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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, 30 hour casual helicopter student here. Training in the R44 Raven 1. Working full time so I fly maybe about 10 hours per month. I am at 180 degree auto rotations but am having problems with the last 20% of the maneuver, which is the flare part. My airspeed and RPM control throughout is usually pretty good +/- 2%, +/- 5 knots, (101% & 70 KIAS) but when it comes time to flare I am either doing too much too soon, or not pitching up enough soon enough in the last part of the full flare which makes my instructors really nervous. I can almost never seem to get that perfect flare timing to hit the spot at the perfect altitude. My instructors mostly say to start a "baby flare" at about 40 feet, which is just 1 or 2 degrees of pitch up. I'm supposed to hold that for a few seconds and then go into a "full flare" so that I stop right at the spot. Throttle is supposed to be rolled on right at the beginning of the full flare for the power recovery. I estimate that this happens at about 60 knots and 20 feet, Ideally I end in a low hover right over the spot. My straight in autos are pretty solid, for some reason the flare isn't as much of an issue there. I don't know if there is a requirement to do so but I have been entering the 180 autos at 1000 ft AGL abeam the landing spot on downwind, usually aiming to hit the runway numbers. This usually results in me rolling out with skids pointed toward the spot at about 2-300 feet. I've done a few away from airports using different colors of grass as a spot and it seemed to help a little bit, but not enough to fix everything. I just feel like my instructors are always either coming on the controls and telling me to flare more or telling me not to do so much so soon. Overall the first part of the flare is too big and the last part is not big enough. Any tips are appreciated. I am also a fixed wing ATP so my CFI's say I am too focused on being lined up with the runway when we do these at an airport, which doesn't matter.
  2. I am interested in knowing which countries around the world require touch-down autorotation training versus power-recovery-only training and for which license levels. Hopefully this forum is used internationally. I am assuming that SOME form of autortation training is required everywhere. I can imagine that some countries only require power-recovery until you get to a certain level at which point full-touch-down may be required. I can also imagine that military requirements differ from civil requirements. I am less concerned about answers for the military but it would be good information to have. Please refrain from discussing whether you think it is a good or bad idea to do full versus recovery... I imagine that topic has been beaten to death in other threads. I'm just looking for actual requirements by country and license level based on knowledge dated July 2019. I am using acronyms as follows.. PPL - Private Pilot License (or equivalent in your country) CPL - Commercial Pilot License (or equivalent in your country) CFI - Certified Flight Instructor (or equivalen in your country) If you are giving an answer for the military then go ahead and give a name that describes the license/rating... I've no idea what those names might be. Perhaps something like "Navy Airman Class 3" Here is an example of what a good answer would look like..... Date of Information: 2019 July Country: Narnia PPL: power-recovery CPL; power-recovery CFI: full-down Thanks for your help
  3. I would like to introduce , my own designed turbocharged intercooled altitude compensation system, on my Rotorway with its incredible performance My helicopter and engine has been completely redesigned to improve the marginal power and reliability of Rotorway. Please watch my short video : Arthur's High Altitude Turbocharged Rotorway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IC5Ow1wrB8 Please also watch : Arthur's Turbocharged X Country Rotorway https://www.youtube.com/watch/v=GbQpDFKZ5Rw Thanks for watching : A proud Rotorway owner
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