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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have completed my packet for WOFT and I have 4 LOR's already but I wanted to get an extra one from a senior warrant officer or a commissioned officer pilot. I wanted to know if you guys know any good places where I can find some people to hopefully shadow or do an interview so I can get an LOR from them. I tried LinkedIn but all profiles are non viewable, any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you all for your time!
  2. Good Morning everyone, Currently submitted for the January 2021 Board, and looking forward to selection results. Hoping to get a good thread going here so everyone can get a good idea of where they're at. Good luck everyone! Age: 18 Flight Physical: Stamped, No Waivers GT: 130 AFQT: 93 SIFT: 58 Flight Hours: 5 Rotary Wing, PPL course ACFT/OPAT: No ACFT taken for S2S, Heavy on OPAT Education: High School Diploma With High Honors 3.86, Technical School for EMT, Deferred enrollment for University LORS: Fire Captain, Fire Chief, Police officer, EMS Pilot & (RET.) CW2 Pilot and Ft. Rucker Flight Instructor, Family Friend, Flight IP from flight school Prior Service: None Thoughts on chances? Any critiques or insight is appreciated. No BN interview for me, curious to see if anyone else had one. Once again good luck to all!
  3. Hello, I have been searching the boards but didn’t find any solid information on this. I am enlisted and building a packet for WOFT. I am wondering if those of you in my position had to write an essay AND the summary, or if the summary IS the essay? are they two separate things? I have already written my summary, do I need to also write a separate essay? Thank you for any info!
  4. I'm looking for some feedback on my WOFT essay that I wrote. Its only the first draft but I need brutal honesty. If its complete garbage or not what the board is looking for I need to know. I'm pretty new to the army and am a pfc in the infantry at the moment. I've completed a year training cycle with my unit and have been to JROTC. Ill be going to air assault soon to be more competitive with my woft packet. Most of my experience is outside the army. I'm 30 years old with a lot of experience with other jobs. Why I want to be a Warrant Officer Stagnation is my greatest fear. It is because of this fear that I have decided to join the Army and pursue my goal of being A Warrant Officer. The way that I stave off my fear of stagnation is though constantly bettering myself and those around me both professionally and personally. Earning my Eagle Scout and serving an honorable two-year service Mission for my church coincide with my professional goal of being an Army Aviator. I am confident that my strong work ethic, leadership skills, moral character, and determined spirit will motivate others around me to be the best version of themselves. In my career as an Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Tester, I was an expert on technically-complex machinery that left no room for error. On a normal day, we worked on millions of dollars worth of equipment. Because of this, tight deadlines and constant demand, we were under a lot of pressure. My decisions and attention to detail directly impacted mission outcomes. To date, I have maintained a 100% zero-incidence safety and completion record. Through my dedication and drive, I was consistently the top employee for four years who trained and managed over 20 others. I am ready to take on the challenge of becoming a leader and aviator without reservation. If selected for this opportunity, I will build upon my leadership skills, continue to refine my adaptability, and turn into an excellent asset for the Army. I will serve alongside my fellow soldiers with integrity, respect and honor. I will lead by example and bring my work-ethic and dedication. My passion for aviation and service will continue to motivate me to push myself. Lastly, the sacrifices I will make will be worth protecting the freedoms that I, and others in this country enjoy.
