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Found 19 results

  1. I'm an active duty Soldier and I want to progress my career to become an Army Aviator. During the packet process I got stuck on the DA 61 form on block 22 "highest level service school attended". My question is what should I put down that would be acceptable in my situation, I haven't completed BLC. Can I put down something else or should I just leave it blank?
  2. Now that I can no longer fly for fun, it seems that if I ever want to fly again, I have to get hired to do so,...which sucks balls 'cause I really don't want a flying career anymore! I would actually love to take this job, a part-time flying gig sounds great, but $10-$15 bucks a day! Even when I had just one months experience driving a semi I was able to get a part-time job driving one just four hours a day for $100 bucks a day! I realise R44 tour operations aren't huge money makers and entry level pilots have to pay their dues and all, but we should be worth more than a burger flipper!,...or at least equal to an entry level truck driver! ,...shouldn't we? I don't know,...if the job included a place to stay, then,...maybe I could make it work?
  3. Howdy, I know this may not be the exact place for this inquiry but I need to start somewhere. A little background; I’m 26, have a background in agriculture as both an operator and mechanic, and experience in the heavy equipment field. This isn’t the pitchfork and straw hat picture most will get,it is working with auto guidance, mapping, recording, and operating the newest and largest equipment in the industry. I have struggled to find my place and enjoy moving frequently to find new challenges and obstacles to tackle. I am very particular with safety and precision, which I feel may be more important in the aviation industry than ag? I prefer long periods of working in solitude but work well with a team as well. I recently ran across openings for commercial helicopter pilots who transport equipment, workers, and supplies throughout the Rockies in Canada and the US. The position was under contract and required frequent moving as contracts ended as well as experiences in other aspects of the industry such as mapping, scouting, firefighting, ect. As for pay, it seems the wages exponentially with experience and most are near my income while working half the hours. My question before even looking into schooling and a new career path is does anyone have any experience with this? Anyone i could possibly get in contact with to discuss their lifestyle and see if it may be a path I want to take? Is freelance piloting a viable career at all? How much time would be spent operating aircraft as opposed to filling out paperwork? Is it even possible to break into long line piloting? I have read alot that has dulled my enthusiasm but most posts are years old so has the demand and salary picked up? Is this even an industry that would keep my traveling lifestyle satisfied? Sorry for such newbie questions. I greatly appreciate any insight. Thanks, Jed
  4. Been thinking, and the highest paying entry-level flying job I've ever applied/interviewed for was Helislave at $2,000 a month. Where I currently work driving a truck, the starting pay is just over $21 bucks an hour. So, if I worked at my current job the same number of hours that Freddy shackled me in for I'd actually make just over $5,000 a month,...and that's with a lunch break! Of course this is only five days a week and at Helislave you had to be willing to come in on your days off, for no extra pay of course, whereas if I had to come in on Saturday at my current job,...I'd make more money! ,...just some food stamps for thought
  5. Hello to everybody reading, First off, this website is awesome, there is plethora of info on here. A bit of background of why I am posting this. I am currently a 2LT in Texas Army NG. I am branch qualified as an Infantry Officer. I have been flying fixed wing on the civ side(trying to get my PPL) for about a year now. I never exercised the thought of becoming an Aviator in the Army until a couple of months ago, since I thought to myself it was too late make the switch. A couple of months ago I met a the aviation recruiter for Texas, I just decided to ask him a couple of questions to see if someone like me, who is already branch qualified can switch. Fast forward till now, I am currently building my packet to put in for the April board the State is holding. I have not taken the SIFT (scheduled for Feb) yet, I will update my score on here when I do. Also I will update this thread if anything major happens during my process. I mainly wanted to start this thread, so someone who is in the same situation as me can have a source to go off. Please feel free to comment any guidance. Thank you.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm a KC-10 Flight Engineer. I'm looking at making the switch to Army Helicopter pilot. I'm curious if any other pilots on here were prior FE's and may have some experience on what the transition is like, what FE knowledge came in handy for WOFT, etc. I guess this would also be a good question for prior fixed wing people as well. As a KC-10 FE, I'm proficient in not only aircraft systems/engineering, but also in IFR, TOLD computations/chart reading, *some* VFR (not a lot of VFR in the KC-10 world, lol), and reading Jeppesen Departure and Landing plates (which ties in with IFR, I guess.) Anyway, I appreciate all the help!
