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Found 12 results

  1. Hi im currently filling out my WOFT packet for street to seat and was wondering if i could get some tips to best further my chances. I am a recent Highschool graduate and have taken all the way up to the SIFT at this time. im scheduling a Flight Physical at the moment and working hard to get 90's in each category of the PT test. im working on getting in contact with flight Warrents for LOR. My uncle retired as a CW4 and is helping me out with it but i was wondering on any other way to get in contact with people for LOR's. any other advice on the WOFT for me would be gladly appreciated.
  2. I was wanting to know if anyone has submitted a packet prior to the initial deadline knowing that it was wrong just to get it in the door? I know it isnt technically correct but I have a few signatures that are holding up my packet for the May 17, 2019 time frame.
  3. Anyone know if there is a way to check to see if your packet has "Board Ready" status as a civilian other than just waiting on your recruiter?
  4. All, I am a civilian with no prior military experience currently working on my WOFT packet. Can someone tell me if I am on the right track with my WOFT essay? I wrote this early on so I can revise it over time and am checking to see if this is on the right track to a solid essay. Trying to keep it down to 3 concise paragraphs per some of the helpful information found throughout this great forum. Its in very rough form so I am hoping to continue working on it. Thanks in advance for your evaluation. "Why I Want to be an Army Aviator" As a Warrant Officer and Army Aviator, my leadership, communication, and technical abilities paired with a passion for education and strong values will serve the Army in all missions in which I am involved. I want to be an Army Aviator because the Army’s core values resonate deeply with my own and I believe this position will enable me to flourish as a leader, soldier, and a technical expert. Not to mention, piloting an aircraft for the U.S. Army is highly exciting to me and will fulfill my childhood dream of operating in the sky. Throughout the process of becoming a black belt in Taekwondo I founded my own core values. Loyalty and respect for my instructors as well as honor for the culture of my art form came first. Eventually, I founded the Junior instructor program of the American Taekwondo Association in my town and became a leader and a role model. Providing my peers a direct path to leadership gave me a valuable sense of honor, pride and great personal fulfillment. As a Warrant Officer I will be loyal to the United States Army, implement my leadership ability, and find great honor and pride in putting my life on the line to serve my country. Multi-tasking under high stress and making impactful decisions with limited information energizes me. While earning my degree in Information Technology with a 3.98 GPA, I focused on a career to develop my technical skill and ability to multitask in high stress environments. As a technical analyst, I became an expert in my field and learned how to effectively communicate in various formats with emergency services as I regularly spearheaded prioritized efforts to restore infrastructure in response to emergency situations. I strive to become an expert in any field in which I am involved. As an Army Aviator I will apply my drive to succeed, passion for education, effective communication skills and technical aptitude to master my aircraft.
  5. Hey there, I'm new to this forum and was very happy to find a boatload of information from the stickies and other posts. I'm a Freshman at UIC, and I hope to put in my packet in 2019. I worry about my viability as a competitive candidate for a number of reasons. Of course the first being my age; I have heard wonderful stories of 18/19/20 year old who have successfully made it in, and it seems that their backgrounds are inlaid with excellent community service, extra curriculars, great LORs...etc. I have been an average student throughout high school and didn't really do much outside of class. Discovering WOFT has been amazing for me personally, in the sense that it has uncovered a drive within me, and I will do everything within in my ability to ace my classes this year. I've also joined ROTC for the army experience and to potentially foster some leadership and discipline skills. Outside of that, I'm not really sure how to market myself and become a competitive candidate in the early 2019 boards. Should I talk to a recruiter now? What board should I be preparing for(as in should I wait until second semester grades are full in, or maybe first semester). Any recommendations/help would be great. Thanks.
  6. Has anybody that recently put in a flight warrant packet had their command do an OPAT physical fitness test? Is this required for the packet?
