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  1. I have written out a few rough drafts and revisions to my essay and had some peers give me advice. This is what I have so far. If you have the time please give it a read and give some insight or advice on what I should change, add, remove, etc. Some background on me before the essay. I am a 68W, PFC with a year and a half of service. I was a holdover at airborne school (injury before I even started) for 8 months. I just got to my unit a couple weeks ago, and my leadership is all for sending me to do greater things. I have not taken the SIFT yet, but I have a study guide and
  2. Hey everyone, Putting together my packet for WOCS/WOFT as a civilian. Looking pretty good score and PFT-wise. I am worried about my moral waivers though. I have to submit waivers for (3) offenses that were dropped, expunged, or non-adjudicated. To summarize, I have three charges which were dropped and/or expunged from my public record. As a part of my due diligence to the United States Army, I must list all charges regardless of their sealed status if an arrest was made or probation was served. As a juvenile, I was arrested at a checkpoint for a DUI, but was released later that night due to
  3. Does anyone have an example format for the DA Form 4187 HRC is looking for in order to voluntarily change WOCS classes? I am tracking from the Selected letter that was emailed out after the list is published it's looking for selected MOS, class number, start date, requested deferment date, and any supporting docs. Just looking for a little refinement from there and who the approving authorities would be. Any assistance would be helpful thanks!
  4. Hello everybody. If you're a veteran or active duty, thank you for your service. I am dead set on becoming an army aviator(preferably AH-64) but I can't be sure its possible because of my medical history. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was a child. I didnt receive any treatment for it other than inhaler prescriptions up until I was 11 or 12. It was never severe just a little harder to breathe than normal when I played soccer in the cold. I got another prescription for an inhaler when I was 15 because my mom wanted it just for a sense of security. Do you guys think its possible to receive a
  5. Good evening all, I am currently in the process of creating my WOCS packet. I have passed my ASVAB and SIFT; I have my LORs', prior service info, my short BIO, and my civilian resume. I have just finished writing my "Why I want to be an aviator" paper and would like someone with experience to critique it. If you are interested in helping me, please send me a message stating so, and I will send you my paper. Any professional advice or constructive criticism is welcomed. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I am a pretty new member and I am still learning to navigate the forums. I apologize if a similar post has been made elsewhere. I am currently a senior in high school going through the WOFT packet process. So far: Police records- clean recordHealth- Everything is good other than glasses, correctable past 20/20Asvab - 97GT - 133GPA - Weight: 4.0, Unweighted: around 3.5Education: High school diploma (graduating tomorrow)Flight experience- noneCollege credits- noneEssay - Second draft completedLORs - None so far, but I got in contact with one of my senators. I have heard mixed
  7. NOTE: Some of you may have seen this on the general forums, I apologize for the inconvenience. I was told that this was a better place to post this topic so I decided to give it a shot! Thank you for your understanding. Hello everyone, I am a pretty new member and I am still learning to navigate the forums. I apologize if a similar post has been made elsewhere. I am currently a senior in high school going through the WOFT packet process. So far: Police records- clean record Health- Everything is good other than glasses, correctable past 20/20 Asvab - 97 GT - 133 GPA - Weig
  8. For those of you (WOFT) who have gone through basic at Ft. Benning and then went on to Fort Rucker for WOCS: -How does that transportation work? -Can we travel to Rucker on our own accord? -I heard of previous posters saying the DIs at Benning told them something untrue; that they couldn't drive themselves to Rucker only to find out they actually could drive themselves once they got to Rucker -If there is arranged transpo to Rucker, can we opt out and have a family member drive us over to Rucker instead? Thanks for the input as my ship date is nearing and I am hitting the bottom of m
  9. I know this was mentioned in another thread, but I am not finding it. Are they doing away with 7 week WOCS for 2019? or will they retain a few of those classes. Just wanted to check and see what everyone is hearing.
