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I'm looking for a web mentor..


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I have decided to change careers and become a helicopter pilot. I was hoping to find someone experienced who could mentor me through the process.


Here is my situation:


I will be 38 next month.

I am single with no kids.

I am open to moving anywhere in the world to fly.

I have very low salary requirements.

I think I have enough money saved up to get my license and the hours I need to get my first job. (one of my first questions)

I am mechanically inclined and am considering also getting A&P and possibly IA.

I have resigned my previous position and am free to begin this process immediately.

I currently live in Charlotte, NC.

I have "flown" a helicopter in an introductory flight with a Marine pilot.

I have "flown" a twin engine plane in an introductory flight with a Marine pilot.

I have no other flight experience.


I have just started collecting information and formulating a plan and I found this forum. I have seen several members who are knowledgeable, and make many helpful posts. I was hoping that one of those members could take me on as a special project and point me in the right direction.


My email address is shawn@3rdgenrx7.com.


Please send me an email if you are interested.





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