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Lyn Burks - ATP/CFII - 5500+ Hours - Available

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My name is Lyn Burks and I am a recently semi-retired helicopter pilot (approx 17 years flying) and business owner. I was born in 1967, live in Florida, and am available for short term contract/relief work, PIC or SIC, flight instruction, or to ferry an aircraft for you or your company. Willing to travel.


Experience Summary


Helicopter Certs: Airline Transport Pilot - Certified Flight Instructor Instrument


Pilot-in-Command Aircraft Experience: Sikorsky S76C+, Agusta A109E Power, B206, R44, R22.

Some Co-pilot exp in B412.


Total Flight Time: 5500+

Helicopter: 5000+

Twin Eng Helicopter: 1860+

Turbine Helicopter: 3980+

R22/R44 - 1150+ (Owner of R44 IFR trainer, SFAR CFI signoff, RHC Safety Course, Ferry experience in and out of RHC)

X-country, Night, and IFR experience.


Mission/sector experience: Fortune 200 Corporate, Emergency Medical Services (Part 135), Electronic News Gathering, Charter (Part 135), Agriculture, Film, Utility, Flight Instruction, helicopter ferry flights nationwide.


To request a resume, my rates, or a link to my online availability calendar please contact me: Lyn Burks Email

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