  7. I am seeking advice on going from reserve status to submitting my Warrant Packet and going active duty in aviation. Any advice will help. 1) I am currently a reservist drilling with my unit, normal reserve status. 2) My goal is to go active duty with my Warrant Packet. 3) I have been told a few different things as far as how to get into the active side of aviation. a) I must apply as a reservist and go thorough training, graduate, report to a reserve aviation unit, then apply for active duty b ) Get a conditional release from the reserve and submit that with my initial warrant packet, then get assigned an active unit after I graduate, given that I fulfill all of my proper training. I think that is the basis for the scenario I find myself in, and I am having lots of trouble with figuring out what to do. I am aware of waiting for slots, but I have been told I will have to wait nearly a year just to submit a packet. If there is any advice or contact info or anything it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a new member on this group. Looks like a great forum. I need some help. I wish to become a helicopter pilot and would really appreciate your guidance. (background:I'm in my second last year of engineering from India) I had the following few questions in this regard: Your help is much appreciated.  Which country has the best institutes for helicopter training?  Among the institutes in the recommended country which are ranked on the top?  Which helicopter should one train on?  Which is the best terrain for helicopter training?  Are there any special requirements for admission to the institute?  How and when can I start preparing for the admissions?  Are there any implications regarding LASIK eye correction surgery?  How is current job scenario for helicopter pilots?
  9. Hi to all heli pros in this group. I'm looking for a little help in order to make a novel I'm writing more accurate. My central character is a Soviet chopper pilot based in Kabul during the Soviet/Afghanistan War mid 1980s. His buddy is the gunner on their Mil Mi-24 gunship. While I've done a ton of research on the bird, the armaments, the war, the country, etc., I have no clue how to handle the communications between pilot and gunner, crew and air traffic control, or between birds in flight. Plus, I will have other questions, like: can the pilot fire the machine guns, rockets, etc? Or does the gunner? In a circa 1986 bird, can the crew restrict internal comms to only the 2-man crew? So far, I've found a UN security specialist who was a Soviet officer in Afghanistan during the war. He is willing to help with the Russian ops details. What I still need is a chopper pro with military experience to help me fill in the proper lingo in a few critical scenes. Anyone helping will have credit in the final book. I realize that US military jargon might differ from what Russian crews might say (my book is in English). However, unless this group includes a Russian pilot, I'll go with an American/Canadian/UK approach. Anyone game? Regards, Dan Carazo
  10. I would like to introduce , my own designed turbocharged intercooled altitude compensation system, on my Rotorway with its incredible performance My helicopter and engine has been completely redesigned to improve the marginal power and reliability of Rotorway. Please watch my short video : Arthur's High Altitude Turbocharged Rotorway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IC5Ow1wrB8 Please also watch : Arthur's Turbocharged X Country Rotorway https://www.youtube.com/watch/v=GbQpDFKZ5Rw Thanks for watching : A proud Rotorway owner
  11. Today marks the 8-year anniversary of when I got my commercial rating and with 400 hours began looking for work as a pilot (after several attempts I came to the conclusion that I being a teacher wasn’t going to work out, and thus am not a CFI). Just a month later I got my first interview. It was showing clients real estate that was for sale in Myrtle Beach from an R-44. Just 2 days a week, $400 bucks a month, but I lost out to a CFI. Anyway, 6 years later (2 years ago) having gotten no other interviews (I used to come here a lot and bitch about that, among other things, but now I just stop by once a year…to bitch, moan, and groan ), I said f*ck it and became a truck driver. Ironically, shortly thereafter I got an interview! This one (the first in 6 years) was also in Myrtle Beach, only flying tours in an R-44. Sadly even after showing great interest in me, and getting the green light from their check pilot, I was not offered the job. A week or so later, I got a call on another resume, and after a short phone interview I was offered a job drying cherries in Washington. Sadly a week or so before I was to start I got a call that their other pilot crashed the helicopter, and although he walked away fine, the chopper was thrashed and they were out of business! One year later (last year) I got another interview with that same company to fly tours in Myrtle Beach, but again was not offered the job. This brings us to this year and sadly no interviews, so its back to the road for me! So to any of you newbies who may be having doubts about teaching? Flight instruct, or drive a truck! See ya next year. 10/4 good buddies   You know it’s kind of fortuitous that my first official day as a commercial pilot was April 1st!
