport Berlin-Tempelhof, Zaschka performed further experiments with another model of the Zaschka Rotationsflugzeug. It was 7 meters high and even though he was only able to fly closely above the ground he was able to show that when slowing down the egine, the devide lowered gradually which proved the design successful. Unfortunately, the project was soon discontinued due to the lack of further financial resources. Next to his Rotationsflugzeug, Engelbert Zaschka became further famous for the folding-Zaschka three-wheeler. This city car concept was aimed to be cost effective and space saving by the vehicle could be folded after use sparingly. In 1934 Engelbert Zaschka completed a large human-powered aircraft. References and Further Reading: Tüftler Zaschka: ein Freiburger, der alles kleinkriegte at Badische ZeitungThe aeroplane that rises verticallySays His Helicopter Can Halt in Flight; Midair Transfer of Passengers Predicted
  9. Good day, As part of my bachelor's degree, I will be conducting a research at a company who is looking to investing in a new helicopter or sim. I will, for example, look at the current market in the region and in which market there is a demand for which kind of operation etc. I was wondering if there was applicable literature or information which I could consult during this research. If you personally have factors or subquestions in mind that I could use during this research, suggestion are always welcome. Thanks in advance. Kind regards
  10. Hello all, I am currently a SPC in the NG as a 15p. I have a 69 SIFT and a 350 APFT, and I'm a Private Pilot working on my next fixed wing ratings. I am on the last step for NG applicants in which I undergo a final interview with the CCWO and a SAO. My 350 APFT was not taken for record, and before I took another one for the board, I sustained a foot injury in marathon training in which I have been unable to run for 5 months. Does anyone know, is an alternate event (such as the 6.2 mi bike), authorized for submitting a WOFT app? Or, any thoughts on WOFT or college first? (I am a college sophomore). Any input is greatly appreciated.
  11. There aren't that many active posters on here anymore, but there are a lot of lookie-looz, so maybe a poll can get some of you more "anonymous" members to participate? So, Rotorcraft Pro says its here, Vertical Mag says its here, and now ROTOR Mag confirmed it,... THE PILOT SHORTAGE IS HERE!!! So, as a low-timer, do you feel optimistic now, or are you still stuck in that entry-level black hole crying out, HEY, YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME DOWN HERE! In ROTOR they mentioned that they want to have a "round table discussion" on how to create a sustainable workforce in this industry, and of course they always mention that they need to find new ways to get people interested in becoming career pilots, which always makes me cringe because it makes me feel like they're just ignoring the plight of the low-timer. Sure, they'll give it a brief mention, but that's about it. Their solution always seems more about bringing new people in rather than helping the struggling low-timer get beyond that $12 an hour R44 gig! Anyway, its another dull weekend, so have at it,...chances are at the next HeliSuccess they'll just say, "sorry, looks like the shortage is another five years away",...like they did when I was there, making this all moot anyway.
  12. I'm looking for some quality books/material that goes beyond what a pilot has to know. I'm hoping for something that would answer questions such as: Why is the tail rotor the diameter it is? The whys and the hows of rotor blade fatigue. Anything remotely related to the engineering side of things would be good.
  13. Ive always dreamed of being a pilot I just turned 18 and graduated high school 4 months early moved out of my small hopeless town in with my aunt just got my first job which pays 27k a year not including $0.50 raises every 6 months an no overtime which is in high demand at work. Even today at 18 years old I still run outside at the sound of something flying over but mainly helicopters as I like their versatility over fixed wing planes. I could use some guidance on starting my flight career. I see two options hopefully you guys can open up some more options or elaborate or give insight on my options. My first option is to continue working at this job and just save money then get my license through a licensed instructor the cost is heavy I dont have a family or any major bills $10 phone bill, $200 rent (for now), and $70 for car insurance thats it not including any other cost so its very possible to start getting my license after 1 year of work but my real problem starts when trying to build hours I know it takes time and money and will always be put below by people that have more hours or fresh out of the military. My second option is the army high school to flight school which by the looks of it is very competitive but not as competitive as the Air Force or Navy but the one reason Im not choosing the navy or Air Force is because I truly do not want to go to college nor do I want to sign away x amount of years of service to be in a ROTC program that doesnt guarantee me a pilot slot. So these are the only 2 options can see but either one I have to stay at this job for a minimum of 1 year because if I want to go through the army I have to lose weight which will take time and the other one requires me to build of a solid savings. If you guys could give me some advice on what I should do that would be great. I just need to know where to start and how to start any and all options are welcome thanks!
