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  1. I'm looking for some feedback on my WOFT essay that I wrote. Its only the first draft but I need brutal honesty. If its complete garbage or not what the board is looking for I need to know. I'm pretty new to the army and am a pfc in the infantry at the moment. I've completed a year training cycle with my unit and have been to JROTC. Ill be going to air assault soon to be more competitive with my woft packet. Most of my experience is outside the army. I'm 30 years old with a lot of experience with other jobs. Why I want to be a Warrant Officer Stagnation is my greatest fear. It is because of this fear that I have decided to join the Army and pursue my goal of being A Warrant Officer. The way that I stave off my fear of stagnation is though constantly bettering myself and those around me both professionally and personally. Earning my Eagle Scout and serving an honorable two-year service Mission for my church coincide with my professional goal of being an Army Aviator. I am confident that my strong work ethic, leadership skills, moral character, and determined spirit will motivate others around me to be the best version of themselves. In my career as an Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Tester, I was an expert on technically-complex machinery that left no room for error. On a normal day, we worked on millions of dollars worth of equipment. Because of this, tight deadlines and constant demand, we were under a lot of pressure. My decisions and attention to detail directly impacted mission outcomes. To date, I have maintained a 100% zero-incidence safety and completion record. Through my dedication and drive, I was consistently the top employee for four years who trained and managed over 20 others. I am ready to take on the challenge of becoming a leader and aviator without reservation. If selected for this opportunity, I will build upon my leadership skills, continue to refine my adaptability, and turn into an excellent asset for the Army. I will serve alongside my fellow soldiers with integrity, respect and honor. I will lead by example and bring my work-ethic and dedication. My passion for aviation and service will continue to motivate me to push myself. Lastly, the sacrifices I will make will be worth protecting the freedoms that I, and others in this country enjoy.
  2. I have written out a few rough drafts and revisions to my essay and had some peers give me advice. This is what I have so far. If you have the time please give it a read and give some insight or advice on what I should change, add, remove, etc. Some background on me before the essay. I am a 68W, PFC with a year and a half of service. I was a holdover at airborne school (injury before I even started) for 8 months. I just got to my unit a couple weeks ago, and my leadership is all for sending me to do greater things. I have not taken the SIFT yet, but I have a study guide and I am studying every day. I also need to get the flight physical done first but I am not in the best shape right this moment and don't meet height/weight. I am working on that every day and will be good to go by the time it's actually time to get the physical done. This is something I've always wanted to do, and unfortunately I didn't know about the street to seat program before I enlisted. I aspire not only to be an Army Aviator, but to be seen as a leader as a warrant officer. Just seeing and hearing helicopters roar overhead turns my head in awe, knowing I will be the one flying one day. I will be an excellent Army Aviator, and an exemplary leader as a warrant officer. After playing soccer for 5 years, I learned the value of being a team player. Decision making and leadership skills were developed as I was team captain for 3 of those years. During trade school I volunteered as class leader, excelling for all 4 years. Having this role further enhanced my leadership ability and team orientation. Attending a technical high school also greatly contributed to a strong technical ability. At Fort Benning I volunteered to help at the Martin Army Community Hospital, increasing screening efficiency and expediting the process to admit patients in need of help. I also volunteered at the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic. During AIT I volunteered for a squad leader position, in charge of over 30 soldiers daily. While serving in this position I was appointed the tactical leader for the entire platoon during a 14 day FTX at Camp Bullis. I was chosen because my peers acknowledged my capability of operating under high stress, and as a leader. I have always dreamt of being an aviator, and I am fully ready and capable to turn those dreams into reality. Due to my past experiences in leadership roles, ability to operate under stress, technical ability, team orientation, and greatest of all the will to fly, I will become an aviator and I will be an outstanding leader as a warrant officer.
