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Found 16 results

  1. I'm going to pursue a helicopter pilot's license with the end goal of making money with it.. How I get my license (military vs civilian flight school) is what I need to decide. What I want to know is: If I stay civilian and go through flight school, am I less likely to find a job as a pilot (let's just say any heli pilot job for argument's sake) than if I were coming out of the military? I want to consider the years of service I would have to do in the military as part of the opportunity cost as well. I understand that military training may be more rigorous but will it make a significant difference? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have been talking to my local recruiter about becoming a Warrant Officer. Luckily, there was another person there who was waiting on approval for his packet. He suggested I check out VR and ask as many questions, and research as much as I could. He then gave me some papers to study. I understand there is quite a bit to learn, so I want to get started on studying and learning about aviation. To whomever is reading this, what study materials (Books, websites, et c.) would you recommend? Thanks!
  3. Just looking for some guidance as my Phase 2 was sent in about 2 weeks ago to Rucker. Does anyone know if there is a site that is current and working to check the status of submitted physicals? Ive been trying to get onto https://vfso.rucker.amedd.army.mil for the past week with no luck so I'm thinking this website is no longer active. If anyone knows otherwise I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you.
  4. Hi all, I am currently finishing my last semester of undergrad in Louisiana. My recruiter told me one of my LOR absolutely has to come from a pilot. I have no pilot contacts. How should I got about getting this LOR. Can I show up on a base and start asking around? Can I call someone? Thank you for the help, AH
  5. Hello, I'm currently close to coming off a deployment and am close to starting the application process for a number of jobs. EMS seems like a good fit for me due to the mission set (rewarding), stability (family man), and scheduling (flexibility). I'm currently in the National Guard and plan to continue that until I reach 20 years at least, which for me is about 10 more years. I'm a little shy of most companies minimums with ~1700 hours total time, close to 600hours NVG/Night time, and with less than 100 hours of WX time. I'm an Instructor (CFI/CFII rotary) and have a lot of recent experience. I'm optimistic I may be able to get into the EMS field. My question to you folks, have any of you have had an experience with NG aviators who also work in the EMS field on the civilian side and if so: 1. Do most companies work with the demands of NG aviators schedules and minimum flight requirements (It shouldn't be much of an issue with 7 on 7 off) 2. Is being a NG aviator looked at as an asset or a detriment during the application process? 3. Are any of the prominent Medevac companies more or less hospitable towards NG? 4. How valued is the Instructor rating, it seems most civilians have a CFI to build hours? 5. Any recommendations for the application process? Thanks for your time.
  6. Hello everybody. I could really use some advice regarding my situation in how to best become a commercial helicopter pilot. I am Fixed Winged Private Pilot. I'm currently a sophomore attending a 4 year private university with a major in Criminal Justice. After losing interest in the Criminal Justice field, I'm back on track to eventually fly as a career, helicopters specifically. Is it necessary or recommended to have a 4 year degree to be a commercial helicopter pilot? Does an aviation related degree make better or can in just be in anything I might be interested in outside of aviation? In doing so, I'm also interested in joining the US Air Force. Should I complete my college education and possibly commission or enlist, or should drop out and enlist without facing a decent amount of student debt? I would love to serve, travel, and gain some life experience as I've always been wanting to no matter what. I also believe that the Post 9/11 GI Bill can be used towards rotary wing training at certain flight schools, would that be a benefit? I understand that this may sound complicated, but I could really use some guidance since I feel somewhat lost due to the fact that I don't have any connections in the professional helicopter industry. I would appreciate any feedback.Thank you!
  7. First off thanks to anyone that took the time to read this. I'm an USAF E-4 in the medical corps and I've been working on my packet for about 4 months now. Studying the FAA handbook as well as Fundamenals of Flight (Army FM 3-04,203) for the SIFT for about 30 mins a day command won't let me test for the SIFT until after I have cleared the flight physical. I got a flight physical sometime this month (helps that I work in an hospital). PT has never been an issue. I'm OCONUS and I'm PCSing to CONUS in January. Headed to Florida not to mention I sew on E-5 in June so extra leadership courses are gonna be due. My question is that I am only at 3 years TOS, should I wait to get the extra NCO training or should i finish my packet up and just hunt for LOR's once I get to my new duty station? I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment so getting my packet finished isn't a big deal. I just want to be as competitive as possible. Again thanks, Respectfully...