  10. Question when it comes to leaving basic for WOCS. Some are saying that you have to report the next day to Rucker, some are saying there is about a week in between- meaning it is treated differently than AIT. The family is not moving until after WOCS- so does anyone have any feedback on how it works? Should the family move before WOCS? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice. I am a civilian and I was accepted into WOFT. I leave in January for BCT. My fiancee and I are trying to decide when to get married. We would like to have our wedding right after WOCS. Is that practical? Should we consider getting legally married before BCT and having the wedding after WOCS during the 10 day moving period? From what I have read on the forums and from researching online, the biggest benefit with getting married before BCT is moving into married housing after WOCS, PCS move, BAH pay, separation pay, and medical insurance. Does
  12. Hello All, New to the forum, and a few days deep into my research/packet assembly. 5 yrs AD Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic(AM). Got out in 2011 as an E-5, started college with hope to get into flight school. Still in college, life happened, too old (31 in March) for Navy pilot. Being that I was/am in the Navy aviation community and I am now a civilian, I know a few Navy pilots that I could get LOR's from. Recruiter said "LOR from ANY source..." would do to meet req's. For civilians, is it necessary to have Army WO's LOR's? Will I be more competitive with both Army/Navy? Than
  13. While I was waiting for the January board results to come out, I was analyzing old MILPER messages for possible trends I could identify from month to month. The January board results looked very similar to what I anticipated they would. I looked at rank vs overall number of selections vs number of FQ-NS, NC-NS. Has anyone else done this? If so what did you find?
  14. Good afternoon VR, Several of us on the forum have just completed the 7 week WOCS course at Fort Rucker. We were class 17-02. I am and I'm sure the other from my class will be more than happy to answer your questions about the course.
  15. Hi- I'm new to this forum, I was looking for any army aviation forum but I guess this is the closest thing to it. I emailed an Army recruiter on the statistics for High school applicants to WOCS. Surprisingly I got an answer: "Based on the latest WOFT board, to be competitive for selection you should have at least GT Score (part of the ASVAB test) of 123 or higher, Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score of 260 or higher, GPA 2.8 or higher, SIFT Score of 59 or higher and your letters need to be from key/influential people who actually know you. There were 51 total applicants. 50 were selecte
  16. Quick question for you all: How well can your report date to IERW be predicted when you sign your contract? Do they schedule you for a specific IERW start date when you sign a 153A contract? What if that starting class gets pushed back or cancelled? Does that happen? I'm about to turn 32 early next year and I want to make sure I'll be in a flight school seat by my 32nd birthday. I'm trying to avoid getting hosed, since as far as I know age waivers aren't granted anymore once you turn 32. To put it in context, I'm a ARNG street to seat civilian WOFT applicant. My packet's done, SIFT passed, f
  18. So, I was selected on the civilian WOFT (AD) board in May (prior service Marine), signed my stuff, ship out in september. I still have not recieved a welcome packet, email, or had any communication with the Army other than my recruiters, who are probably more confused than I am at this point. MEPS still won't authorize me to travel to Rucker via POV, and the only contact information I have isn't yielding me any results (No one answers the phone or replies to emails). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  19. How does the wocs grad go down as far as pinning/tacking on WO1? Does it have to be a military person? Can my wife or kids pin me? Is there a first salute type thing? Would that be the same person? Rookie questions I know.
  20. I'm still waiting on orders, but got a course reservation in ATRRS. Is anybody else reporting to WOBC on 29 March?
  21. Is it time to start a July board Thread?? With the May Board results coming out soon I cant tell you how anxious I am for it to be my turn! My packet is deemed board ready and now playing the waiting game... Who has submit their packets for July? Who is still trying? I hope we get a good feel for what the board is currently holding in high esteem with those selected. So we can weigh our chances! Age: 27 GT:112 SIFT: 70 APFT: 289 42 Sem hrs Aviation Operations 2300 hrs as NRMC KC135 R/T Boom Operator No Waivers 6yrs prior service AD Air Force (1A051 AFSC) 2.5yrs CA National guard (15P MOS) LO
  22. Just trying to get a feel for who is heading to WOCS at the same time as I am.
  23. First off, this forum has helped me out tremendously with information about the whole WOFT packet process. I am thankful to the posters on here who have shared there experiences, and I plan to share my own when I ship. I was selected in July as a civilian, and my BCT ship date is Dec 29. I have been looking over the forums to use the months I have to prep as much as I can for flight school, wocs, and bct. From what I gather so far: BCT- not really much to study, just focus on running and keeping apft score up. Prepare to embrace the suck haha WOCS- some talk about getting ahold of the SOP,
  24. First off, disclaimer: Opsec really doesn't apply here. Okay so, here's the deal. I'll be going to Denver MEPS and receiving my orders on Sept 17 (I'm slated for the Oct class). My girlfriend is going to drive down with me and fly back to Colorado. First question: How long are they going to give me to drive? (approx 1500 miles). Two: are they going to count weekends toward that travel time? Three, how much "freedom" will I have in receiving company? Four, what will lodging be like in receiving company? (stay on base? off base? per Diem? Would they let me stay off base if I had my own hotel for
  25. Just seeing who got selected this past May board 2014 and has a WOCS date for 18Feb2015?
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