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  1. Hello you beautiful people I am looking for a suiting flight school for myself. YES- i did research before. But unfortunately in my case its not that easy. I´m half German, Half Austrian, currently in Australia and can't wait to finally sit in a helicopter! Have you recently heard any reliable reviews about Hillsboro Aero Academy in Oregon and the EASA/FAA Program? Unfortunately I can only find reviews about the Airplane sector which is (hopefully) not connected to the Helicopter one. Especially because those reviews are horrendous. Are there eventually other schools in the States which provide international students with an F-1 (F1) Visa and an additional EASA license option? Its really hard to get some proper informations about this. Maybe there are some people in this forum who can drop their experience-reports as an international student in the USA no matter if F1 or M1 Visa. Thank you in advance!
  2. Robinson R66 flight training being offered for $660/hr dual for the next four weeks only. This isn't a offer of paying to fly along on a commercial job - it's a discounted rate on helicopter training. You'll fly with one of our CFIs and practice the maneuvers you want to work on. The helicopter lives in McMinnville, Oregon at Jerry Trimble Helicopters. We're an hour outside of Portland, and have student housing a couple miles from the airport. You can find more information about the aircraft at our website. If you have more questions, give us a shout at the number below or come down to the airport and check it out! http://www.jerrytrimblehelicopters.com/robinson-r-66/ (503) 577-6371
  3. I'm trying to start a career as a helicopter pilot. I'm at a job right now that i hate, but it pays enough for me to get lessons. I've been doing research, and I've seen that getting an airplane ppl will save you money when getting your helicopter ppl. Has anyone gone this route starting off, and could they tell me if it was worth doing? I'm also in the army reserves, and I've debated going active duty as a helicopter pilot. I talked to a WO recruiter and he said the best route would be going active duty. The trouble with that is it's not a guarantee I'll make the warrant officer position, and if i can't re-class I'll have an mos i wouldn't want to be active with. I meet all the requirements of the WO position otherwise. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi all, As requested by Goldy, I will put some info on the Guimbal Cabri G2 I did my flight on 09/05/2012, the bird has only 46h since out of factory. The flight was just in order to see difference between R22 and G2. At this time I just get my PPL on helicopters with 53 hrs. The day was fair, clear sky, wind 5 to 8 kts, 13°... almost standard day! Exterior: It is a little bigger, look heavier, neat surfaces, roomy. Preflight is easy, all panels, latches, etc are well adjusted, made in fiberglass. Very fews items to check, all easily accessible. Engine compartment can open wide, so access for maintenance and check of engine mounts, etc is just a formal step. Landing gear is shorter, front view is less than R22. The main differences are the fenestron in place of classic anti-torque rotor and 3 bladed main rotor. The main rotor are in elastomer, so no classic control rods, this is a design from Mr Guimbal, father of EC120. And a sort of Eurocopter trademark (Mr Guimbal is a former engineer from Eurocopter) His idea was to propose a training module with the same handling behaviors as the heavier Eurocopter's products. Interior: This one is new, so everything is pristine, windows, leather seats, stick, collective, etc.. it smell good. And the cherry on the cake, the only flight instructor is a woman... so she take really care of her baby (joke inside)... We need to see how this will go with time. The dashboard is just awesome, here you will see the 30+ years difference between R22 and G2... VEMD, Ergonomic, instruments, etc. The engine is controled by FADEC, you have the VEMD inside like all Eurocopter familly. I'm 5,9 tall, the seat are pretty comfortable, cockpit are roomy enough to take 2 guys like me without any problems. You feel like in a leather couch at home. Starting, warm-up, before T/O checks are down to minimum. You can even have the check-list on the display, going off when all main items are done! In emergency the CK appear on screen! So let's go flying: First pick-up... she is heavier, and rotor are turning other way, the flight controls are not direct and light. You have a small lag. According my instructor for the flight, this helicopter reflect the same feeling as an EC120 or AS350... you should fly like, the engine should be worked as turbine, all engine display are showing percentage for that purpose! I was used to fly turbine on fixed wing, but flight controls going from R22 to G2 is a bit challenging... I will need few hours to feel at home. We go local for some air work... I feel the lag and feel better after 15 min. Cruise is easy: 85% torque...85kts! 100%...100kts! Controls have an electric trim, so when trimmed, you could fly hands off for fews seconds... We came back to the field for one auto... this is just easy, the tri bladed rotor store much more energy, you can even take your time, no stress...before lowering collective. In hover, the fenestron work pretty nice. But due to my short experience I can't tell you more. In landing you need to think that the rotor is still turning on the other way. My overall feelings is this little heli is really nice, it train you to fly turbine, heavier helos. Comfort is great, avionics are awesome. Really silent also. But all this things have a price: As per 2010, price tag is 336 000 $US from factory. I paid 560$US/hour in Europe... and this is not the most expensive G2 you could find! Below some pictures. Sorry if my report is not really well written, or shows lack of figures, etc... As I said, I didn't have too much experience on helicopters. Hope it gives you some helps! Except the interior pictures coming from Web, the 4 last are from my flight! (yes this is me on the last one (inside) Renaud
  5. Looking for extremely cheap Turbine PIC and CX time? Bell 206B3 going from Baltimore, MD to Washington State on 12/4/2017. $385 an hour, all inclusive for the aircraft. That comes with the aircraft hourly, fuel, and instructor. Does not have the ability to log IFR. Must get own hotel for couple nights during repo since rate is so cheap. Great for time building. Please message me at info@flycharmcity.com or cal 410-707-1013 if interested! Thanks all!
