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Found 2 results

  1. Okay this question has been asked to many times for me not to receive clear guidance, but I'm hoping some of you intelligent people can help me out. Here's my situation. I am a 19 years old with interest of becoming a pilot. I have read Street to Seat is an option along with OCS. Unfortunately I do not have enough resources to put me through college to make me a competitive candidate whatsoever. I have talked to a recruiter about becoming a 15T AD in hopes that I can receive LORS and to be able to work with WO's. My question is if this is a good plan. I figured if I decide not to pursue a pilot slot in the Army, I could use my experience turning wrenches for the Army and get certified as an A&P through the FAA (Backup Plan). Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm currently an E-3 with about 19 months TIS. I have my Bachelor's degree in Health Studies (3.1) and plan on dropping a WOFT packet within the next few months. With my situation I have already taken and passed the SIFT with a 67 as I was interested in the Street to Seat program before enlisting but was pushed towards enlisting by my recruiters. I feel like I can make a decent enough packet to get a go but I really want some advice from people that have gone through the process. My Gt score is a 124 and my last PFT was a 286. I'm Air Assault qualified and I'm attending Pathfinder school in Feb. with my LT. Not sure if schools like these are even taken into consideration or not? I also have a TS/SCI clearance which I'm hoping will help out a little bit. My only major concern is that I don't really have the connections that some people on here seem to have. I know very good leaders that I look up to very much but none with the aviation experience. I've sent emails out to POC given on the WOFT recruiting page for my location but have not heard back yet most likely due to it being block leave for the majority. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a life goal that I feel is in reach and I don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Thank You.
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