  3. So, after doing some research on the whole 153A path in the army, I've come up with a few questions/comments/concerns about nearly every part of the process I'm hoping to have addressed before I start my career in the army. But for your sake, here are the main ones. 1. LoRs. This is the only part I'm not too worried on as I have a army guard posting 15 minutes away from me that carries a dozen or so 60's with a couple CWO's on base, some time this year I'll contact the unit and ask if I could get a interview from any CW3+ and hopefully get a LOR or 2. Aside from that, my pops served 34 some years in the AF and still has quite a few friends who ended up becoming majors, colonels and even one or 2 who ended up as generals, most of witch he still has contact with and offered to ask if they would interview me to see If they believe I'm worthy of a letter. Is this adequate, or should I push for more diverse letters? 2. Resume/additional certifications. To be honest, I'm sort of freaking out about presenting my resume and/or life achievements to the board, As the only certification I have to my name is from my 8th grade green belt test. And my resume doesn't look much better than that either. It's definitely lacking, but I'm still somewhat at ease considering (from what I've read) the army is currently in a deficit for pilots and will take anyone who isn't mentally disabled and has the willpower to fly aircraft. (though, I do still realize more needs to be done and added to my resume, but what can I do in a year to add to my packet to make it stand out?) 3. Should I do it all now? I'm 17 currently and I am homeschooled with a year off until I'm legally old enough to get my GED. I have talked to the recruiter a little bit here and there with the process but, can I/should I get everything out of the way now so I basically just have to sign the commission papers when I get obtain my GED? As far as like, can I do the ASVAB and sift now? Can I do my board meeting now? can I go through MEPS now etc etc etc, or should I just wait until I turn 18 then do the entire process then and there. I would greatly appreciate any and all help with my concerns. Thank you for taking the time of day to read this!
  4. Hi im currently filling out my WOFT packet for street to seat and was wondering if i could get some tips to best further my chances. I am a recent Highschool graduate and have taken all the way up to the SIFT at this time. im scheduling a Flight Physical at the moment and working hard to get 90's in each category of the PT test. im working on getting in contact with flight Warrents for LOR. My uncle retired as a CW4 and is helping me out with it but i was wondering on any other way to get in contact with people for LOR's. any other advice on the WOFT for me would be gladly appreciated.
  5. Hello Everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for a little while and have read most of the threads I have come across regarding this topic. I was hoping you guys/girls can roast my essay/summary so I can improve it? I have used the links in regards to readability and actually watched the DoD Course on Plain Language suggested by Stearmann4. I feel like it comes across as a bit fluffy and not enough concise detail, and trying to avoid the cliche sentences is easier said than done! Let me know what you think, thank you! “Why I Want to be an Army Aviator” The military has always been on my mind since a young age. I love military history and strategy, and come from a family of prior service members and civil servants. The camaraderie, loyalty, and great sense of purpose that comes from a military lifestyle and career is appealing to me. I’m able to serve my country, be part of something that’s bigger than myself, and be a good role model. I’m also able to directly and indirectly have a positive influence on people’s lives while pursuing my dream of being an aviator in one of the world’s most lethal flying forces. I love the freedom of being able to fly and land virtually anywhere, as well as the thrill of essentially defying the laws of gravity. As a scuba diver, I understand how important it is to keep your composure during stressful situations. This trait is also reflected through my extensive international experience of leading students through various countries while seamlessly integrating into diverse cultures. As an aviator, I can make a greater impact on the lives of my fellow soldiers from the air than from the ground by providing CAS, Medivac, and Recon. This will indirectly have a positive impact on their family back home because they are safe. Being a Warrant Officer appeals to me because it provides the opportunity to refine my leadership skills and test them by setting the best example for my men. The position allows me to challenge myself to become part of the prestigious three percent of technical and tactical experts of my field. Being a slight perfectionist, mastering the criteria of my career is what I strive for. Going through the WOFT process, the willingness of Senior Warrant Officers to help prospective candidates succeed is a trait I admire greatly. -Tony
  6. I'm currently an E-3 with about 19 months TIS. I have my Bachelor's degree in Health Studies (3.1) and plan on dropping a WOFT packet within the next few months. With my situation I have already taken and passed the SIFT with a 67 as I was interested in the Street to Seat program before enlisting but was pushed towards enlisting by my recruiters. I feel like I can make a decent enough packet to get a go but I really want some advice from people that have gone through the process. My Gt score is a 124 and my last PFT was a 286. I'm Air Assault qualified and I'm attending Pathfinder school in Feb. with my LT. Not sure if schools like these are even taken into consideration or not? I also have a TS/SCI clearance which I'm hoping will help out a little bit. My only major concern is that I don't really have the connections that some people on here seem to have. I know very good leaders that I look up to very much but none with the aviation experience. I've sent emails out to POC given on the WOFT recruiting page for my location but have not heard back yet most likely due to it being block leave for the majority. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a life goal that I feel is in reach and I don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Thank You.
  7. Hello everyone! I am currently in the Army Reserves and completed my flight physical at Ft. Knox back in May. I was too honest during the physical questionnaire and noted that I had a very minor concussion over a year ago, saw a doctor about it and he was not concerned about it. My physical was stamped not qualified - incomplete as Ft. Rucker would like neurological testing done in accordance with the APL associated with concussions. I paid out of pocket to have an MRI done, neuropsychological consultation, and a neurological consultation which is required per the APL. I submitted all findings to Ft. Knox over a month ago but they have not resubmitted my physical to Ft. Rucker yet. I call about twice per week every week to check on it to no avail. My question is: Is there a point of contact at Ft. Rucker I can send these documents to or does everything have to come through the flight surgeon assigned to me? Thank you in advance!
