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Found 15 results

  1. I'm going to pursue a helicopter pilot's license with the end goal of making money with it.. How I get my license (military vs civilian flight school) is what I need to decide. What I want to know is: If I stay civilian and go through flight school, am I less likely to find a job as a pilot (let's just say any heli pilot job for argument's sake) than if I were coming out of the military? I want to consider the years of service I would have to do in the military as part of the opportunity cost as well. I understand that military training may be more rigorous but will it make a significant difference? Thanks!
  2. Now that I can no longer fly for fun, it seems that if I ever want to fly again, I have to get hired to do so,...which sucks balls 'cause I really don't want a flying career anymore! I would actually love to take this job, a part-time flying gig sounds great, but $10-$15 bucks a day! Even when I had just one months experience driving a semi I was able to get a part-time job driving one just four hours a day for $100 bucks a day! I realise R44 tour operations aren't huge money makers and entry level pilots have to pay their dues and all, but we should be worth more than a burger flipper!,...or at least equal to an entry level truck driver! ,...shouldn't we? I don't know,...if the job included a place to stay, then,...maybe I could make it work?
  3. Welp, CFII complete over here. Now the real challenge starts: Finding a job in a place thats worth living in, where I wouldn't be stuck flying 90 hours a year. So, I've come to the conclusion that a road trip is best. Drive to every place in the region, give them a hard copy, and schmooze. But here is the problem: How do you get in contact with these people prior to visiting? Ive emailed a few ("Hello X I will be visiting your area on 12 DEC, I was looking to meet up with you and talk about the school..."), but haven't gotten any significant responses. So it comes down to networking... The "its not what you know, its who you know" conundrum. But outside of my small school, I really don't know anyone. How does a guy try to build up a network when he's at the first floor? Ive got a great network in my old job (its easy when you're working), but nothing in my new career. Any tips on the road trip? Scheduling, visits, etc? Have you seen anyone come in for an in-person resume drop off who made a serious gaffe? Thanks yall
  4. so heres the rub, I'm a new CFII and with my first student on takeoff he overtook my controls and put in a hard left input and we rolled the helicopter. we were in a 44 and we were not injured and for that I am grateful. In the wake of the accident I come to realize that the flight school I went to that hired me after finishing my certs has an insurance police that I don't have enough hours to work under. After two months I took my chances and left to look for a new job realizing that getting those hours was going to be difficult without instructing. So my question is how difficult will it be to find a new school to get on with having had an accident? any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated. Now I have learned a lot and am going to change some things that I did wrong but in my search so far I have been told more than a few times that people had jobs available if I had an airplane CFi certificate. So second question if i can manage to find a way to do the add on would that be a better option than traveling the country looking for a helicopter cfi position (would it make me more marketable?)? I know this isn't an email and phone call business so id be taking a lengthy trip but if there are more jobs with airplanes would that be a better option or do I have a descent chance finding a helicopter job as i stand? I'm around the mid 200 hour dance all in robes and any help is appreciated!
  5. Today marks the 8-year anniversary of when I got my commercial rating and with 400 hours began looking for work as a pilot (after several attempts I came to the conclusion that I being a teacher wasn’t going to work out, and thus am not a CFI). Just a month later I got my first interview. It was showing clients real estate that was for sale in Myrtle Beach from an R-44. Just 2 days a week, $400 bucks a month, but I lost out to a CFI. Anyway, 6 years later (2 years ago) having gotten no other interviews (I used to come here a lot and bitch about that, among other things, but now I just stop by once a year…to bitch, moan, and groan ), I said f*ck it and became a truck driver. Ironically, shortly thereafter I got an interview! This one (the first in 6 years) was also in Myrtle Beach, only flying tours in an R-44. Sadly even after showing great interest in me, and getting the green light from their check pilot, I was not offered the job. A week or so later, I got a call on another resume, and after a short phone interview I was offered a job drying cherries in Washington. Sadly a week or so before I was to start I got a call that their other pilot crashed the helicopter, and although he walked away fine, the chopper was thrashed and they were out of business! One year later (last year) I got another interview with that same company to fly tours in Myrtle Beach, but again was not offered the job. This brings us to this year and sadly no interviews, so its back to the road for me! So to any of you newbies who may be having doubts about teaching? Flight instruct, or drive a truck! See ya next year. 10/4 good buddies   You know it’s kind of fortuitous that my first official day as a commercial pilot was April 1st!
  6. Hi all, I am currently going through instrument (Colorado Heli- Ops) and have been fighting fire in the summer to pay for flight school. The downside is that by fighting fire, I'm unable to fly at all during the summer which obviously hurts my ability to maintain the skill level I have reached the previous winters. I was curious what jobs other people did during their training that allowed them to train fairly frequently and pay for most of their flight hours? I'm trying to avoid loans and external financing, but if anyone has info on that too it would also help! Thanks
  7. I want to own my own helicopter, but I can't afford one so here's my awesome idea! Unemployed CFII's are a dime a dozen, and pay to ferry flights are for chumps! So to all you newbie/wannabie pilots out there, instead of spending money on your IR, CFI, and CFII ratings, take that money and give it to me. I'll use it to buy an R44 and start up my own tour/photo company. Then you can pay me just $100/hr to do all the flying! You'll get all the experience and hours you need to one day get hired in the Grand Canyon, for an awesomely low price! Of course I'll tag along so that I can log the time as well, but don't worry, you'll still get to do all the work! Hurry, send your money now, opportunities like this come only once in a lifetime!