  6. Flight from Bermuda Dunes, CA (KUDD) to Lake Havasu, AZ (KHII) on 3/25/17 for a photo op with experienced ATP/CFI. About 2 flight hours. Pilot will need to wait approx. 2 hours at Lake Havasu City before return flight. $150/hr (expect about 2 hours)Saturday 3/25/17Depart KUDD at 0700, return around 12002 hour wait time at Lake Havasu CityAny experience level welcome Christopher Cheek (760) 898-4079 christopher@bigblueaircorp.com
  7. Hi, I am doing some research for a training video on airfoils used on training helicopters (main and tail rotors). The emphasis is on Robinson helicopters, but I'd appreciate help from people with Enstrom & Schweizer experience. Robinson R22/R44 Main = Symmetrical, Tail = Asymmetrical Hughes/Schweizer Main = ???, Tail = ??? Enstrom Flacon/Shark Main = ???, Tail = ??? Any other small training helicopter? Many thanks for your time, Regards, J
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a new member on this group. Looks like a great forum. I need some help. I wish to become a helicopter pilot and would really appreciate your guidance. (background:I'm in my second last year of engineering from India) I had the following few questions in this regard: Your help is much appreciated.  Which country has the best institutes for helicopter training?  Among the institutes in the recommended country which are ranked on the top?  Which helicopter should one train on?  Which is the best terrain for helicopter training?  Are there any special requirements for admission to the institute?  How and when can I start preparing for the admissions?  Are there any implications regarding LASIK eye correction surgery?  How is current job scenario for helicopter pilots?
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the site so apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, if it is, I wasn't able to find it. A little bit of backstory: I've been wanting to become a pilot for awhile but have been waiting until I had enough funds to get through my PPL relatively quick. My end game is to become a commercial pilot and while I am well aware of the cost and time investments involved it is the location of my school/training facility I'm inquiring about. I hail from South Florida but am interested in flying for the working abroad opportunities. I was told by another helicopter pilot I had met that the biggest disservice I could do myself was learn to fly on flat land. I have looked into going to CO/AZ/WA for schooling but noticed that in order to take the High Alt/Mnt course I would need to already hold my PPL; Additionaly the schools I was looking at informed me they would not consider training anyone on this course with less than 500 hours already. This information makes me think it would be smarter to stick with my current job while working towards my PPL at a local school (Pelican, Helicopter Academy, Florida Helicopters, etc.). My concern is that having my starting hours on "flat land" will negatively affect my chances at an international job. Would it be better for my future in flight to get my PPL in a more mountainous state even though they won't be considered High Alt/Mnt hours until after the add-on course? Or does it even make a difference? Sorry for the wall of text but any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  10. We are currently running a discount rate for our R44 this summer out of San Carlos, CA. This is not a ferry flight. There is no minimum purchase. We are offering time in our R44 RI $395/hr wet. Instructor rate not included as it varies. Time purchased is YOUR time and we will spend it working on whatever it is you need. Opportunities include: Private and Commercial Instruction Instrument Instruction R44 transition and experience to meet various SFAR 73 requirements Recognized 'Mountainous Terrain' time Cross Country and Night experience Class B experience A chance to fly in the beautiful and entertaining S.F. Bay Area!!! We are a flight school located 9NM south of San Francisco International Airport. We also have R22s and an FAA approved flight simulator available. If you're interested please give us a call or check out our website. Our instructors will be happy to plan a course of action tailored to your needs so that you get the most out of your time. San Carlos Flight Center 655 Skyway Road Suite 215 San Carlos, CA 94070 (650) 946-1700 info@sancarlosflight.com