  8. So I want to put a space between my name chrispochari Which I stupidly forgot to do when I signed up.. Sigh So I read in the help section you can change your "display name" but I can't find anywhere to do it. Sorry for the dumb question Profile Settings From the Profile Settings area of your UserCP, you can configure various aspects of your profile, including: Profile Picture: This is the photo used to identify you throughtout the community.TimezomeAllow Comments: If checked, other forum members can leave comments on your profile.FriendsEdit your "About Me" informationChange your Member TitleUpdate your BirthdayAdd profile information, such as interestsShare contact information such as AIM usernames.When I go to my profile settings I don't see any area where I can edit my display name
  9. Well, I have been in the process of finding a good recruiter since mid-February now. This may be a long post but I'm going to go through and explain what has been going on with my process. To start off, I'm a civilian, recent college-grad, trying to go with the street to seat program. I live in a very rural part of Alabama. The closest recruiting stations are 40 and 60 miles away. In mid-February i went to the closest recruiting station. I walked in, the recruiter asked me "How can I help you?" and I told him "I want to apply for the Warrant Officer program.". He explained that the process is a long and tedious one but that he could help me with it. He had me take the pre-asvab that only took 15 minutes. After seeing I would do well on the asvab he scheduled the PICAT asvab for me the following week. He did not show up for our scheduled PICAT ASVAB appointment. I walked in and the other recruiter there did not know either and had to call my recruiter to get details. He then went about setting me up to take it and I proceeded to take the test. Meanwhile the recruiter there went in the hallway and trash talked the Army and kept on about how it was the worst decision he has ever made. Then he returned, fell asleep in the chair beside me and started snoring. I kept taking the test and eventually passed with an 85 and 119 GT. I could have made higher if it weren't for the distractions. Anyways, after finishing and getting my scores he explained I qualified with the 119 GT score. He then told me that my scores would expire if I did not go to MEPs within 30 days. I thought this was my final asvab score and it didn't expire? He also said my recruiter would call the next day to schedule a trip to MEPs. A week later I had not received a phone call. The following week I called 10 times. After the 10th time I figured that if he did not want to work with me it would be beneficial for me to pursue a different recruiter. I decided I would go to the recruiting station 60 miles away. I called that station today and asked for an appointment for tomorrow 03/31. I was given a bunch of screening questions and was told they would check their calendar and call me right back. 30 minutes later I get a call and it is a different person. They tell me they can meet with me tomorrow morning and I said that would be great. I then said, to sort of test him, "I'm putting together a WOFT packet and was hoping to come in and talk with you about it." Which he responded with "Are you already enlisted?", I responded "No sir" and he began telling me how he thought I could not submit a packet without first enlisting. I let him go on, I did not want to correct him over the phone, and then he asks "If you can't submit a WO packet are you still willing to enlist?", which threw up red flags for me. I responded by saying "I would have to think about it" and that I would see him tomorrow. So I have a meeting tomorrow 60 miles away with a recruiter who doesn't know about doing WOFT packets... I'm starting to get pretty frustrated. The next recruiting stations that I know of are Birmingham and Montgomery. Birmingham is a little more than 2 hours away and Montgomery is 3. If anyone knows of a recruiter that does WOFT packets in Alabama or can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I honestly do not know where to go or what to do from here. Any thoughts/tips/advice/motivation/criticism would also be great. Thanks, David
  10. Hi All! First off I would like to thank everyone for sharing all the information they have gathered. This website has been tremendously helpful for me. I definitely wouldn't be as far along as I am without it. I am a Reserve Soldier, currently deployed and I am trying to get as much done towards my packet while I am overseas. I am trying to find a better answer on the tattoo policy. The 10 April 2015 AR 670-1, 3-3 Tattoos seems to have changed the USAREC's requirements. I have tattoos but none of them violate the policy. Am I still required to upload them if they do no violate policy? I currently have access to iPERMS and would like to knock this out if I can. Any input would be helpful! Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm looking into getting my CPL and can only find one school within several hours' drive from where I live, but am having a hard time finding current information about it. It's called Helipro, Inc. and is based in San Luis Obispo, CA. I've tried searching the forums here but everything regarding this school is 5-10 years old. I was hoping somebody could tell me a little more about this school, whether they typically are able to hire on graduates as CFI's, whether they're fairly priced, etc. I have a friend that went to a place called Del Rio Aviation in Paso Robles, CA, but their website seems somewhat broken, and the only reviews I could find were all on Yelp, all 5 stars, and all written on the same day. Not trying to imply anything here, but that seems a little strange to me. One final question: what is the job market in general like on the central coast of California? I'm very aware that I'll probably have to travel for most jobs, especially the first few, but if at all possible I'd like to stay somewhat close to home. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Anyone got Maintance parts list for OH-6, am looking for information on direct drive cooling blower & gearbox shrouding\duct, ducting in particular. Page from manual & photos would be real help. I know someone out there has it Thanks in advance
