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  1. HELICOPTER TIME BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE IN THE ROBINSON R-22.. $100/hr, fully fuelled with a CFI. No additional expenses. Based in Miami area. We are chasing birds over row crop. It's all low level work and fun. Come fly 1 hour or fly 100 hours. Main operating times are early morning and early evening. (561) 600-8885
  2. Am I more marketable with R44 time or R22 time straight out of flight school? I have an opportunity to fly the Cadet (R44) in Cedar City, Utah in August. The idea is to finish my instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII up there and hopefully get trained on night vision, high density altitudes, and maybe long line. I'm using the GI Bill to pay for training as well. Would it be beneficial to the start of my career to achieve the last 3/4 of my ratings in a R44? As someone that does the hiring, would you hire someone with more R44 time over someone with more R22 time? Considering most schools train in the R22. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Hello all, I am a CFI in northern Illinois and I have access to a nice 2013 R22. It will be going up for time building in early to mid December. It is for rated pilots who want to build time. However, if you need a flight review, work with autos, or something I will be around (I'm not looking to make a lot on the review just enough to cover expenses like $20 for the review) this is more of a service so that you can build time and get a little bit better value. The rate will be $150 an hr without fuel included (dry), 25hr minimum. Again not to be used for primary instruction. If you want more details contact me. Recap: It will be available starting early to mid DecemberThe rate will be $150 an hr without fuel included (dry)25hr minimumNo primary instruction at this price (primary instruction is available at a higher price)Flight reviews or other small instructional items can be doneLow time pilots welcome (but may need a check out to meet insurance requirements)Contact RentacopterLLC@gmail.comUPDATE: The rate has changed as of 01/01/2018 to $165 (dry)
  4. For the first time in many, many years, Louisville, KY has helicopter flight training at Bowman Field KLOU. Cardinal Wings Aviation is the flight school and there is one R22 with more planned for future. $200/hour dry (weird that it's dry rate, I know). Good for folks who want to fly a lot or have a custom training designed for them, as it's not super busy and schedule is usually wide open. And you can rent the helo after you get your rating. Website http://cardinalwingsaviation.com. Disclaimer: I am affiliated with this flight school, but I did get my Commercial rotor add-on here last month!
  5. I just got my rotorcraft add on rating and have 65 hours, all in the R44. I'm trying to decide if I should stick with the R44 to get my commercial or if I should do my 25 hours PIC in the R22 so that I'm qualified on both. Also, no one seems to ever rent an R44 solo, but they do the R22, with limitations and the R22 is less expensive. I did all my flying with a leased aircraft and freelance CFI and the R44 we've used may go back in February and therefore not available to me. The only local school (Conroe, TX) has both available for training, but doesn't generally rent the R44 solo without extensive experience, if at all. Is it worth it to "downgrade" and learn the "squirly" R22 to get 20+ hours in it or is it too much of a change and it would take me too many hours to get comfortable to make my commercial training worthwhile? All advice is appreciated. Thanks, Tripp
  6. Low-cost R22 time building opportunity available. Please call for more details... 907-947-1502 or 561-600-8885
  7. Hey All, I am a current high school freshman, looking to begin flight training this summer. In the Seattle Area, I have a few schools available, all but one flying the Robinson R22. However, I am currently 6'2, about 210 pounds, and will likely reach 6'5, 260 pounds by the end of high school. With the R22's strict weight and balance requirements, this leaves me hesitant to begin in the R22. One school operates the Schweizer 300 series, which I heard is more accommodating for people my size. Is this the case? Will I be able to fit into an R22 with an average sized instructor? Also, I heard the R22 is a better initial trainer as it includes a governor, would this make it a better choice? Sorry for the packed post, Spencer
  8. I was wondering if some of you could post a few reputable leasing companies on this forum. I want to crunch some numbers. Must of the "numbers" so far, tell me its a terrible idea and way to much risk and money, but I just want to make sure. Looking for an R-22. I don't think I can meet 40 hours a month. At least not at first. From my understanding their is a monthly minimum of hours I need to fly. Not sure if this can vary depending on who I lease from. Thank you for your time and providing me information. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi everyone, I've got a question about which helicopter to continue training/time building in. I've got my single & multi engine airplane cert's with instrument privileges and am currently working on my Airplane CFI. I currently have around 300 hours TT. So all additional Heli ratings will be add-ons. However, my original PPL was in a Heli and I currently have around 75 hours in a S-300cb. I'm about the start flying heli's again and am wondering (considering the goal of landing a job as a CFI), based on your experience, is it better to 1) Continue to build hours in a S-300 and therefore have a greater number of hours in a single type, or 2) Start to train in a R-22 and have experience in multiple types? I am aware of a prior post from 2007 "Minimum hours needed to instruct R22, R44, 300", but that mostly became an insurance thread, though it did discuss minimum hours to be insurable in a R-22. Any thoughts about which to choose is appreciated!
