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Three die in helicopter crash near Price

By Nate Carlisle


A helicopter on Saturday lifted from the airport near Price then crashed just a half mile away, killing the three people aboard.

The victims were not identified Saturday. The helicopter was privately owned and not used for commercial flights, said Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova.

"There's really nothing left," Cordova said. "There's just a charred remains of a helicopter on the ground."

It was unknown Saturday what caused the crash.

The aircraft, a Hughes 500D, was one of two helicopters that arrived Saturday at the Carbon County Airport near Price. The helicopters refueled before planning to go elsewhere, Cordova said.

One helicopter lifted and headed for Ephraim without problems. But something happened to the second helicopter.

It crashed about 1/2 mile northwest of the airport in a sagebrush flat. The helicopter burst into flames but did not spread to the brush, Cordova said. The scene was localized to a narrow area, Cordova said, perhaps indicating the helicopter did not skid across the surface.

Some eyewitnesses saw the helicopter go down but Cordova said he was not aware of the pilot issuing a distress call. Cordova said he has been told the pilot was experienced.

It's the second fatal crash near the Carbon County Airport in 13 months. In June 2007, two people died when their single-engine plane struck power lines and burst into flames.











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