  13. Ive been browsing the forums for a while, looking for help studying for my SIFT, but Im running into a little bit of trouble actually applying to WOFT. I am a Marine Reservist (E-3, hoping to pick up E-4 next quarter) and have just over 3 years time in service. I am determined to make it into the Army's flight program, but Im running into a lot of trouble, mostly recruiters not knowing anything about this process. A few know the process for civilians, but most are completely baffled by me being already in the military. I already have my DD-368 signed off by a G-1 from MARFORRES Manpower. (A guy that can release me in civilian terminology). Whats the next step, MEPS and SIFT? Ive already been studying, but I was told the first step is my Flight Physical which seems absolutely asinine (most expensive part for the military and longest waiting period). Can anyone advise me on this please. Also, any other advice for a service member transitioning over would be greatly appreciated. S/F
  14. Hello all! I would first like to say that this is my first post, and I have enjoyed reading as much as I can handle from this website as I can. (Also, I am new to the forum, bare with me) I am a high school senior to be from Columbus, OH, and will soon be turning 18 in September. I have been interested/obsessed with helicopters for several years now, and it really kicked off with career shadowing day my freshman year at high school, in which I got to bum around a local shop called Helicopter Minit-Men. We stay in touch with the owner and it is an excellent resource, as well as old man - young man friendship. I have also met and gotten to know a chief pilot at Due North Aviation, which is very close to Columbus. I liken him to the Mr. Miyagi of helicopters, in that he's just doing his thing in the middle of nowhere and that, now and again, that determined kid (me) comes out to bug him! I tell you this to show that I have been very proactive in my exploration of the helicopter industry, and that I wish to set myself apart from the kids my age that still don't know what they want to do... I know what I want to do. The main struggle is HOW to go about doing it! This is the year where we are to send out the college applications, and my main struggle is how to fit aviation in there? I am fairly smart (not to sound arrogant), and there is the possibility of going to college for an unrelated degree and forming a "backup plan" with it, and going through the civilian route of training for flight. I could also do an "aeronautical science" degree to finance pilot training via student loans, but that provides little backup plan. Then there is the possibility of WOFT, and with a CW3 for a neighbor just down the street (although he is not a pilot), I have a good resource and guide for this. I should also note that my family and I are tremendously respectful of and thankful for our military. However, my parents seem to change opinion very quickly when their baby starts talking about flying for said military... I should also mention that money IS a bit of an issue. I know, I picked the perfect industry to hope to enter... Any information or guidance you all can provide to me is GREATLY appreciated. I understand that I can get most information to make my decision by reading what is already written, however, I just hoped that you could give direction based on my situation as it stands.
  15. Hey everyone; I write this post to ask for some outside opinions on my current situation. Let me start with the story. I am still in the stages of Senior Schooling, and since i was about 12, I have wanted to become a helicopter pilot. My dad once took me on a ride when we were on vaccation once. Since then, it has been the most memorable experience in my life, thus far. Now, as my school years come to a close, I am placed into a position where I need to look towards Uni, where I want to work, part time jobs, etc. I have made it clear (to my parents) that I want to be a Helicopter Pilot, but they refuse to see the 'dream' from my perspective. They adhere to the idea that i should try to get money to support the family, through property development or becoming a plumber, (both well paying jobs). However, as selfish as this may sound, I want to do what makes me happy. I have read in other forum posts about people who regretted sitting in an office for 10+ years, when they finally wanted to become a pilot. I understand the cons of entering this particular field of work; High competition to get a job, low pay(in some cases, not all), etc. So I call to the members of this forum, and request them to help me understand how I should/could proceed from here. It would be invaluable to me if someone who has been in the 'industry' gave their opinion. Nonetheless, all opinions are welcomed. Thankyou in advance. ----- This was one forum post I took a long hard look at before making my own. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/13001-why-you-should-not-be-a-professional-pilot/page__st__20
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