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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone. I’m currently finishing my first year at Virginia Military Institute. I’ve always wanted to become a warrant officer pilot. Although I enjoy VMI and participating in Army ROTC. I have no plans to commission and would like to apply for WOFT after this year. My question is, do I have a good chance of getting in without a degree? If so, when should I apply? I finish school this May. Thank You! -Age: 19 -GT: NONE -SIFT: NONE -APFT: 290 -MIL: NONE -Civ Ed: (High School) Fishburne Military School (College) 35 credits from Virginia Military Institute GPA (2.6). -Physical: should be good… -LOR: Army Special Operations (Lieutenant Genearal-Ret), 160th Flight Surgeon (LT Colonel- Ret) That’s what I have for now.
  2. Hey, I am a highschool applicant in my junior year of schooling. I'm looking to apply in my senior year for WOFT. My parents, however, are extremely strict and won't accept anything to do with the military. While advice on how to convince them is appreciated, I know they won't ever budge on the issue, trust me I've tried for at least the past year. If it comes down to it, I will go against their will and apply. The real question is, is parental consent required to complete the application? I know the answer seems like an obvious yes, but I was hoping there would be some kind of loophole. Another thing to consider would be my age by the time I apply. I would turn 18 in January 3rd, towards the end of my senior year. Can I apply around then, in time to accept college apps in case I get denied? Thanks before hand.
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