  12. I want to own my own helicopter, but I can't afford one so here's my awesome idea! Unemployed CFII's are a dime a dozen, and pay to ferry flights are for chumps! So to all you newbie/wannabie pilots out there, instead of spending money on your IR, CFI, and CFII ratings, take that money and give it to me. I'll use it to buy an R44 and start up my own tour/photo company. Then you can pay me just $100/hr to do all the flying! You'll get all the experience and hours you need to one day get hired in the Grand Canyon, for an awesomely low price! Of course I'll tag along so that I can log the time as well, but don't worry, you'll still get to do all the work! Hurry, send your money now, opportunities like this come only once in a lifetime!
  13. Howdy, My name is Albert and I am currently in between jobs and am available for short term work. I live in Texas and would be willing to travel for contract/relief work, PIC or SIC, Flight instruction, or to ferry an aircraft. Total flight time: 550 Turbine: 312 AS350: 121 206: 60 x-country: 408 High DA >6000: 352 Instrument: 150 Night: 50 Willing to work for hours in some cases. to request resume contact me at Albert@w5lee.com
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm very confused on how to become a hems pilot or what are the requirements. I'm 18 and graduated from high school last yeah, I took some college credit courses such as English, Speech, Biology, Psychology. Right now I'm planning to register on a private schools for pilots here in Florida. But I need some guidance. I appreciate any help, advice you could give.
  15. Hello everyone! Im currently a UH-1Y Crew Chief serving in the Marine Corps. My plan if I am not selected by the Army WO program is to pursue a civilian flight career. I understand that the field is very competative and would like to know if Crew Chief flight hours, to include NVG hours, are at all valuble when applying for civil piloting positions.
  16. Hi everyone. I am new in this forum and I would like to consult your opinion. About what happening to me. I told you a bit about my history... I was electrician in 2008 in Spain and everything look good to me to try to get my dream become a heli pilot so I move to barcelona I take a ATPL(H)(JAA) course (I did 119h in R22, 25h in AS355 and 60 in EC135 sim). Everything going very well in Spain was a lot of opportunities for pilot without experience as I will be. I finished in 2010 and everything in Spain turned wrong. The crisis start and I was not able to get a job as pilot there. After two year calling, visiting and emailing companies in Spain I give up and I decided to move to Uk and try to pay the credit (I got a credit to pay my course) and save money. but after two year I am struggle just for pay the F*ck credit. And I am worry because my IR will be expire in 3 year. I feel I'm not going in the right direction. I am trying to understand where, when and what I'm doing wrong. Only I want to be seat in a cockpit... What do you do in my position? Just give up? I did a lot of mistakes... What can I do to fix them? Thanks everyone.
  17. There are new regulations for 135, among others, concerning the pilot training/testing. "for rotorcraft pilots, procedures for aircraft handling in flat-light, whiteout, and brownout conditions, including methods for recognizing and avoiding those conditions. " I'd assume that is theoretical training/testing? I would have a hard time testing my pilots' white-out capabilities in South Carolina. 2014-03689_PI.pdf
  18. Hey everyone; I write this post to ask for some outside opinions on my current situation. Let me start with the story. I am still in the stages of Senior Schooling, and since i was about 12, I have wanted to become a helicopter pilot. My dad once took me on a ride when we were on vaccation once. Since then, it has been the most memorable experience in my life, thus far. Now, as my school years come to a close, I am placed into a position where I need to look towards Uni, where I want to work, part time jobs, etc. I have made it clear (to my parents) that I want to be a Helicopter Pilot, but they refuse to see the 'dream' from my perspective. They adhere to the idea that i should try to get money to support the family, through property development or becoming a plumber, (both well paying jobs). However, as selfish as this may sound, I want to do what makes me happy. I have read in other forum posts about people who regretted sitting in an office for 10+ years, when they finally wanted to become a pilot. I understand the cons of entering this particular field of work; High competition to get a job, low pay(in some cases, not all), etc. So I call to the members of this forum, and request them to help me understand how I should/could proceed from here. It would be invaluable to me if someone who has been in the 'industry' gave their opinion. Nonetheless, all opinions are welcomed. Thankyou in advance. ----- This was one forum post I took a long hard look at before making my own. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/13001-why-you-should-not-be-a-professional-pilot/page__st__20
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