  8. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with the chief pilots from Liberty and Helicopter Flight Service in a little bit. Just looking for some information on the two companies. How was it working for them? Pay? Schedule? Advancement opportunities? How was the management?
  9. I am currently thinking about a career as a pilot and am pursuing it very diligently. Im hopefully being accepted as a army helicopter pilot but if i dont wanna do 20 years in the service im wondering what fields there are outside. I see alot of EMS or corporate, wondering what they pay if u dont mind sharing and what the schedule is like? Being a tour guide sounds kinda cool if you give tours in a spot you like, and transport or logging is also enticing because you get to fly some cool areas. Would love to hear some opinions and salaries and reasons why you chose what u did and didnt. Thanks
  10. Ive been using this forum for years, not posting but searching for the information I've needed. And it has been very helpful. That being said I am a CFII with 320hrs heli 100hrs dual given and 510 TT I also have a CDL with a hazmat tanker endorsement. Ive been calling and sending resumes with no results, usally cant get past the receptionist. Im willing to relocate, work as a fueler, fly SIC, fly tours (I have 100hrs R44) , be an intern, move out of the country, hell I'll clean toilets, dont care just want to get flying again. I have good references at all my past employers, I just need someone to give me a chance. I know its not the right time of year to looking as well. But I'm thinking about going on a road trip visiting every flight school, and commercial opperator I can find with in a couple states radius handing out resumes and shaking hands. I'm also thinking of going WOFT, planning to talk with a recuriter next week. Any guidance, advice, or leads would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I've read a bunch about how important it is to network in order to get hired somewhere, but what are some good ways to go about doing that? And as a student or instructor what do you say other than that you want a job (along with every other heli pilot they'll meet)? In other words, what are some things that they're looking for from you in a face to face meeting? And how do you make yourself stand out? Thanks in advance.
  12. Has anyone had any experience working for Associated Aircraft Group as PIC or SIC (Salaries,Benefits, Schedules,Working conditions) Thanks
  13. I want to sart getting some names in a pool. I may need to have a replacement pilot for myself. I fly for the owner. It would be best if you're a CFI. An A&P is a big help but doesn't rule you out if you are not. My opinion of what will work best: Relax - just be a good safe pilot. You might be a new Captian but you need to be strong enough to tell the owner NO when you need to. Probably best if you are single, able to be happy with simple lifestyle (small towns). Not looking for partiers. Not looking for "cowboys". Cowgirls are ok! Here is how we go forward: Email me with your contact info. I do not need a long resume. Just send flight info. This is not a done deal yet so don't get too excited. Location is in Penn. area. This may not be a quick turn-around so be patient. Thanks.
  14. Hello all, this is my first post on here..I am kind of bundling alot together so I don't seem to redundant by asking the same questions in other parts of the forum..Hoping to pick a few brains here.. I am a 27 year old veteran and I am looking to get out of my small town..I have always loved aviation,just never thought about flying until recently...One is basically limited to working at Walmart,or being born into a good job around here..Since I came back from Iraq in 2009,it's been a real struggle work wise..My employment history for the past three years isn't good..Is that a big deciding factor for the helicopter jobs out there, or are they really concerned more about time?.. School wise I have it just about narrowed down to Northeast Helicopters,Guidance,and Mountain Ridge..MR isn't set up for the post 9/11 G.I. bill yet, but the lady who answered my call there spent about 90 minutes on the phone with me discussing the school and my career objectives...Plus the area seems really nice coming from Ohio..I called Quantum and the lady asked if I was ready to attend school within the next two weeks,when I said no,she hung up on me..Anyone have any insight to these schools?..Northeast is closest,but they don't have the mountains and high altitude training..But I would think they have many more actual IFR flying days..Does one trump the other? As far as job questions, one pertains to what I touched above,and that is recent work history...How much does it really come into play if you have more hours than someone else?..The other ones are, how do you EMS and GOM pilots naviagte to where you gotta go?...Does it really come down to a heading and a figured flight time?..Seems rather daunting considereing whats at stake..I know it's basic piloting, but I would have assumed someone would have come up with something by now to make that easier to help with situational awarness.. I guess I am on the fence some what..Relying on a medical, political situation concerning the GOM and drilling, constant flow of pilots entering the market, lack of learning skills in other areas..But I would also like to take a stab at trying to do something I think I would enjoy..I would love to fly for 15 years, then settle down and start a small and HONEST flight school somewhere..I don't want to do one thing and dream about another, or do one thing and regret it..I guess only I can make that choice..If anyone has any insight about GOM and EMS navigation,the schools I listed,or the outlook in the industry, I would greatly appreciate it...
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