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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone had a full follow through with this company as well as helipix? As I am looking to just hear from actual students and experiences. Thank you admins for pushing of my simple question.
  2. I'm new to the forum and tried to find the answers to my questions but have not so far. Apologize if I have not seen the right post yet. I am 32 years old, and realizing that a career in helicopters is the direction I want to go. Right now I'm living in northern, CA and have been doing research on schools. I am willing to live anywhere in the country and would like to hear others opinions on schools to consider. I would like to train in high elevation, not only for a more challenging experience but because I love living in the mountains more than anywhere else. Also just wondering if there's any insight about doing any ground school work through an online company? Would it save money/money/be beneficial? Any information would be greatly appreciated
  3. If there are any pilots or future pilots in the Northern Virginia area, I have 107 hours of R22 dual instruction prepaid at American Helicopters in Manassas, VA. My wife's job moved us to CA last year and I've continued my training out here. I'm trying to sell the hours at a discounted rate of $220/hr. That's dual instruction only. Normal rates are $265/hr. I hope this is the right forum to be posting this in. If not, please let me know. Otherwise, if you are training or have thought about starting to fly, let me know if you want some cheap hours. Thanks!
  4. I currently live on the east coast in VA and would like to get some opinions on high altitude flight training. Is it better to take higher altitude training right from the start (ex. a school thats situated closer to the west coast) or will low level work for initial training now and later take a high altitude/mountain flying course?
  5. Hello all, this is my first post on here..I am kind of bundling alot together so I don't seem to redundant by asking the same questions in other parts of the forum..Hoping to pick a few brains here.. I am a 27 year old veteran and I am looking to get out of my small town..I have always loved aviation,just never thought about flying until recently...One is basically limited to working at Walmart,or being born into a good job around here..Since I came back from Iraq in 2009,it's been a real struggle work wise..My employment history for the past three years isn't good..Is that a big deciding factor for the helicopter jobs out there, or are they really concerned more about time?.. School wise I have it just about narrowed down to Northeast Helicopters,Guidance,and Mountain Ridge..MR isn't set up for the post 9/11 G.I. bill yet, but the lady who answered my call there spent about 90 minutes on the phone with me discussing the school and my career objectives...Plus the area seems really nice coming from Ohio..I called Quantum and the lady asked if I was ready to attend school within the next two weeks,when I said no,she hung up on me..Anyone have any insight to these schools?..Northeast is closest,but they don't have the mountains and high altitude training..But I would think they have many more actual IFR flying days..Does one trump the other? As far as job questions, one pertains to what I touched above,and that is recent work history...How much does it really come into play if you have more hours than someone else?..The other ones are, how do you EMS and GOM pilots naviagte to where you gotta go?...Does it really come down to a heading and a figured flight time?..Seems rather daunting considereing whats at stake..I know it's basic piloting, but I would have assumed someone would have come up with something by now to make that easier to help with situational awarness.. I guess I am on the fence some what..Relying on a medical, political situation concerning the GOM and drilling, constant flow of pilots entering the market, lack of learning skills in other areas..But I would also like to take a stab at trying to do something I think I would enjoy..I would love to fly for 15 years, then settle down and start a small and HONEST flight school somewhere..I don't want to do one thing and dream about another, or do one thing and regret it..I guess only I can make that choice..If anyone has any insight about GOM and EMS navigation,the schools I listed,or the outlook in the industry, I would greatly appreciate it...
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