  5. Looking to get a little bit of feedback on a WOFT essay. First draft looking for some feedback to help get it into shape. I did research before posting so hopefully it isn't totally garbage. Why I want to be an Army WOFT Aviator The primary reason for me wanting to be an Army Aviator lies in the fact that I have a strong desire to serve my country in what I believe is a higher capacity than what I have done so far. I had a great deal of fulfillment from being an Avionics technician in the Navy working on the H-60 helicopter for 7 years. Seeing the versatility in the mission set of helicopters is an amazing feat to witness. From Medevacs, SAR, Submarine hunting, the list goes on. I see this versatility with one helicopter and the possibilities in the Army are even greater. Personally, I want to fly and support the men and women on the ground who rely on competence in the air to assist them, whether this be in the form of combat support, medevacs, reconnaissance etc. The responsibility to be the person in the sky that troops rely on is a task I embrace with open arms. This, coupled with my history of being a highly successful and sought out avionics technician on a rotary platform, can provide me the necessary tools to be a highly successful flying Warrant Officer for the Army. My strong background in aviation will assist me in being a vital asset to the Army, but with that my determination as well. Upon separation from the Navy I enrolled in a University in pursuit of an Aviation and Aerospace Science degree. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA balancing full time school, full time work, and maintaining high physical fitness has been a challenge but also an attestation to the motivation I possess to achieve goals. In addition to the admiration for rotary wing versatility and a desire to support the boots on the ground, I also have a great respect for the Army Flight Warrant Officer community being the subject matter experts in rotary wing aviation. While it is understood that being a subject matter expert does not mean knowing everything, I do believe it is a badge of honor to be sought out by all ranks high and low for inquiries regarding helicopter aviation. It in these reasons that I hope to convey to the board that I do indeed have the background, motives, and sheer determination required to be an asset to the Army Flight Warrant Officer ranks if selected. My background, high evaluations while in the service, high GPA while in school accompanying a busy schedule are all evidence of the traits I possess that I believe drive a successful candidate.
  6. I know it's a bit early, but is there anyone looking forward to the May 2020 Board? Has your packet already been submitted? Do you have any questions?
  7. I'm currently an MS-2 enrolled as a contracted cadet rolling towards the end of my sophomore year. Only months ago not only did I find out that Warrant Officers fly in the Army, but that flying is their primary duty as an aviation specialist. Initially I had supreme interest in becoming an aviation officer, however I understand that accessions don't always serve every cadet's wants whether they truly deserve a specific branch or not. Aside from that point, even if I were to branch aviation, I'm more invested in learning everything there is about the fleet of aircraft the Army employs, and focusing my career around becoming a great pilot all while serving at a higher capacity. That all being said, how can I make myself as marketable as possible in preparation to send off a packet for WOFT? What's a great fitness plan to max out the APFT and possibly the ACFT? What can I do to prepare myself for interviews for LORs? What might be the best study guide for the SIFT? At this point I am open to all suggestions and recommendations as I am willing to pour everything I've got into this.
  8. Any current Warrant Officer Pilots that have successfully completed a full Interservice Transfer to become a Warrant Officer Aviator they have any advice for me as this has been a true dream of mine to accomplish and now I have the opportunity to do so.
  9. All, I am a civilian with no prior military experience currently working on my WOFT packet. Can someone tell me if I am on the right track with my WOFT essay? I wrote this early on so I can revise it over time and am checking to see if this is on the right track to a solid essay. Trying to keep it down to 3 concise paragraphs per some of the helpful information found throughout this great forum. Its in very rough form so I am hoping to continue working on it. Thanks in advance for your evaluation. "Why I Want to be an Army Aviator" As a Warrant Officer and Army Aviator, my leadership, communication, and technical abilities paired with a passion for education and strong values will serve the Army in all missions in which I am involved. I want to be an Army Aviator because the Army’s core values resonate deeply with my own and I believe this position will enable me to flourish as a leader, soldier, and a technical expert. Not to mention, piloting an aircraft for the U.S. Army is highly exciting to me and will fulfill my childhood dream of operating in the sky. Throughout the process of becoming a black belt in Taekwondo I founded my own core values. Loyalty and respect for my instructors as well as honor for the culture of my art form came first. Eventually, I founded the Junior instructor program of the American Taekwondo Association in my town and became a leader and a role model. Providing my peers a direct path to leadership gave me a valuable sense of honor, pride and great personal fulfillment. As a Warrant Officer I will be loyal to the United States Army, implement my leadership ability, and find great honor and pride in putting my life on the line to serve my country. Multi-tasking under high stress and making impactful decisions with limited information energizes me. While earning my degree in Information Technology with a 3.98 GPA, I focused on a career to develop my technical skill and ability to multitask in high stress environments. As a technical analyst, I became an expert in my field and learned how to effectively communicate in various formats with emergency services as I regularly spearheaded prioritized efforts to restore infrastructure in response to emergency situations. I strive to become an expert in any field in which I am involved. As an Army Aviator I will apply my drive to succeed, passion for education, effective communication skills and technical aptitude to master my aircraft.