  8. This is the dilemma. I am active duty Navy and I have recently been selected into active duty WOFT. While I was putting In my package I was advised to interview for the national guard as well. Turns out I was selected into both. My conditional release states that if I am selected for Army Warrant then I am good to leave the Navy. National guard says as soon as I swear into meps, I am part of the Guard. They simply call the Navy and have them change my EOS and they'll send me a DD214. Seems off. Anyone have any insight to this. I've searched high and low, and nobody seems to have gone from active to the guard. If this is even possible. I am waiting on my email from active duty, and from then I have ten days to make a decision.
  9. As the election comes to a close, and a Trump presidency seems to be on the horizon, I'm interested in the political views of the military community, and how the president influences the lives of those currently serving. I myself am a Clinton supporter, more out of default than anything. I think that Trump risks ruining our international relations, both by becoming isolationist in foreign policy and ceding our hegemony in ME and Ukraine to Russia. I view him as unstable and unfit in temperament to be commander in chief. As for Clinton.....where do I begin. I think that we can run the risk of a one term clinton presidency and still manage to come out no worse or better than we were post-Obama. How comfortable are y'all with a Trump presidency and what are your unique views on the election based on your current service in the army? PS- IDK if this is an appropriate question on an informational forum, feel free to remove it if it isn't.
  10. I recently graduated from college and would like to fly rotary wing in the Army. I have been working with a recruiter to put together my WOFT packet. I am needing help getting a LOR from a CW3 or higher in the aviation field. I am willing to do a phone interview, skype or travel to an Army base to assist in the process. I am a civilian and I do not know any warrant officers. Looking for help any way possible. Thank you. I scored a 78 on my ASVAB with a 114 GT. I have not taken the SIFT yet. I am waiting to hear back from Medical about my Lasik. I have been studying for the SIFT from three different guides and I am currently enrolled in Gold Seal Ground School. I am hoping to get a few flight lessons in before my packet is due to make my packet look better.
  11. Hello all, This is my first posting to this website and I am happy to be here! I am currently working on my package for WOFT in the Army and I thought this would be a good place for information and to make contacts that could help me in the process as well as establish a place where I can help people in my same situation in the future. I am an E-7 in the Air Force as an Assistant Fire Chief. I have always wanted to fly helicopters and have finally decided to go through with it! Stats: Age- 30 SIFT- 61 AFPT-No Army PT score but I have a 100\100 on my last Air Force PT test 2 months ago ASVAB GT- 124 Service- 4 years active, 8 years Active Reserve I am working on ways to make my package stand out when it comes time to be reviewed. My goal is to be reviewed at the July 2017 board. I would welcome any suggestions from anyone with some knowledge in this! Also, I would like to make contact with some Senior Warrant Officers for letters of recommendation for my package. Now, I know that wording sounds really sketchy but I have been reading that forums such as this are a good place to meet people who would be willing to interview me and write a letter of recommendation is they feel comfortable with the interview. I assure you, I have bee doing my research and I am not just looking for a hand-holder! Being in the Air Force, I do not have much contact with Warrant Officers so I don't personally know many, let alone SWO. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this and thank you for your advice\replies\assistance! Dan
  12. Making or planning to make the military to civilian transition? Don't make the same mistakes I have - I've made a lot of them so it's a long one. Everything in here is based on personal opinion and experience. Just hoping to help my fellow veterans.
  13. In preparation for the APFT I noticed my iPod was a little dry and lacking some decent workout tunes. Doing fitness to Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch and Meatloaf didn't cut it today so I was curious as to what's on your workout playlist? Some new additions today: 1. Disturbed - Down With The Sickness 2. Drowning Pool - Bodies 3. DJ Snake vs. Upon A Burning Body - Turn Down For What (Nightbird Remix) 4. Steve Aoki - Wake Up Call (Peacetreaty Mix) 5. Rob Zombie - Dragula 6. Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide 7. Skillex ft. Sirah - Kyoto 8. Metallica - Fuel 9. Eminem - Till I Collapse (2pac remix) If you have any tunes I'm open to it all. Good luck training for that 300.
