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Found 7 results

  1. Hello VR, I'm currently putting together a packet for the July 2019 board and I am curious about fixed wing careers vs. rotary wing careers. 1. Is there a real difference in day-to-day work/life in comparison? 2. I've heard that the duty stations for FW are less than desirable, is this true? 3. Are the promotion rates affected when going FW? 4. Is there any advantage over the other? Thanks!
  2. Ive always dreamed of being a pilot I just turned 18 and graduated high school 4 months early moved out of my small hopeless town in with my aunt just got my first job which pays 27k a year not including $0.50 raises every 6 months an no overtime which is in high demand at work. Even today at 18 years old I still run outside at the sound of something flying over but mainly helicopters as I like their versatility over fixed wing planes. I could use some guidance on starting my flight career. I see two options hopefully you guys can open up some more options or elaborate or give insight on my options. My first option is to continue working at this job and just save money then get my license through a licensed instructor the cost is heavy I dont have a family or any major bills $10 phone bill, $200 rent (for now), and $70 for car insurance thats it not including any other cost so its very possible to start getting my license after 1 year of work but my real problem starts when trying to build hours I know it takes time and money and will always be put below by people that have more hours or fresh out of the military. My second option is the army high school to flight school which by the looks of it is very competitive but not as competitive as the Air Force or Navy but the one reason Im not choosing the navy or Air Force is because I truly do not want to go to college nor do I want to sign away x amount of years of service to be in a ROTC program that doesnt guarantee me a pilot slot. So these are the only 2 options can see but either one I have to stay at this job for a minimum of 1 year because if I want to go through the army I have to lose weight which will take time and the other one requires me to build of a solid savings. If you guys could give me some advice on what I should do that would be great. I just need to know where to start and how to start any and all options are welcome thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently in the Army, I hit 10 years in July. I was a former MH-47G (just a modified CH-47) Flight Engineer for my first 6 years until I went to flight school. I flew approximately 1,300 hours as a Flight Engineer. Sadly a year out from flight school, I was permanently grounded from flying. I'm attempting to change jobs within the Army, however I am trying to prepare for the worse in the event they medical retire me. I loved flying as a Flight Engineer and actually miss it. Seeing as I cannot fly as a pilot, I'm looking to possibly to be a Flight Engineer on the civilian side if I'm forced to medically retire. I know a couple guys I used to work with got out and did this, however I do not have their contact information. I found Columbia Helicopters, but as of right now they do not have openings. I will keep an eye on them in the future though. Does anyone happen to know any companies that offer this job description? I appreciate any help that I may be able to get!!
  4. Hey there. I'm a transitioning military helo pilot and will be attending the Heli-Success conference this year. I was wondering if anyone has been to the event in the past and which companies (besides the listed sponsors) are usually there.
  5. I've done this once before. I have a few weekends where I'll be busier than I can handle on my own. Last time I gave away the flight time away free, this time I'll be paying $10-$20 per flight hour depending on experience. The job: 4-8 minute rides in R44 Raven II for hours on end. The Locations: Houston, TX or nearby Dates: April 11th & 12th, April 25th & 26th, May 2nd & 3rd The Pilot: Someone who fits in. The whole crew is basically family. There's a difference between being safe and being scared. The job is not hard, but to make money the timing has to be impeccable. If I'm shooting for a four minute ride, skids lift to touch down is within 5 or 10 seconds of 4 minute mark. There's more to it - but I'll explain that to whoever I think we are going to bring in for those dates. More importantly than just the weirdly formatted resumes I get sometimes, I need to know a few things when you email me in starlight text format. Total Time in Helicopters Total Time in R44 Robinson Safety Course Date Flight School Last Checkride & Date Last Flight Instructor Name & Phone # My name is Thaddeus and I'm the owner of National Helicopter Solutions and www.HeliHogHunt.com. Email me at Thaddeus@HeliHogHunt.com Regulations require drug screening and background check. I also can not and will not lodge anybody. You may bring a tent if you'd like. Lol.
  6. Okay guys and girls, I may have been misleading a bit. I will be giving away the flight time in the Houston, TX area but I will not pay for lodging. There is a potential for up to 60 hours or so in about a 14 day period. Requirements: Commercial Helicopter Pilot Must have R44 Endorsement Preferably Have RHC Safety Course Preferably 300 TT Helicopter Email me with questions or resumes etc. Thaddeus@HeliHogHunt.com
  7. Hey everyone; I write this post to ask for some outside opinions on my current situation. Let me start with the story. I am still in the stages of Senior Schooling, and since i was about 12, I have wanted to become a helicopter pilot. My dad once took me on a ride when we were on vaccation once. Since then, it has been the most memorable experience in my life, thus far. Now, as my school years come to a close, I am placed into a position where I need to look towards Uni, where I want to work, part time jobs, etc. I have made it clear (to my parents) that I want to be a Helicopter Pilot, but they refuse to see the 'dream' from my perspective. They adhere to the idea that i should try to get money to support the family, through property development or becoming a plumber, (both well paying jobs). However, as selfish as this may sound, I want to do what makes me happy. I have read in other forum posts about people who regretted sitting in an office for 10+ years, when they finally wanted to become a pilot. I understand the cons of entering this particular field of work; High competition to get a job, low pay(in some cases, not all), etc. So I call to the members of this forum, and request them to help me understand how I should/could proceed from here. It would be invaluable to me if someone who has been in the 'industry' gave their opinion. Nonetheless, all opinions are welcomed. Thankyou in advance. ----- This was one forum post I took a long hard look at before making my own. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/13001-why-you-should-not-be-a-professional-pilot/page__st__20
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