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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, I am scheduled to take my 1st class flight physical in Ft Hood on Nov. 4th. I have a question about the vision portion. last week MEPS got me at 20/20 vision both eyes used together. (I don’t own or use any corrective lenses). Now I am fearful that each individual eye is less than 20/20, a couple years ago I was tested at 20/25 each individual eye, and 20/20 overall. That being said, should I go get an eye exam prior to the flight physical and bring any corrective lenses with me to Ft Hood if necessary? Or will I be ok to go without any corrective lenses and see what happens? Thank you to anyone who assists with my question.
  2. Questions about the flight physical stamp process at Ft Rucker. I'm a civilian putting a packet together out of Las Vegas. Background: I completed part II of the flight physical back in November. Called Ft Rucker to check the status of the stamp earlier this December, they said my packet was disqualified. Got in touch with the flight surgeon who did my part II out at Ft Irwin and he said they have to do an aeromedical survey to review my med packet and move forward. He also said I was disqualified because of a retinal hemorrhage that was reported in my follow up appointments from a 2013 PRK surgery. He couldn't give me a timeline on the aeromedical survey but he said I've done everything on my end and Im not out. When I was doing parts I and II they also said my eyes were fine, no issues and I'm 20/15 in both and I got a waiver coming out of MEPs for the same reason. My recruiter said it was just another waiver process and they have to talk to their "waiver guy", I believe it but I haven't really relied on them for anything during this process. Has anyone ever been hung up or know someone hung up getting the stamp from Rucker? How long did it take from completion of part II? Anybody know someone flying with the retinal hemorrhage in their history? Greatly appreciate the value that this forum has brought to me during this whole process and thanks to everyone who have helped in the past. Have a happy new year and good luck to everyone in the upcoming boards.
  3. Just looking for some guidance as my Phase 2 was sent in about 2 weeks ago to Rucker. Does anyone know if there is a site that is current and working to check the status of submitted physicals? Ive been trying to get onto https://vfso.rucker.amedd.army.mil for the past week with no luck so I'm thinking this website is no longer active. If anyone knows otherwise I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you.
  4. Army Aviators, A recent news article caught my interest related to SARS-COV-2, military mandated jabs and post jab syndrome risk to ARMY AVIATORS. The affidavit is an injunction filed by the Fort Rucker 1st Brigade Flight Surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, over the current safety risk to Army pilots and aircrews who have been injected. LTC Long indicates she is under the military whistleblower protection act. Affidavit is linked below for your independent verification. Read affidavit line item #6 and line item #39.8 and 39.10 for the reader's digest. Your mileage may vary. Stay healthy and STAY ABOVE THE BEST!!!I https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/09/affidavit-of-ltc-theresa-long-m-d-in-support-of-a-motion-for-a-preliminary-injunction-order/
  5. Hey guys, So I understand that everything is closed right now, but around a month before the lockdown, my recruiter and I hit kind of a speedbump with getting my packet in. We couldn't find a point of contact for getting the flight physical done. Apparently there aren't many in the midwest, so he's looking at anywhere at this point. Do you guys have any helpful info in this regard? Offices, phone numbers, etc? I want to be able to finish that off and get my packet done ASAP once the quarantine is over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am currently in guard and was in for 6 yrs prior service active duty. When I was initially building my packet, I didnt declare disability on my prior Class 1 (the one for the board) because my VA claim wasn't processed yet back then, it was still pending decision for the rating. Fast forward today, I already got selected, went through WOCS and about to move on to WOBC phase. My situation is that I have VA disability and that im wondering if I should declare that now when I go through another initial class 1 at Rucker (The one right before flight school). I just don't want to kick myself for opening up a can of worms when i shouldn't have. Will the flight surgeon see that I have disability? Should I declare that I have disability?