  10. Well, I have been in the process of finding a good recruiter since mid-February now. This may be a long post but I'm going to go through and explain what has been going on with my process. To start off, I'm a civilian, recent college-grad, trying to go with the street to seat program. I live in a very rural part of Alabama. The closest recruiting stations are 40 and 60 miles away. In mid-February i went to the closest recruiting station. I walked in, the recruiter asked me "How can I help you?" and I told him "I want to apply for the Warrant Officer program.". He explained that the process is a long and tedious one but that he could help me with it. He had me take the pre-asvab that only took 15 minutes. After seeing I would do well on the asvab he scheduled the PICAT asvab for me the following week. He did not show up for our scheduled PICAT ASVAB appointment. I walked in and the other recruiter there did not know either and had to call my recruiter to get details. He then went about setting me up to take it and I proceeded to take the test. Meanwhile the recruiter there went in the hallway and trash talked the Army and kept on about how it was the worst decision he has ever made. Then he returned, fell asleep in the chair beside me and started snoring. I kept taking the test and eventually passed with an 85 and 119 GT. I could have made higher if it weren't for the distractions. Anyways, after finishing and getting my scores he explained I qualified with the 119 GT score. He then told me that my scores would expire if I did not go to MEPs within 30 days. I thought this was my final asvab score and it didn't expire? He also said my recruiter would call the next day to schedule a trip to MEPs. A week later I had not received a phone call. The following week I called 10 times. After the 10th time I figured that if he did not want to work with me it would be beneficial for me to pursue a different recruiter. I decided I would go to the recruiting station 60 miles away. I called that station today and asked for an appointment for tomorrow 03/31. I was given a bunch of screening questions and was told they would check their calendar and call me right back. 30 minutes later I get a call and it is a different person. They tell me they can meet with me tomorrow morning and I said that would be great. I then said, to sort of test him, "I'm putting together a WOFT packet and was hoping to come in and talk with you about it." Which he responded with "Are you already enlisted?", I responded "No sir" and he began telling me how he thought I could not submit a packet without first enlisting. I let him go on, I did not want to correct him over the phone, and then he asks "If you can't submit a WO packet are you still willing to enlist?", which threw up red flags for me. I responded by saying "I would have to think about it" and that I would see him tomorrow. So I have a meeting tomorrow 60 miles away with a recruiter who doesn't know about doing WOFT packets... I'm starting to get pretty frustrated. The next recruiting stations that I know of are Birmingham and Montgomery. Birmingham is a little more than 2 hours away and Montgomery is 3. If anyone knows of a recruiter that does WOFT packets in Alabama or can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I honestly do not know where to go or what to do from here. Any thoughts/tips/advice/motivation/criticism would also be great. Thanks, David
  11. Long time lurker here It seems based off these forums (and now unfortunately through my own experience) local recruiters are notoriously unable to process WOFT applicants. From what I've read it's "more work for the recruiter and they don't get paid anymore to do it". Her response when I said I was interested in the Warrant Officer Program and that I'd like to put together a packet was.. "Well the WOFT program works like this: you have to be a current helicopter pilot OR you come in a regular job (mos) and we will try to put you in the aviation unit and then you go from there." Since civilians ARE eligible for the Warrant Officer Program and don't need prior flight or military experience I deciphered her response as "I don't want to help you". I was wondering if anyone knew of any Army recruiters in the northern Virginia area that able and willing to help put together WOFT packets? Thanks!
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