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Found 15 results

  1. Anyone know if there is a way to check to see if your packet has "Board Ready" status as a civilian other than just waiting on your recruiter?
  2. I am a civilian going through the WOFT packet for the first time. I have everything together and am shooting for the September Board next month. Who else will be joining? Curious as to how the process has been for yall.
  3. Hello all, I am currently a SPC in the NG as a 15p. I have a 69 SIFT and a 350 APFT, and I'm a Private Pilot working on my next fixed wing ratings. I am on the last step for NG applicants in which I undergo a final interview with the CCWO and a SAO. My 350 APFT was not taken for record, and before I took another one for the board, I sustained a foot injury in marathon training in which I have been unable to run for 5 months. Does anyone know, is an alternate event (such as the 6.2 mi bike), authorized for submitting a WOFT app? Or, any thoughts on WOFT or college first? (I am a college sophomore). Any input is greatly appreciated.
  4. This thread is intended to put out the most up to date information on the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits as it pertains to flight training. A lot of big changes that will affect future student's decisions. The biggest one that I can see being the requirement to have your PPL prior to beginning a flight training program in conjunction with an Institution of Higher Learning. This was previously only a requirement for vocational flight training. In addition, the yearly amount for vocational flight training was reduced to $12,048.50 and certain verbiage was placed into the documentation that makes students pay out of pocket for training in anything other than the basic aircraft (read R22, 300C, etc.) So, if you exceed the weight requirements of the R22 the student will have to pay the difference out of pocket to train in the R44. Although because it states "aircraft utilized by other students" I could see schools dumping the R22s in favor of more expensive aircraft to try to exploit this loophole. Also doesn't clarify if that's other students at that school, statewide or nationwide. I've attached a PDF that highlights the changes. Flight_Webinar_12-14-2015.pdf
  5. I recently graduated from college and would like to fly rotary wing in the Army. I have been working with a recruiter to put together my WOFT packet. I am needing help getting a LOR from a CW3 or higher in the aviation field. I am willing to do a phone interview, skype or travel to an Army base to assist in the process. I am a civilian and I do not know any warrant officers. Looking for help any way possible. Thank you. I scored a 78 on my ASVAB with a 114 GT. I have not taken the SIFT yet. I am waiting to hear back from Medical about my Lasik. I have been studying for the SIFT from three different guides and I am currently enrolled in Gold Seal Ground School. I am hoping to get a few flight lessons in before my packet is due to make my packet look better.
  6. Hello all I'm new to this forum I live in LA and have been doing my research on helicopter flight training schools and have visited most at this stage in my region-looking for training from zero hours through to CFI-I for a professional heli pilot career- looking for the highest standards and most professional, safest school Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has actual experience - positive or negative -with any of the following schools.. Van Nuys airport is nearest to me (most companies are only 15-20 minutes drive for me)- I'm considering- -Elite Helicopters - Orbic Air -Group 3 Aviation -RotorFX Second nearest- would be Star Helicopters at Hawthorne (about 25 minutes) I'm also considering Los Angeles Helicopters- they do seem to have the best reputation - but are the furthest commute for me - 40+ minutes- and seemingly possibly the most expensive..) though ultimately extra cost in money or travel time would be worth it to me if it means getting the best, most professional and safest training available. Thank you in advance for any feedback. Gratefully, Justin
  7. Robinson R44 RII fuel and Instructor included. Build flight hours, obtain PIC endorsements, or just finish your rating. If you need to build Cross-country, night, work on maneuvers this is an excellent, competitive price. We are located in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. http://mbacademyofaviation.com/helicopter_courses.html Unfortunately we are out of time at the 395$ rate if we are able to offer it again or some similar special I will update.
