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  1. Hello, I'm looking to gift two of my close friends a dinner on a mountaintop in the SLC area and trying to find an R44 pilot owner or a charter company with an R44 in the SLC area who can fly them up to a mountaintop, land for 1 hour for dinner, then bring them back down. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm a pre-solo student working on an add-on commercial rating to my fixed wing ATP. I have about 25 hours, all in the R44. My question is about "power checks", spurred by other recent discussion topics on this forum. The R44 performance charts are pretty meager, and just include IGE and OGE hover charts, but don't include the expected manifold pressure settings (charts are a function of altitude, temperature, and weight). My hypothetical oral question would be something as follows: You takeoff from sea level at 15 degrees in an R44 loaded to 2300 lb. Your destination is a confined area mountain top helipad surround by 50 foot trees at 4000 ft elevation and 10 degrees. It will take 30 minutes to arrive (landing weight 2250 lbs). How do you know you can land on the moutain then takeoff again safely at the destination? My answer, I suppose would be a combination of: 1) Consulting the Robinson POH OGE hover chart and making sure I could hover OGE at 4000 MSL 10 degrees at a weight of 2250 (chart says I could, with only a 25 pound margin). 2) High surveillance power check at 55 knots and 500 ft MSL. If I have 5" of mainfold pressure remaining to max takeoff power during high surveillance, power check is OK. My other question is, once I had landed on the mountain, is there a rule of thumb for a power check during an IGE hover prior to subsequent max p. takeoff? I.e. If I'm hovering IGE on the mountain and have 3"(?) remaining to max takofff power, should I be able to successfully perform a maximum performance takeoff? I just made up the 3" because at a given weght, there seems to be about a 3000 foot difference between maximum IGE and OGE altitudes, and you lose roughly 1" of manifold pressure per thousand feet MSL in a normally aspirated engine. Thanks for any help or guidance. I did ask my instructor and they just replied with the high surveillance 500 AGL 55 knot 5" margin power check and didn't elaborate.
  3. Hey guys new here, Just recently finished my Canadian CPL this past March of 19. I am endorsed on R22, R44 and B206 and am looking for the best way to get my hands on a machine for hour building. I have contacted several private owners on purchasing block time on their R44's and have 1 or two slightly interested but not fully convinced. Just wondering if anyone else has done something similar and had any good tips or ideas to get access to R44s or similar without ownership of the machine. Cant wait to be apart of what looks like a great forum! Cheers, Max
  4. Hello all, We are looking to possibly do some time building in an R44 Raven I, but there has to be enough interest to make it happen. It is for rated pilots who want to build time or just go fly. However, if you need a flight review, work with autos, or something I will be around. The rate will be between $250-270 dry, there is a 25hr minimum. Again not to be used for primary instruction. If you want more details contact me. Recap: The rate will be $ 250-270 an hr without fuel included (dry)25hr minimumNo primary instruction at this price (primary instruction is available at a higher price)Flight reviews or other small instructional items can be doneFlight instructor is extraContact RentacopterLLC@gmail.com
  5. Dear Forum, this will be my first post, so I will use it to also introduce myself and say thank you for letting me join the forum! So I have a boat (which is unfortunately not big enough for a helipad). In summer we are usually anchored at our favorite anchorspot for several weeks and I have to leave several times during that due to work commitments, which is a choppy and long tender commute. However having a Helicopter with floats, like the R44 clipper would help cut the commute short and make our schedule so much more flexible. So my Question would be if it is possible to use a helicopter with floats to anchor next to your yacht or tie it up alongside for a few days apiece. The conditions would be: -salty water -light swell (nothing major) -water depth between 3-5 meters (anchor could be carried on boat) What helicopter models should I look at? Which issues do you think would arise? What else should I consider? Thank you very much for your help! Looking forward for your input, it will be very much appreciated!
  6. Am I more marketable with R44 time or R22 time straight out of flight school? I have an opportunity to fly the Cadet (R44) in Cedar City, Utah in August. The idea is to finish my instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII up there and hopefully get trained on night vision, high density altitudes, and maybe long line. I'm using the GI Bill to pay for training as well. Would it be beneficial to the start of my career to achieve the last 3/4 of my ratings in a R44? As someone that does the hiring, would you hire someone with more R44 time over someone with more R22 time? Considering most schools train in the R22. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Hello All, I own and operate a 2006 Clipper II. The ship is due to the 12 year inspection (at only 800 hours) next May. I operate the heli in Brazil, but will eventually be bringing it to the US for the overhaul. Would love to hear from anyone with experience (good and bad) on 12 years, specially on Service Center referrals. Fly safe! Eduardo.