  11. Hello ladies and gents, I've been perusing the forums on here and this has to be my favorite site who seems to have the most info and helpful people.(sorry for the length) My name is Randy, I have done a ton of research into this program for a couple months now. I am currently a civilian EXTREAMLY interested in the WOFT. Yesterday I took the time to actually go see a recruiter, although everything I saw online said they wouldn't be much help because they will be pushing me to go enlisted and transfer over. Yes my recruiter did in fact try this with me but I do have a feeling he will be willing to help me in my journey regardless what I decide. He is already helping me get my packet together(he doesn't know much about WOFT at all) and we have come to the decision that provided I score well on my testing(and I will!) we will be sending a packet in. What I would have some questions and appreciate ANY and all advice for, would be some of the following. What is the best way to go about getting selected? What is the likeliness? I am currently 23, no flight training and no collage. Im currently trying hard to get my LORs. I did JROTC for 4 years and have a retired Lt. Colonel Pilot who flew Phantoms writing me a great one. Im sure I will also get one from a Retired Chief Master Sgt who was a First Sgt... How much will this help me if I study my but off and score high on my Sift and Asvab? I cut 40 Ibs to get in and although im over weight requirements, my tape(BMI) is well under max (26%) and is 20%. Also I have some stupid tickets im not worried about. But I'm worried about is I have probation on my record. do I get a waiver? how do I go about this? Is there a way to network and get more LORs? Also after packet is sent through, how long until we know if I was accepted or not? Again any help or info would be amazing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  12. Hi all, I am currently going through instrument (Colorado Heli- Ops) and have been fighting fire in the summer to pay for flight school. The downside is that by fighting fire, I'm unable to fly at all during the summer which obviously hurts my ability to maintain the skill level I have reached the previous winters. I was curious what jobs other people did during their training that allowed them to train fairly frequently and pay for most of their flight hours? I'm trying to avoid loans and external financing, but if anyone has info on that too it would also help! Thanks
  13. With all the flight schools offering different types of training aside from the norm(private, instrument, commercial, CFI, and CFII) what other training should a new pilot try to get. For example night vision, long line/external load, mountain flying, turbine transition... Also, does it really matter which piston helicopters you train in? Is turbine time during training going to be beneficial down the road? In other words,, after the schools are done feeding you their sales pitch, what's the most essential training and in what aircraft?
  14. Looking at going to a school that's training students using the Schweizer 300 and the new Cabri. Was wondering if by training on these platforms I'd be setting myself up for failure or if I'll still be marketable when it comes time to instruct(if not for the same school) and later for employment. Thanks for your help. And in case you're wondering, the school in question is Precision Aviation. Any other suggestions for schools would also be greatly appreciated but they must meet the following criteria: 1. Working with a college degree program 2. In a larger city or within approx. 30/45 mins. 3. Able to accept VA funding Thanks!
  15. Hello My name is Kyle and im 25 years old living in miami, fl. I am really interested in becoming a commercial helicopter pilot. Im am looking for all the advice I can get on prices, schools, ways to get the money, loans? everything! also if i get my private license i can then wait a little and start saving for the commercial part right? Anyone know of good places around Miami? If there is anyone who is experienced with all this and has become a pilot I would love to email back and forth. Well thanks guys hope to hear from someone!
  16. Hi everyone, I've got a question about which helicopter to continue training/time building in. I've got my single & multi engine airplane cert's with instrument privileges and am currently working on my Airplane CFI. I currently have around 300 hours TT. So all additional Heli ratings will be add-ons. However, my original PPL was in a Heli and I currently have around 75 hours in a S-300cb. I'm about the start flying heli's again and am wondering (considering the goal of landing a job as a CFI), based on your experience, is it better to 1) Continue to build hours in a S-300 and therefore have a greater number of hours in a single type, or 2) Start to train in a R-22 and have experience in multiple types? I am aware of a prior post from 2007 "Minimum hours needed to instruct R22, R44, 300", but that mostly became an insurance thread, though it did discuss minimum hours to be insurable in a R-22. Any thoughts about which to choose is appreciated!