  14. I graduated flight school a few months ago from the 64 course and finally going to log my flight time, I received a print out of my hours during every phase before leaving. I have logged my time into an electronic logbook but want a paper one as well. So what civilian logbook do you use, and is there a specific reason you picked that one? Also would it be ok to log all my 64 time as one entry to get caught up, as an entry like forwarding from a past logbook since I have the printout from Rucker to prove it?
  15. Can anyone help? My life mission is to be a helicopter pilot. Here is my story. After graduating from college and securing a job as a financial aid dept. counselor, I worked for four years and decided that the desk environment is just not for me. At 29, My lifelong goal of becoming a professional helicopter pilot was always lingering in the back of my mind. I visited a local Army Recruiter's Office and started working on my WOFT packet. I went through and passed the required aviation tests, a flight physical, and passing scores on a physical fitness test, an Officer application, letters of recommendation from three of my professors, my employer, and a couple Army Aviators I was introduced to, and a stack of other documents about inch thick pertaining to my past experiences and qualifications--not to mention my degree. This process took about a year to complete. Once all had been signed off on, I was scheduled a meeting at battalion headquarters to be interviewed for Warrant Officer Candidacy. I was recommended from that board, which then sent my packet to Fort Rucker, AL for selection. I was told my packet couldn't have been any better. I was even asked if my "Why I Want To Be An Army Aviator" essay could be used as a template for the region. But alas, I was not selected for the July and September selection boards. My scores, were in line with most, varying only by a few points here and there, but out of 29 applicants, I was not one of them. So, given the determine gent I am, I've started refreshing myself on Private Loans and Adult/Non-Traditional scholarships & grants to obtain my ratings at a local executive airport. Any helicopter pilot or enthusiast will tell you how difficult it is to find funding, and the minimum I'll need is $50k. There's no scholarships, virtually no schools are accredited, and if they're are, they require some ridiculous associates degree in order to receive Title IV aid (i.e. Stafford Loans, Pell Grant). And even then, you don't have enough money leftover after Freshman-level Staffords to pay for your ratings also. I just can't seem to find any other options. My recruiter has offered me the option to go in as a normal Officer through OCS. I'm considering it as a definite option, and I'm well-aware of the benefits, but I don't want to get stuck in something that keeps me away from aviation and furthering my career goals. The commitment would be a total of four years, but would obviously give me a wealth of benefit by means of the G.I. Bill and tuition assistance. Any advice for going either route would be much appreciated. I'd rather stay civilian, but I see how much the military offers.
  16. Hello all! I would first like to say that this is my first post, and I have enjoyed reading as much as I can handle from this website as I can. (Also, I am new to the forum, bare with me) I am a high school senior to be from Columbus, OH, and will soon be turning 18 in September. I have been interested/obsessed with helicopters for several years now, and it really kicked off with career shadowing day my freshman year at high school, in which I got to bum around a local shop called Helicopter Minit-Men. We stay in touch with the owner and it is an excellent resource, as well as old man - young man friendship. I have also met and gotten to know a chief pilot at Due North Aviation, which is very close to Columbus. I liken him to the Mr. Miyagi of helicopters, in that he's just doing his thing in the middle of nowhere and that, now and again, that determined kid (me) comes out to bug him! I tell you this to show that I have been very proactive in my exploration of the helicopter industry, and that I wish to set myself apart from the kids my age that still don't know what they want to do... I know what I want to do. The main struggle is HOW to go about doing it! This is the year where we are to send out the college applications, and my main struggle is how to fit aviation in there? I am fairly smart (not to sound arrogant), and there is the possibility of going to college for an unrelated degree and forming a "backup plan" with it, and going through the civilian route of training for flight. I could also do an "aeronautical science" degree to finance pilot training via student loans, but that provides little backup plan. Then there is the possibility of WOFT, and with a CW3 for a neighbor just down the street (although he is not a pilot), I have a good resource and guide for this. I should also note that my family and I are tremendously respectful of and thankful for our military. However, my parents seem to change opinion very quickly when their baby starts talking about flying for said military... I should also mention that money IS a bit of an issue. I know, I picked the perfect industry to hope to enter... Any information or guidance you all can provide to me is GREATLY appreciated. I understand that I can get most information to make my decision by reading what is already written, however, I just hoped that you could give direction based on my situation as it stands.
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