  8. Good evening everyone! I am set to retire on May 1st from the US Army after 17+ years and will be looking to use my Post 9/11 GI Bills benefits. I am currently 35 and had a chance at an early retirement (full retirement benefits, only smaller percentage) and jumped on it. I have decided to try my hand at an aviation career and flying helicopters has always intrigued me. I am currently stationed in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA and would be willing to move to ensure that I am attending a quality school. I would prefer it is tied to a degree program with a local university or college that covers from the PPL up through CFI-I. From the research I have done I've come up with a couple of schools that I would attend. 1. Leading Edge Aviation (Bend, OR) 2. Upper Limits Aviation (Cedar City, UT) 3. Other good schools in great areas??? *The local areas are also an big reason for these schools as I enjoy outdoor activities (Mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, snowboarding, etc...). Additional Info: I am a divorce father that pays a lot of child support, so I'm trying to get an estimate on what costs I may be incurring prior to and during school. I know things will be slim money wise hence using GI Bill, FAFSA (if possible), and finding a part-time job to put food on the table (even if it's the ramen or PBJ diet). Potential expenditures??? I'm definitely jumping out of my comfort zone changing careers, but I don't want to work a job that I hate for the rest of my life. I don't mind a bit of desk work, but I need to get out and explore and flying helicopters can help feed my desire. (Money has never been a huge driving factor in my life, I don't need a lot to be happy) I'm open to any and all advice, recommendations, critics (good or bad), because I'm new and have a lot to learn. Thanks in advance, John
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I am here because I want to be a Helicopter Pilot! Now that I've given the same entrance everyone else has probably given, I offer you this... I'm already a licensed airplane pilot with commercial / instrument ratings, and about 400 hours total time. I originally intended, (15 years ago) to one day fly for the airlines. Now, the idea of making $18,000 per year as a F.O. for a regional carrier, and living in a crash pad just doesn't seem all that desirable. I have a background in public safety, and would love to merge those skill sets with my love for aviation. This, in conjunction with the fact that runways are boring, leaves me with a longing for Helicopters.... I appreciate everyone and anyone that reads this, and offers their guidance. However, before college programs, and the military routes are offered, please let me add a few more facts about my situation.... I'm 34 years old, I have a Bachelors Degree, and I work as a Police Officer. (I only offer my occupation to the extent of possible financing options for government employees). I feel that the Military isn't really an option because of my age, and the fact that I'm halfway to my pension with the Police Department. I'd prefer NOT to give all of this up by attending a 141 school out of state. I've found a school, the only school in my area, (Part 61) and have secured financing. The only problem is that it is, in essence, a personal loan, that I will have to begin paying immediately. I find myself in a position of spending about $85,000.00 to get all of my ratings, without the flight time to be marketable for a job. With this being the only apparent option. My monthly loan payment is going to be through the roof. Don't get me wrong, I like bologna and Ramen Noodles, but I'm here because I'm wanting to know if anyone has any financing ideas that can allow me to not live in complete poverty, and lose my pension. Are there any student loans available for part 61 training, that have the option to defer payment until a job is obtained? I understand that an aviation career is that requires considerable sacrifices, and I'm willing to make them. I simply want to know if there is a car available that will take me 26 miles, before I feel forced to run a marathon. Any thoughts, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  10. Does everyone know the Robinson calendar life items under part 91 just applies to the blades? I think buying a R22 that is out of the recommended 12 yr inspection, but still has time/hrs remaining on all parts is not only legal to fly under part 91 but probably safer than a home built!
  11. Build Turbine Time on a ferry flight departing in Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH) to Sarasota-Bradenton Intl. Airport (KSRQ) for just $450 an hour on the Robinson R66 Turbine. The flight itself takes about 3 to 4 hours but you will have a safetypilot (CFI) with you and can weather decide to do the standard flight like said above to get experience in a Turbine powered Aircraft or you decide to do some advanced Training maneuvers on the way down: For example: The Aircraft is full IFR equipped and you can do some IFR Approaches to log IFR, Turbine, X/C and PIC Time. Or you decide to do a Turbine Transition Course, which includes a Total of about 8 hours of flying and 5 hours of ground. You see, there are several ideas how we can do the flight and it is definitely a fun Tour. We will land somewhere grap a coffee and make a nice trip. Questions? - Contact us on: Heli Aviation Florida, LLC 8191 North Tamiami Trail, Hangar B1 Sarasota, Florida 34243 info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com Call: 503-488-0555 and follow us on www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
  12. Heli Aviation Florida is looking for a Student Pilot who wants to Build Turbine Time on a 20-hours ferry flight, departing in Florida to Oregon in August 15th, 2012. Hourly Price will be $275 an hour. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO: info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
  13. I run a company involved in educating local youth in aviation. We also offer helicopter flight training. We had an R22 through a friend of ours that a buddy of his owns, but he recently leased it to another company who was guaranteeing a LARGE number of hours per month due to their sheer size.. That leaves us looking to lease something as soon as possbile! We have scheduled events and I would rather not cancel these events, as well as a couple student about to start regularly scheduled training. I've looked into, but haven't really contacted companies recently, like spritzer... They told me before they had nothing in stock at the moment, but I could check back with them. If anyone knows of a place I could obtain an R22 ASAP, please respond, or even pm me.. It would be very much appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  14. Aspiring career pilots. If you plan on doing all of your training, 0-CFII, in an R44, there are two questions you must answer first; 1. Who would be willing to hire (provided that my school doesn't, or goes out of business) a low hour CFII who can only teach in the R44? 2. How will I convince new students that paying almost twice as much for their training is a "good thing"? (remember, not all of your students will be career minded, some may just want a PPL) If you can answer these two questions, then by all means, go ahead and do it!
  15. A week ago I was flying to my local airport to get some instruction to prepare for my check ride. I was feeling good because I just passed my CRH written that morning. I was about a mile north of the LZ when the without warning the engine went silent. The rest is in the paper. http://www.timesbulletin.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=169487&SectionID=2&SubSectionID=4&S=1 This was in a Rotorway and the cause was from inside the engine. Fuel and ignition system was in working order. This isn't the first time its happend and this time it made me think is it worth it?. I know this Scorpion is an old machine but its all I can afford. I guess I'm posting all this in hopes of finding another way of gaining experience. I've seriously thought about selling and going to a school to finish my ratings, but, from reading this form it looks like those ratings are worthless without the hours. Andy
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