  14. First post. I am still in high school and I found the woft program. It seems to fit my needs perfectly. Except the slight problems like sight.. but that will be handled with Lasik when the time comes. Pt, I'm working on it. But my question is about hearing. The last hearing test I had with local physicians turned out to be just a hair under average, and said to be careful not to damage my hearing anymore for the army and stuff. The question is, are the hearing restrictions strict? What are they anyway? How is hearing tested in the army and in flight physicals? If you score too low is it possible to get a waiver or something? All the help you guys can give is appreciated. Thank you!
  15. #1 A small rotor is operating at high rpm and or pitch with a high downwash velocity, #2 or a larger rotor is operating at lower rpm with lower downwash velocity. So the answer from my book is the rotor with greater induced velocity will require the most horsepower. since the larger rotor blade creates less downwash velocity does that mean it creates less induced velocity? So in practical terms what's more efficient a UH 1 high aspect ratio or small narrow rotors with greater numbers like an MD500. Note that this is not stuff required for the FAA exam, just additional knowledge. The FAA stuff doesn't get too nitty gritty on aerodynamics. The FAA book doesn't cover this
  16. Just found out about this interesting Chinese variant of the MQ-8 Fire scout UAV helicopter, one thing I notice is the strange rotorhub. Anybody have any details on this interesting helo? Look closely at the MQ-8 Fire scout compared to the Chinese SVU-200 Rotor hub design, if you look closely it has no pitch links, I think they're hidden inside the shaft, like the swiss marenco helicopter. Very interesting
  17. Hi, I am doing some research for a training video on airfoils used on training helicopters (main and tail rotors). The emphasis is on Robinson helicopters, but I'd appreciate help from people with Enstrom & Schweizer experience. Robinson R22/R44 Main = Symmetrical, Tail = Asymmetrical Hughes/Schweizer Main = ???, Tail = ??? Enstrom Flacon/Shark Main = ???, Tail = ??? Any other small training helicopter? Many thanks for your time, Regards, J
  18. Hello everyone, I'm a new member on this group. Looks like a great forum. I need some help. I wish to become a helicopter pilot and would really appreciate your guidance. (background:I'm in my second last year of engineering from India) I had the following few questions in this regard: Your help is much appreciated.  Which country has the best institutes for helicopter training?  Among the institutes in the recommended country which are ranked on the top?  Which helicopter should one train on?  Which is the best terrain for helicopter training?  Are there any special requirements for admission to the institute?  How and when can I start preparing for the admissions?  Are there any implications regarding LASIK eye correction surgery?  How is current job scenario for helicopter pilots?
  19. Is anyone taking their Class 1A flight physical anytime soon? If so, will you ask the doctor if they accept retained orthopedic hardware in the foot? I heard from what I believe is a credible source that they will not accept anyone with retained hardware. From where I am in the process, it will be a few months before I can get a flight physical. I am considering just going ahead and having my hardware removed. From a time perspective, it makes sense to me to go ahead and have it removed now, rather than wait a few months to be told I have to have it removed. There is a 6 month waiting period to join after any surgery, so I am just trying to cut my wait time down. Anyone have experience with this or advice?
  20. Looking to lease an R44 helicopter as soon as possible and can offer 300 plus flight hours in 3 months. Looking for a dry lease. If you know anyone interested please let me know. Or if you have any suggestions they will be greatly appreciated!
  21. Today marks the 8-year anniversary of when I got my commercial rating and with 400 hours began looking for work as a pilot (after several attempts I came to the conclusion that I being a teacher wasn’t going to work out, and thus am not a CFI). Just a month later I got my first interview. It was showing clients real estate that was for sale in Myrtle Beach from an R-44. Just 2 days a week, $400 bucks a month, but I lost out to a CFI. Anyway, 6 years later (2 years ago) having gotten no other interviews (I used to come here a lot and bitch about that, among other things, but now I just stop by once a year…to bitch, moan, and groan ), I said f*ck it and became a truck driver. Ironically, shortly thereafter I got an interview! This one (the first in 6 years) was also in Myrtle Beach, only flying tours in an R-44. Sadly even after showing great interest in me, and getting the green light from their check pilot, I was not offered the job. A week or so later, I got a call on another resume, and after a short phone interview I was offered a job drying cherries in Washington. Sadly a week or so before I was to start I got a call that their other pilot crashed the helicopter, and although he walked away fine, the chopper was thrashed and they were out of business! One year later (last year) I got another interview with that same company to fly tours in Myrtle Beach, but again was not offered the job. This brings us to this year and sadly no interviews, so its back to the road for me! So to any of you newbies who may be having doubts about teaching? Flight instruct, or drive a truck! See ya next year. 10/4 good buddies   You know it’s kind of fortuitous that my first official day as a commercial pilot was April 1st!