  17. Anyone know a helicopter flying school near Chicago/in the Midwest that's associated with a college offering VA benefits?
  18. Hi my name is William Fine. I am trying to raise some money to pay for the rest of my CFI/CFI-I training. I currently have 186 hours, and haven't flown in over a year. I have been working but its difficult to save up the necessary money on top of living expenses. In addition to raising money for the training, my goal is to start a clothing brand for helicopter pilots. Any additional donations will go towards starting Rotorhead apparel. I will come up with more designs, colors options, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, and set up my own e-commerce website. Please help me follow my dreams and finish what I started. Thanks! https://www.booster.com/rotorhead-cfitraining
  19. Im new to the forum and I am in the process of checking out a few flight schools so Ive been doing a lot of researching and reading a ton of forums lately and I went from being very excited to pursue a passion of mine, flying, to feeling like I am going to hate it or might be making the wrong career choice due to all the negativity I read from people; And not just from random people, but from actual helicopter pilots. Ive read everything from crappy/long hours, horrible pay, cant financially support yourself with this kind of career, not worth being in debt from school, guaranteed divorce, moving constantly, dangerous, etc.... I know not every job is perfect and just because you spend $100k+ on school and put in all the flight time to get where you are, doesnt entitle anyone to a perfect mon-fri job making great money flying a helicopter. Im willing to put in as much time and effort that it takes in order to succeed. Nothing ever comes easy and I understand that it will take a lot of dedication and may be extremely hard at times, but I feel like that alone is what is going to drive you to try even harder... at least thats how I operate. So I guess my question is, are there any happy helicopter pilots out there who actually enjoy their job and what they do for a living and what is it exactly that you love so much? Other than flying because thats a given Im going to school to be a pilot no matter what anyone has to say but for anyone out there who picked up more of a negative vibe than a positive, and might be second guessing your decision, well hopefully this forum will help spread more of the positive sides of flying a helicopter as a profession.
  20. If there are any pilots or future pilots in the Northern Virginia area, I have 107 hours of R22 dual instruction prepaid at American Helicopters in Manassas, VA. My wife's job moved us to CA last year and I've continued my training out here. I'm trying to sell the hours at a discounted rate of $220/hr. That's dual instruction only. Normal rates are $265/hr. I hope this is the right forum to be posting this in. If not, please let me know. Otherwise, if you are training or have thought about starting to fly, let me know if you want some cheap hours. Thanks!
  21. I was talking to a pilot lately who recommended that I try to do my commercial training in a 44 rather than a 22 if I can afford it. I can't really afford any training, but I'm doing it anyway, so what's another $5K? My flight school does 44's by collective time and 22's by hobbs time, so for flights in the 1.2 to 1.3 range the price difference over the course of a "normal" commercial course is about $5K all told. Is it worth the extra cost? Will it be a significant feather in my cap?
  22. Pilots, local aviation entities, and community members are invited to join precision for a fly-in and industry day at Chehalem Airpark (17S) on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Come explore and share what aviation has to offer in the Pacific Northwest. There will be airplane and helicopter ride as well as plenty of BBQ food and drinks. Also, come check out the first Guimbal Cabri helicopter in the U.S.
  23. There are new regulations for 135, among others, concerning the pilot training/testing. "for rotorcraft pilots, procedures for aircraft handling in flat-light, whiteout, and brownout conditions, including methods for recognizing and avoiding those conditions. " I'd assume that is theoretical training/testing? I would have a hard time testing my pilots' white-out capabilities in South Carolina. 2014-03689_PI.pdf
  24. Hello. LunarCat Labs has started to make some free youtube videos/graphical animations. (I have completed one as of this post). It is free on youtube for anyone to view. So far, my plan for the videos is to have them be supplements that help visually display the concepts being learned. I have started by making a video on Energy Management. I think I will do an SFAR intro next or some of the other SFAR topics.... Not sure yet. I am just now learning the software (blender) I used to make the animations so hopefully the videos will get better as I get better. Enjoy and feel free to comment.
  25. How hard is it to get a job instructing at a different location than where you trained? Also, are there other career opportunities for low hour pilots (200 hours) other than flight instructing?
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