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Grand Canyon * Maverick Helicopters

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Howzit all,


a group of us from Rotors drove to Grand Canyon, AZ this past weekend to check out Maverick Helicopters... I have included photos of the 130s below. We had a great time and were all completely impressed with the operation there. They are currently flying seven 130s and they keep pretty busy throughout the day. The orange helicopters in the photos are actually Papillion’s, seems that they bought out a fixed wing company and are operating the 130's instead of airplanes, they have 3 of the 130s... This is in addition to their 206s and one 407 at another site, (about 8 to 10 of the 206s). My speculation is that they see the advantage of the 130s and are making a slow transition... jmho tho. (i understand that the 130s are hard to come by as Maverick is buying them all up). The 130 seems to be the perfect tour heli for many reasons, for one, they seat 8 including the pilot. I loved the way you start it with basically one button... too cool. The people at Maverick were very nice to us and the pilots (the ones we saw) were proficient and courteous. If you have not seen the Canyon from a heli i recommend that you do it by all means... it was simply amazing, words and photos cannot express the wonder.


i also met one of the VR members, very cool, always to nice to match a face with the posts...







Thanks Steve!!!

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