  22. Hello there! long time reader but first time poster. I am in the middle of putting together my civilian packet for WOFT/WOCS and am having a hard time finding a CWO3+ to request an interview (I've heard this is a fairly common practice) for a LOR since I don't have much in terms of a military network. I figure, I could throw the feelers out there to see if anyone in the CONUS would be willing to have me come travel (anywhere but alaska, too expensive) to you for a face to face, heart to heart discussion. :-) I'll buy you a beer or a coffee and see if you find me to be one of the many dreamers/wannabepilots that would be worth putting your name behind. You can email me at s_hawkins001@hotmail.com If you would be willing to help me out. Thanks a million. hope to see you all out there one day. PS: I got 2 years before I need an age waiver so, I hope I get an answer soon. :-)
  23. Dear colleagues, I write this post to ask you your opinion about a couple of questions related with an helicopter crash happened in 1989, in the sea, a few miles of the coastline of Roquetas de Mar town, province of Almeria (Spain). I am analyzing this misterious crash in my spare time. Many thanks in advance for your opinions. ************** HISTORY: ************** On December 15th, 1989, 7:00pm, a helicopter of the Spanish Customs Surveillance, model Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm BO-105 CB, with two helicopter pilots, departed from the airport of Almeria (Spain) with destination to the area of Melilla (Spain). On December 16th, 00:40am, the members of the control tower of the airport inform the helicopter is missing (the autonomy of this helicopter was 4 hours) On December 16th, 07:00am (about 12 hours after the crash) a fishing boat finds two miles far from the coastline of Cerrillos Beach (Roquetas de Mar, Almería, Spain) the body of one of the helicopter pilots floating with the cross arms. The distance from the airport is about 10 miles, which is why it is supposed the accident happened about 20 minutes after the departure. From the analysis of the body (autopsy) the investigators concluded that the helicopter did not explode in the air. Two main hypothesis were managed. The first one was that a distraction of the pilot could have caused the crash, while the second one was a possible mechanical failure, perhaps a failure in the altimeter system. These service During two weeks several ships search this area looking for the fuselage and the body of the other pilot, but they were not found. Today, it is still a mystery was happened, and where is the fuselage. ************** QUESTIONS: ************** I am analyzing the possibility that the fuselage of the helicopter could still be located in the bottom of the sea. Taking into account that this coast is micro-tidal (it is not influenced by tides, but only by waves in the surface) I would be expeted the helicopter fuselage is still in the same place it crashed in 1989. Nevertheless, this helicopter model had inflatable floats, which is why I need to answer to several questions before to conclude the fuselage is still in this area. If possible, give me your opinion using percentages of probability to each question (of course, your comments are also welcome). Q1) Taking into account that one of the cadaver of one of the pilots was found few hours after the accident, do you think he jumped before the crash (the other alternative would be he had been able to get out the helicopter after the crash)? [Probability 0%-100%] Q2) If the crash happened suddently, do you think the pilots could have activated the inflatable floats before sinking?. [Probability 0%-100%] Q3) If the crash happened because a mechanical failure, and the pilots had a few seconds before, do you think they had time to activate the inflatable floats before the crash/sinking instead (in addition to make efforts to recover the helicopter or jump from it)? [Probability 0%-100%] Q4) Having in mind that the pilots of the Spanish Customs Surveillance fly at low altitude, and that floats require some seconds to be inflated, and supposing they activated the inflation process a few seconds before the crash, do you think the inflatable floats were totally inflated after the crash (i.e. a crash do not affect to the inflation process)? [Probability 0%-100%] Q5) In case the floats were totally or partially inflated, do you think the descending vertical force exerted by the crashed helicopter full of water would be greater than the ascending vertical force exerted by the floats (i.e. the helicopter would directly go to the bottom of sea)? [Probability 0%-100%] Q6) In case the inflation mechanism of floats were not activated, do you think it is possible that the helicopter could remain like an air camera between the top and the bottom of the sea during a certain time (hours/days)? [Probability 0%-100%] Q7) In case the inflation mechanism of floats were activated, and the floats were totally or partially inflated, do you think it is possible that the helicopter could remain like an air camera between the top and the bottom of the sea during a certain time (hours/days)? [Probability 0%-100%]
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