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking for a drawing/diagram that shows the belt drive transmission on the Robinson R44 I searched but couldn't find anything but this
  9. http://www.heliweb.com/pay-ferry/ http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/19156-i-am-guessing-that-flying-in-imc-is-much-easier-when-youre-not-expecting-to-smack-into-something-any-second-now/
  10. Flight from Bermuda Dunes, CA (KUDD) to Lake Havasu, AZ (KHII) on 3/25/17 for a photo op with experienced ATP/CFI. About 2 flight hours. Pilot will need to wait approx. 2 hours at Lake Havasu City before return flight. $150/hr (expect about 2 hours)Saturday 3/25/17Depart KUDD at 0700, return around 12002 hour wait time at Lake Havasu CityAny experience level welcome Christopher Cheek (760) 898-4079 christopher@bigblueaircorp.com
  11. I just got my rotorcraft add on rating and have 65 hours, all in the R44. I'm trying to decide if I should stick with the R44 to get my commercial or if I should do my 25 hours PIC in the R22 so that I'm qualified on both. Also, no one seems to ever rent an R44 solo, but they do the R22, with limitations and the R22 is less expensive. I did all my flying with a leased aircraft and freelance CFI and the R44 we've used may go back in February and therefore not available to me. The only local school (Conroe, TX) has both available for training, but doesn't generally rent the R44 solo without extensive experience, if at all. Is it worth it to "downgrade" and learn the "squirly" R22 to get 20+ hours in it or is it too much of a change and it would take me too many hours to get comfortable to make my commercial training worthwhile? All advice is appreciated. Thanks, Tripp
  12. We are currently running a discount rate for our R44 this summer out of San Carlos, CA. This is not a ferry flight. There is no minimum purchase. We are offering time in our R44 RI $395/hr wet. Instructor rate not included as it varies. Time purchased is YOUR time and we will spend it working on whatever it is you need. Opportunities include: Private and Commercial Instruction Instrument Instruction R44 transition and experience to meet various SFAR 73 requirements Recognized 'Mountainous Terrain' time Cross Country and Night experience Class B experience A chance to fly in the beautiful and entertaining S.F. Bay Area!!! We are a flight school located 9NM south of San Francisco International Airport. We also have R22s and an FAA approved flight simulator available. If you're interested please give us a call or check out our website. Our instructors will be happy to plan a course of action tailored to your needs so that you get the most out of your time. San Carlos Flight Center 655 Skyway Road Suite 215 San Carlos, CA 94070 (650) 946-1700 info@sancarlosflight.com
  13. Robinson R44 RII fuel and Instructor included. Build flight hours, obtain PIC endorsements, or just finish your rating. If you need to build Cross-country, night, work on maneuvers this is an excellent, competitive price. We are located in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. http://mbacademyofaviation.com/helicopter_courses.html Unfortunately we are out of time at the 395$ rate if we are able to offer it again or some similar special I will update.
  14. Looking to lease an R44 helicopter as soon as possible and can offer 300 plus flight hours in 3 months. Looking for a dry lease. If you know anyone interested please let me know. Or if you have any suggestions they will be greatly appreciated!
  15. I want to own my own helicopter, but I can't afford one so here's my awesome idea! Unemployed CFII's are a dime a dozen, and pay to ferry flights are for chumps! So to all you newbie/wannabie pilots out there, instead of spending money on your IR, CFI, and CFII ratings, take that money and give it to me. I'll use it to buy an R44 and start up my own tour/photo company. Then you can pay me just $100/hr to do all the flying! You'll get all the experience and hours you need to one day get hired in the Grand Canyon, for an awesomely low price! Of course I'll tag along so that I can log the time as well, but don't worry, you'll still get to do all the work! Hurry, send your money now, opportunities like this come only once in a lifetime!