  10. I hope this is the right area to post this topic. I currently live in Bakersfield, CA and I have 400 hours in Robinson helicopters. About 60% r-44 time and 40% r-22 time. I was wondering if anyone on here knows information on the current market and demand for helicopters in this area. I know there are a lot of private helicopters that do not advertise but they are heavily involved in frost protection and the agriculture industry. I am mainly just looking for some info and potential work (any work in the industry, not just flying). So far, the only local helicopter companies I know are SRT and San Joaquin Valley helicopters. I know I should move locations to get myself a job, but I currently do not have that option. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. CFII seeking time building / ag / ferry opportunities of all kinds. Experience ferrying from Los Angeles to Seattle / Wenatchee 2x and from Los Angeles to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and back. If you are bringing a ship back from a cherry contract or back from Alaska at the end of the season I'd be delighted to copilot.
  12. If there are any pilots or future pilots in the Northern Virginia area, I have 107 hours of R22 dual instruction prepaid at American Helicopters in Manassas, VA. My wife's job moved us to CA last year and I've continued my training out here. I'm trying to sell the hours at a discounted rate of $220/hr. That's dual instruction only. Normal rates are $265/hr. I hope this is the right forum to be posting this in. If not, please let me know. Otherwise, if you are training or have thought about starting to fly, let me know if you want some cheap hours. Thanks!
  13. I was talking to a pilot lately who recommended that I try to do my commercial training in a 44 rather than a 22 if I can afford it. I can't really afford any training, but I'm doing it anyway, so what's another $5K? My flight school does 44's by collective time and 22's by hobbs time, so for flights in the 1.2 to 1.3 range the price difference over the course of a "normal" commercial course is about $5K all told. Is it worth the extra cost? Will it be a significant feather in my cap?
  14. Has anyone ever heard of an R22 engine overspeed that was between 110 & 116%, but left the rotor below 110% (split needles)? Can belts normally slip like that with a sudden increase in throttle/torque or A> There is an issue with the belt tension settings B> The flight crew's perception/interpretation of the tachs was incorrect C> Something else? If it was A> is there anything you could detect on a preflight or on engine run-up (blades taking more than 5 seconds to turn etc?) Regards
  15. Ive been using this forum for years, not posting but searching for the information I've needed. And it has been very helpful. That being said I am a CFII with 320hrs heli 100hrs dual given and 510 TT I also have a CDL with a hazmat tanker endorsement. Ive been calling and sending resumes with no results, usally cant get past the receptionist. Im willing to relocate, work as a fueler, fly SIC, fly tours (I have 100hrs R44) , be an intern, move out of the country, hell I'll clean toilets, dont care just want to get flying again. I have good references at all my past employers, I just need someone to give me a chance. I know its not the right time of year to looking as well. But I'm thinking about going on a road trip visiting every flight school, and commercial opperator I can find with in a couple states radius handing out resumes and shaking hands. I'm also thinking of going WOFT, planning to talk with a recuriter next week. Any guidance, advice, or leads would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi all, Inspired by the R22 tachs, I designed a logo for t-shirts, hoodies, etc. See what you think: http://www.zazzle.com/rpmlogo?rf=238714493945491049 Jay
  17. Hello. LunarCat Labs has started to make some free youtube videos/graphical animations. (I have completed one as of this post). It is free on youtube for anyone to view. So far, my plan for the videos is to have them be supplements that help visually display the concepts being learned. I have started by making a video on Energy Management. I think I will do an SFAR intro next or some of the other SFAR topics.... Not sure yet. I am just now learning the software (blender) I used to make the animations so hopefully the videos will get better as I get better. Enjoy and feel free to comment.