  7. Would anyone be willing to read, review and offer constructive criticism of my current Resume for the July board? I was FQ-NS and would like some opinions. Please PM me, and I will send it to you directly. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello Everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for a little while and have read most of the threads I have come across regarding this topic. I was hoping you guys/girls can roast my essay/summary so I can improve it? I have used the links in regards to readability and actually watched the DoD Course on Plain Language suggested by Stearmann4. I feel like it comes across as a bit fluffy and not enough concise detail, and trying to avoid the cliche sentences is easier said than done! Let me know what you think, thank you! “Why I Want to be an Army Aviator” The military has always been on my mind since a young age. I love military history and strategy, and come from a family of prior service members and civil servants. The camaraderie, loyalty, and great sense of purpose that comes from a military lifestyle and career is appealing to me. I’m able to serve my country, be part of something that’s bigger than myself, and be a good role model. I’m also able to directly and indirectly have a positive influence on people’s lives while pursuing my dream of being an aviator in one of the world’s most lethal flying forces. I love the freedom of being able to fly and land virtually anywhere, as well as the thrill of essentially defying the laws of gravity. As a scuba diver, I understand how important it is to keep your composure during stressful situations. This trait is also reflected through my extensive international experience of leading students through various countries while seamlessly integrating into diverse cultures. As an aviator, I can make a greater impact on the lives of my fellow soldiers from the air than from the ground by providing CAS, Medivac, and Recon. This will indirectly have a positive impact on their family back home because they are safe. Being a Warrant Officer appeals to me because it provides the opportunity to refine my leadership skills and test them by setting the best example for my men. The position allows me to challenge myself to become part of the prestigious three percent of technical and tactical experts of my field. Being a slight perfectionist, mastering the criteria of my career is what I strive for. Going through the WOFT process, the willingness of Senior Warrant Officers to help prospective candidates succeed is a trait I admire greatly. -Tony
  9. I'm hoping some of you experienced CWOs would do me a favor and take a look at the LoR my CGO just sent me. For a little background, I'm an AF E-6, and a heavys maintainer. This is the first LoR my OIC has written for the Army. Any input would be appreciated. See content below, and thank you in advance. am pleased to highly recommend to the board TSgt Jacob XXXXXX for an Army Warrant Officer slot in the position of Rotary Wing Aviator. TSgt Jacob XXXXXX exemplifies all aspects of what it means to be an Airman! The Air Force Core Values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all he does define his personal character and system of values. He has proven this to me repeatedly and earned himself a reputation as one of the 62d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron's most trusted, technically proficient crew chiefs maintaining McChord Field's fleet of 48 C-17 aircraft. You will clearly see this as you review his long list of awards and accolades accumulated over his Air Force career. Recently, he has stepped out of his primary career field be the Squadron's Safety Officer for over 700 personnel. In addition, he proved invaluable in administering the Commander's Inspection Program and leading the Squadron's FOD prevention program. TSgt XXXXXX displays an unrelenting ability to step outside his comfort zone and succeed. His superior level of competency rises far beyond his peers and has solidified my trust in him on countless occasions. Jake has a consistent track record of rising to the occasion, and I have no doubt that he will make an invaluable asset to any organization. It is with great pride that I recommend him for your program. Although it will be at a loss to the Air Force, he deserves this opportunity to become a Warrant Officer and is an ideal candidate for the aviation career field. He will undoubtedly surpass your expectations!
  10. Hello there! long time reader but first time poster. I am in the middle of putting together my civilian packet for WOFT/WOCS and am having a hard time finding a CWO3+ to request an interview (I've heard this is a fairly common practice) for a LOR since I don't have much in terms of a military network. I figure, I could throw the feelers out there to see if anyone in the CONUS would be willing to have me come travel (anywhere but alaska, too expensive) to you for a face to face, heart to heart discussion. :-) I'll buy you a beer or a coffee and see if you find me to be one of the many dreamers/wannabepilots that would be worth putting your name behind. You can email me at s_hawkins001@hotmail.com If you would be willing to help me out. Thanks a million. hope to see you all out there one day. PS: I got 2 years before I need an age waiver so, I hope I get an answer soon. :-)
  11. Hi All! First off I would like to thank everyone for sharing all the information they have gathered. This website has been tremendously helpful for me. I definitely wouldn't be as far along as I am without it. I am a Reserve Soldier, currently deployed and I am trying to get as much done towards my packet while I am overseas. I am trying to find a better answer on the tattoo policy. The 10 April 2015 AR 670-1, 3-3 Tattoos seems to have changed the USAREC's requirements. I have tattoos but none of them violate the policy. Am I still required to upload them if they do no violate policy? I currently have access to iPERMS and would like to knock this out if I can. Any input would be helpful! Thanks!
  12. I've been going through all the FAQs and sample packet etc on the USAREC website. Alot of the forms seem to be prior service specific. Anybody know if the LORs (specifically from civilian sources) are expected to be on Form 3.3? or if the "optional" (optional...pfffft yeah right!) resume is supposed to be on form 3.2? Or can these be standard word docs for civilians? And I see the FAQ lists the photo as 3/4 length and the Enlistment Program Procedures (civilian spec) lists the photo as full length. Anybody have any guidance? I emailed the recruiting team contact email listed in the contact page but have yet to hear back. Thanks anyone.
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