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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Been surfing the forums for a while and I am about an inch from starting this WOFT process. Just have a gamut of looming questions for anyone willing to help. 1) If I try as a civilian to enter Reserve WOFT, do I go before a specific reserve selection board, or do I choose my duty station AFTER flight school? Or will they simply place me in a reserve unit based on specific needs of the Army? Which one gives me the best chance of being selected? I guess I wouldn't fly as much if i went reserves eh? 2) My wife is in the PA Army NG... will she be able to transfer to a home station in Rucker (as a 2LT QM), then follow me to my duty station after flight school? Do Army aviators get stationed outside the US? (this would be a problem since my wife would need to stay stateside in the guard). Hence my question about the reserve option. 3) PRK- I saw on Lindsey's guide that the wait for MEPS is 6 months post surgery and 90 days for flight physical... so can I get a class 1A flight physical prior to going to MEPS? 4) With the WOFT option... can I really go all the way to the selection board without enlisting/ being obligated to serve in a non-pilot MOS? I thought you had to enlist prior to MEPS?? I love the Army, and the USA, but it's wings or nothing for me. 5) Where is the cut-off for service obligation? After BCT? The sources I read say that if you don't pass WOCS you will be required to serve the remainder of your 3 year enlistment obligation. In what MOS? I guess you would get stuck in an AIT after washing out? Can you try WOCS again? I don't plan or expect to fail, but I am curious. Thanks to whomever decides to answer! Sorry for the barrage of questions... this would be a big game changer for us and I need facts before I act.. I am well established as a physician, but I want to fly with the best!
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