  7. Does anybody have experience scheduling a flight physical on the west coast? I am a civilian out of Las Vegas, NV putting a packet together and I have everything except the flight physical. I completed MEPs in early September and my recruiters said they couldn't schedule until Sept 23rd due to the new year (budgets?). They also said theyre going to send me to Washington state once they're able to schedule. I have seen older post concerning this topic and I understand it's a long drawn out process. It's been almost a month and the only thing my recruiters are saying is that they're sending emails and calling. ASVAB 95 SIFT 62 PFT 298 College: BS Environmental Engineering, Cornell LoRs: 2 CW5s, Ret CW4 & CEO
  8. Here is an in-depth video detailing the flight physical. This tells you what to expect for the WOFT flight physical on the civilian side of things. I also faced a few issues as it relates to color vision so anything you want to know just ask. It also has time stamps in the description if you are wanting info on one specific thing.
  9. Anyone had super quick flight physical turnaround time at Rucker recently? My packet has been prettymuch ready to go since May, but I found out in the last stage of my Class 1 that I needed a refractive surgery on my left eye. I had the surgery and everything is good to go, but my 3-month post op appointment at Carson isn't until September 13 (exactly 3 months later) and the September board date is the 16th. The flight administrator and flight surgeon over there know me now and are super helpful, and I know will send it to Rucker right away (they felt bad for me when I found out at my appointment that I had 20/20 but needed a surgery still). But I'm wondering if there's even any chance of getting it stamped and uploaded for the 16th board date. (Civilian - so I don't have to follow the same initial dates, though I'm not sure if submitting it day of the deadline is a good look either...)
  10. Does the check the status of your flight physical website ever work? I have tried from 3 different computers multiple times over the past 3 weeks and it never seems to work. Is it just like this for me?
  11. Is anyone taking their Class 1A flight physical anytime soon? If so, will you ask the doctor if they accept retained orthopedic hardware in the foot? I heard from what I believe is a credible source that they will not accept anyone with retained hardware. From where I am in the process, it will be a few months before I can get a flight physical. I am considering just going ahead and having my hardware removed. From a time perspective, it makes sense to me to go ahead and have it removed now, rather than wait a few months to be told I have to have it removed. There is a 6 month waiting period to join after any surgery, so I am just trying to cut my wait time down. Anyone have experience with this or advice?
  12. Hey guys, Long story short- I am currently a college senior contracted with the National Guard. I was over the seating height (by 1.5 cm) in the TH-67 on paper but passed an in-cockpit evaluation at Ft. Rucker. Because of this, I am having to apply for an Exception to Policy as a part of getting my flight physical approved. Does anyone have any experience with this? How long should I be prepared to wait? For your information, my physical has been down at Rucker for just under a month. I have found some past questions from people with the same ETP questions where answers varied from weeks to months, but most have been due to eye trouble, not anthropomorphic troubles. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  13. (Brief Bio) (U.S. Navy AWR2) I am a Naval Aircrewman in the MH-60R. I perform the role of a sensor operator, aviation rescue swimmer, crew chief, and aerial door gunner among other jobs. I have had the opportunity to fly in the cockpit of a MH-60R during a NHA conference I attended, and the thrill of being on the controls outweighed the thrill of hanging outside the door. I am currently deployed and have very limited internet capabilities. I am trying to complete as many things as I can for my packet while deployed. Hopefully I will be able to submit my packet as soon as possible when I return. (Questions) 1.) After reading the checklists on the USAREC website, I was under the impression that only an Army flight physical would work. Reading the forums here, I see that a few people went to Naval Air Stations to have their flight physical completed. My question is, does a Naval Flight Physical substitute for the Army one? Being in aviation, I have completed one annually for the last five years so this would make for an easy check in the box. 2.) For the LoR's, "You require one from your first level of UCMJ (Company Commander), one from your Field Grade UCMJ authority (Battalion Commander) and one from a senior warrant officer (SWO) in your chosen career specialty." I have been trying to find out the Navy equivalent for Company Commander and Field Grade UCMJ authority. I was hoping someone here would know the answer. My educated guess was Company = Division Officer or Department Head and that Field Grade UCMJ authority = Commanding officer. I am sure I have more questions, but I am not at my computer to read the notes. Nor was I expecting the opportunity to post on these forums tonight. Thank you for reading over this post. Very Respectfully, AWR2
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