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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, Putting together my packet for WOCS/WOFT as a civilian. Looking pretty good score and PFT-wise. I am worried about my moral waivers though. I have to submit waivers for (3) offenses that were dropped, expunged, or non-adjudicated. To summarize, I have three charges which were dropped and/or expunged from my public record. As a part of my due diligence to the United States Army, I must list all charges regardless of their sealed status if an arrest was made or probation was served. As a juvenile, I was arrested at a checkpoint for a DUI, but was released later that night due to my BAC being below the minor legal limit. I personally apologized to the court and they chose to non-adjudicate and expunge my record. In December of 2014, I was arrested outside of a house for waiting in the driver’s seat of my designated driver’s car while under the influence of alcohol. I did not have keys in the ignition and was not attempting to drive, however the car was parked on the wrong side of a residential road which prompted the officer to question me. When I refused to breathalyze, I was arrested and spent the night in jail. In March of 2015, my lawyer met with the prosecutor before trial and they decided to lower charges to disorderly conduct (as a result of refusal) and improper parking, as well as expunging these charges from my record in exchange for a fine. Outside of court mandate, I voluntarily chose to receive counseling from my church pastor and have since stayed away from drinking in excess to remove myself from any possibility of association. Finally, a friend and I took some bikes off a rack one night to ride across campus. Stupid decision, it was 1am after a long library session and they had been laying on the ground by the rack unlocked for weeks, we figured we'd ride them back later. Turns out a campus police officer knew we took them and asked us to bring them back so they didn't have to arrest us. We did and the owners of the bikes pressed charges. We went to court for a theft 3 misdemeanor and the judge said he would drop all charges in exchange for community service. End of story. I know I have to fill out waivers, but I am concerned about whether they will automatically get rejected because two were initially DUI arrests, even though the court either dropped the charges or changed them. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and had your waivers approved?
  2. Hey, I have recently been looking into starting helicopter flying lessons and I have been looking into Glacier Aviation Flight school in Olympia, WA. I have visited a couple times and it seems great and Mike the owner is very helpful and seems like a good guy. Of course, they would sell themselves to a prospective student who is about to give them 80k, so I was wondering there was anyone who has gone through it or knows anything about them to see if there are any downsides to the school. All the reviews I have read on here seem good as far as I can tell, but it is a big decision and I woudl appreciate any input or knowledge anyone has on this particular school. Thanks so much.
  3. Hello everyone! I have been in the Army for 8 years this month as an infantryman. I've deployed to Iraq as a Team Leader, Afghanistan as a Sniper TL and SL, and spent three years recruiting (DA Select). I just PCS'd from recruiting to a regular infantry unit and I'm not sure I feel challenged the way I used to. The grind is beginning to wear on me and without a deployment to look forward to I'm not sure I can bear the garrison life. I'm hesitant to leave the Army. I feel like recruiting was a taste of the civilian world and I did not like it (although I did very well as a recruiter). So I decided to take the blue pill and reinsert myself into the matrix! I'm having a bit of an existential crisis about what to do next; the way I see it I have three options I can try for: 1. Stay in the regular infantry. 2. Try out for Special Forces. 3. Apply to be a warrant officer. I'm genuinely torn on what to do but I'm running out of time. I turn 32 this summer (cutoff for flight WO packets is 33). I know my body is somewhat of a ticking time bomb (minor knee surgery last January). Can anyone give me insight into the helicopter community in the Army? I'm partly worried the camaraderie doesn't exist like it does in the infantry and it will be a detached experience. Furthermore, I would love to be a Apache pilot (I'm sure everyone does) and I'm apprehensive about being selected to fly Chinooks. I understand that ultimately it's not my decision, but some insight would be appreciated. Otherwise, I believe I meet all the qualifications to at least submit a packet: GT: 128 Bachelors and Master's Degree 300 on PT Tests all NCOERs read very well Good physical condition Lasik Eye surgery when I was 25 Thanks!
  4. As I started my journey to become a Warrant Officer Aviator back in 2009 when I first started raising my GT score, Passing the AFAST and Passing the Flight Physical, building a strong packet and going to board on 2010 and not being selected, I never gave up, built my packet again in 2012 and passed my Flight Physical again going to the board again while Deployed in Afghanistan, and once again I was not selected, While in Afghanistan in 2012 (pretty much by the same week the board convene) I was hit with an IED , but nothing serious happened and continued the mission for the rest of the deployment (about 7 more months), when I returned Stateside at Ft Bliss for DEMOB (I'm a Reservist) the care providers asked me if everything was wrong with me and I told them that I was hit with an IED and felt a little back pain every now and them ( very minimal) , and they suggested me to stay as MEDICAL hold until I recover (which I accept it just to be safe) and they did an MRI and found something on my lower back, (i can't even spell it) and they told my all I need it a few physical therapy sessions and I should be good to go, ( to me make the long story short , I spent a year in the WTU program and went true 3 sessions of physical therapy and then released me back to Reserve status, while my time was ending in the WTU I took the opportunity to go ahead and retake my flight physical so I can apply again this time on the Reserve side since they didn't have Reserve aviation in Puerto Rico,.. Today I get the noticed that because of what they found on the MRI I was disqualified and my Flight physical got rejected including an exception to policy, which I didn't knew that I need it one but I guess my flight surgeon requested one, I rapidly went to the nearest flight surgeon (Ft Belvoir) and told me to find another MOS... I have the most mix feelings I could ever imagine, I feel that I was betrayed by the own Army that I have been serving for the past 12 1/2 years... and pretty much I feel lost and even considered not reenlisting before I ETS in January 2015... Is this really the end for me to pursue the life long dream of becoming a Military Aviator?? is there anything else that I can do to by pass this??? any thoughts and advice will be really appreciated Thanks and sorry for the long story , just wanted you to see it from my point of view --Manutech
  5. Simple scenario; I’m interested in a company in a certain location that conducts a certain type of flying. I’m also a couple hundred hrs away from their stated hiring minimums (have 1200, need 1500). What I am truly interested in is; what should my next 300 hours look like to best make me competitive for them & what does flying for them really consists of? I am sure these are busy folks, but is it verboten, frowned upon or just plain annoying for a pilot to call a Chief pilot to ask about their company and what they value? If it’s not; what are some of the questions you would ask (have prepared), if they gave you a moment of their time? Actual chief pilot responses welcome. Oh, and I’ll be sure to save these questions for Heli-Success in Nov. Thanks in Advance!
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