  16. I need a pilot to ferry from the Baltimore area to the dfw area asap. Time builder. Please call Josh with questions 817-219-6000
  17. Howdy, My name is Albert and I am currently in between jobs and am available for short term work. I live in Texas and would be willing to travel for contract/relief work, PIC or SIC, Flight instruction, or to ferry an aircraft. Total flight time: 550 Turbine: 312 AS350: 121 206: 60 x-country: 408 High DA >6000: 352 Instrument: 150 Night: 50 Willing to work for hours in some cases. to request resume contact me at Albert@w5lee.com
  18. El Nino's comming, so be safe, and remember; Inadvertent,…there’s that first word often overlooked during discussions of IIMC. in·ad·ver·tent [ìnnəd vúrt'nt] adj 1. resulting from carelessness: done unintentionally or without thinking 2. careless: failing to pay enough attention or take enough care Trying to prepare for an IIMC encounter is like trying to plan what you’ll do during Saturday night’s drinking binge! Sure you can prepare for an engine failure, or a chip light suddenly coming on, those things just “happen”. IIMC on the other hand does not! It occurs because you suddenly turned off your brain and started flying stupidly! You have two choices at the first sign of deteriorating weather, COMMIT TO IFR, or LAND NOW! Once you ignore both those choices it’s too late and your fate is now in the hands of random chance. If you do make it out in one piece consider yourself to be extremely lucky, because you just survived what kills a lot of pilots! “Both pilots were instrument rated”,…such a common quote in accident reports. Remember, you got into this mess because you were, “failing to pay enough attention and/or not thinking”. “I’ll just look at the artificial horizon and make a 180 to get clear”, or “I’ll just execute a steady climb to get on top of it.” These are rational thoughts. Do you really believe that rational thought will follow the irrational thinking that suddenly turned the windscreen white? Don’t kid yourself, you cannot prepare for IIMC. You can only prepare for what to do before it occurs, and even then, you still have to listen to what you learned!
  19. National Helicopter solutions is offering for a limited time R44 time building $195 wet (requires two pilots) Contact National Helicopter Solutions Phone: 210-740-8432 Email: thaddeus@helihoghunt.com http://www.nationalhelicoptersolutions.com/ http://www.helihoghunt.com/
  20. If you are looking for time building, I am planning a flight in my R44 Raven II from San Diego (SEE) to Seattle (BFI) on or about June 12th July. The plan is to head up the coast through the LA airspace, which is an adventure in itself. If everything goes as planned, it should be roughly a 15 hour flight, with or without an overnight stay. I am an 1,100 hour private pilot with 350 helicopter hours, many of which are cross country. My R44 flys great and is equipped with two com radios, stereo Bose headsets and two Foreflight packaged iPads with ADS- In. I am looking for a commercial pilot or a CFI to share $200.00 per hour of the expenses, plus personal expenses. I have made similar flights on numerous occasions and am along just to provide relief and experience.
  21. Does anyone know the going pay rate for international pilots performing tour and VIP operations? I know tour operations in the US pay a pretty widely scaled rate from operation to operation, but does anyone know what pilots whom are recruited to fly overseas tend to be paid?
  22. Hi guys, We are currently offering a great deal on R44 timebuilding in Oregon. Our R44 hits the 12 year mark in 2017 and we still have quite some time left on it. Our current (spring 2015) timebuilding rate is $280/hour. This includes fuel and a safety pilot! Room and board available as well. For more information: Konect Aviation Phone: 503-376-0190 http://www.konect-aviation.com
  23. I was wondering if some of you could post a few reputable leasing companies on this forum. I want to crunch some numbers. Must of the "numbers" so far, tell me its a terrible idea and way to much risk and money, but I just want to make sure. Looking for an R-22. I don't think I can meet 40 hours a month. At least not at first. From my understanding their is a monthly minimum of hours I need to fly. Not sure if this can vary depending on who I lease from. Thank you for your time and providing me information. Much appreciated.
  24. I hope this is the right area to post this topic. I currently live in Bakersfield, CA and I have 400 hours in Robinson helicopters. About 60% r-44 time and 40% r-22 time. I was wondering if anyone on here knows information on the current market and demand for helicopters in this area. I know there are a lot of private helicopters that do not advertise but they are heavily involved in frost protection and the agriculture industry. I am mainly just looking for some info and potential work (any work in the industry, not just flying). So far, the only local helicopter companies I know are SRT and San Joaquin Valley helicopters. I know I should move locations to get myself a job, but I currently do not have that option. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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