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Found 7 results

  1. I'd like to start by saying I know this is a vague question and can potentially be seen as silly but, I wanted to ask. Are Army aviators getting a good amount of hours? Does it matter if your WO or Commissioned? Some of what I've read says the fleet is having difficulty meeting minimums. In the grand scheme of things I suppose any flight time is better than none, but I was curious.
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the site so apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, if it is, I wasn't able to find it. A little bit of backstory: I've been wanting to become a pilot for awhile but have been waiting until I had enough funds to get through my PPL relatively quick. My end game is to become a commercial pilot and while I am well aware of the cost and time investments involved it is the location of my school/training facility I'm inquiring about. I hail from South Florida but am interested in flying for the working abroad opportunities. I was told by another helicopter pilot I had met that the biggest disservice I could do myself was learn to fly on flat land. I have looked into going to CO/AZ/WA for schooling but noticed that in order to take the High Alt/Mnt course I would need to already hold my PPL; Additionaly the schools I was looking at informed me they would not consider training anyone on this course with less than 500 hours already. This information makes me think it would be smarter to stick with my current job while working towards my PPL at a local school (Pelican, Helicopter Academy, Florida Helicopters, etc.). My concern is that having my starting hours on "flat land" will negatively affect my chances at an international job. Would it be better for my future in flight to get my PPL in a more mountainous state even though they won't be considered High Alt/Mnt hours until after the add-on course? Or does it even make a difference? Sorry for the wall of text but any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello Everyone Firstly, I'm thrilled that such a forum as this one exists. This community has been more helpful than I have ever imagined. Although I have never posted until now, I have reaped a lot of benefits from this community that might've been elsewhere unavailable. Ive been exploring the option of flying helicopters pretty heavily for the past couple of years whether it be civilian or military. Considering my financial status, military seems the more realistic route for me. However, from what I have read, it seems more Warrant Officer Pilots have been getting pretty low PIC hours / year. I struggle with beginning my packet because I wonder if after my 6 years of time, will I even have a respectable amount of hours to take with me. So ultimately, I guess my question is one to all current Warrant Officer Pilots and any who may also have some enlightening knowledge. I very much understand that every persons situation is different, as well as differing locational needs. I know that we cannot attribute one to the whole or the whole to one. I DO NOT expect a concrete response. Just some insight from people who would know better than I about the CURRENT status of a Warrant Officer Pilots yearly PIC hours. Thank you, -Matt
  4. Hi all, I am currently going through instrument (Colorado Heli- Ops) and have been fighting fire in the summer to pay for flight school. The downside is that by fighting fire, I'm unable to fly at all during the summer which obviously hurts my ability to maintain the skill level I have reached the previous winters. I was curious what jobs other people did during their training that allowed them to train fairly frequently and pay for most of their flight hours? I'm trying to avoid loans and external financing, but if anyone has info on that too it would also help! Thanks
  5. National Helicopter solutions is offering for a limited time R44 time building $195 wet (requires two pilots) Contact National Helicopter Solutions Phone: 210-740-8432 Email: thaddeus@helihoghunt.com http://www.nationalhelicoptersolutions.com/ http://www.helihoghunt.com/
  6. Hello everyone! Im currently a UH-1Y Crew Chief serving in the Marine Corps. My plan if I am not selected by the Army WO program is to pursue a civilian flight career. I understand that the field is very competative and would like to know if Crew Chief flight hours, to include NVG hours, are at all valuble when applying for civil piloting positions.
  7. Hi All, I have 127.9 dual hours for sale in a Robinson R22 at American Helicopters in Manassas, VA. I have recently moved to California and will not be able to use the hours I have left. I'm willing to sell in any amount but I would prefer to sell in blocks. 1hr Block - 260/hr 5hr block - 240/hr 10hr block -220/hr If you're interested, please email me at reidtony15@gmail.com. Please make sure to mention that you're interested in buying hours in the subject line so I don't delete your email and can find you if you accidentally get spammed. Tony Reid
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