  18. I designed this helicopter "RPM" logo after spending far too long looking at the rotor and engine tachometer instrument in the Robinson R22 helicopter. It is a subtle, but cool reference to R22 helicopters and being an R22 heli pilot. Check out my new RPM Logo stores out: http://www.zazzle.com/rpmlogo and http://www.cafepress.com/rpmlogo
  19. Hi and thank you all for any feedback. I know the practical answer to this - "I wouldn't fly with a MR Temp light inoperative", but what is the position regarding regulations? Firstly I would check the day VFR required equipment (91.205) - and the MR Temp Light is not on that list. So now I go to inoperative equipment 91.213(d) and this is where it gets a bit less clear to me. It seems to say that as long as the instrument/equipment is not required for day VFR (91.205), not "Indicated as required on the aircraft's equipment list" (the R22 POH?) and the aircraft doesn't have a MEL then it is OK to fly without the equipment being operational - as long as the pilot removes/placards (remove the bulb?) and doesn't consider it a hazard to safe flight (which is subjective). I would conclude that legally, if it was a short flight maybe to a repair facility, you could legally fly with the MR Temp Light pulled (that is my version of removed/placarded). What do you guys think - legally? I want to know because I want to make sure I tell my students the correct thing. And this issue doesn't just apply to the MR Temp light, what about other equipment/instruments not on the day VFR or POH lists of required equipment? (Heater, Carbon Monoxide light, VSI, etc). Like I said the practical advice for this example would be "call the mechanics/don't fly etc" but I would appreciate some clarification on the legal issue. Many thanks Jay
  20. I'm gearing up for my private pilot checkride in a Robinson R22, and I've been dissecting the emergency procedures so have a better understanding of the "whys"... I've been looking up more info on carburetor flooding/cranking/engine fire on start-up, but I still have this hang up with my curiosity because I don't know of any examples! Has anybody every known someone to encountered this?? What was the cause, and how was it handled?? (since I don't usually have a wool blanket handy as suggested to put out a fire!)
  21. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but have appreciated reading other's posts for a little while now. I have some questions that I'd appreciate advice on from all of you with a wealth of experience :-) To make a long story short, I'm a new Cfi with the ultimate goal of wanting to serve in volunteer Christian overseas helicopter missions. In the meantime, I also see value in gaining as much time and experience until doors open up for me to get overseas. I've tossed around the idea of leasing an r22, and from as near as I can guess, it'll cost over 100k to get around 1000 hr not even including insurance and fuel. Recently I saw an r22 beta for sale for 115 k. Maybe it's a crazy dream, but I thought for around the same price I could buy an r22, teach and build time, then have a core I could sell afterwards for close to the same price! The only downfall is this particular r22 beta has both high time and an accident history! Here's what I know: it's a 1989 beta with 11000 plus ttaf. It was overhauled by the factory in 2004. It used to be operated by the flight school Twin Air in southern Ca. Sometime in 2006 it was involved in an accident where winds shifted in an autorotation. Apparently it hit aft skids first in a field, then rolled on its right side. The flight school sold it, and it passed several owners, finally being put back together by a service center with an overhaul kit. In addition to the overhaul kit, it got a new right skid, new tailboom, and the right side glass was replaced. It is currently owned by a flight school in Texas who has flown it approximately 840 smoh and reassembly in 2010. So far it's the best deal I've seen on an r22 with 1300 hr left and 9 or 10 yr left on the 12 yr calender. My biggest questions are: Is there anything to look out for with 11000 plus hr since it has had the 2200 and 4400 hr interval overhauls? Does the accident history make it a bad idea all around? (The owner says it flies great) Does anybody know more about this particular helicopter? It's n-number is N994hv. In my research I found out a member here works or worked for Twin Air and from a picture in 2007 of this very helicopter: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000105052. I don't want to put so much resources toward something if I could go straight into missions, but also realize there is no substitute for experience! I'm also currently in A&p school and hope to take the Robinson maintenance course in September. Of course I may end up just getting a job after I finish A&p school to gain experience, but just thought I'd throw this (crazy) idea out there and see what input I got. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  22. I am looking for someone to build hours with in California. I just starting out, working on my private, so i'm looking for someone with CFI rating. bcazadd@gmail.com Jason
  23. Hi all, I understand in moderate+ turbulence we want to reduce airspeed to reduce structural loads, but why do you think in the R22 POH it states the number 57 kts as the absolute minimum? R22 POH Limitations Section: "Adjust forward airspeed to between 60 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS) and 0.7 Vne, but no lower than 57 KIAS, upon inadvertently encountering moderate, severe, or extreme turbulence." I guess it is probably a performance issue - to be able to maintain best climb maybe, but that number is 53 kts... Any ideas? Without understanding more I think I would just aim for 60kts and try to keep the ship level. Many thanks for your thoughts, Jay
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