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2008 Pilot/Mech Career Seminar & Job Fair

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Career Development Seminar and Job Fair - October 26 & 27, Las Vegas NV.




Career Helicopter Pilots and Mechanics. This Seminar is designed to offer helicopter industry professionals, who may be in a transition phase of their career, an opportunity for learning and networking. Those who are looking for inside information that may give them that competitive edge in the helicopter industry hiring process. Knowledge is Power! Who might this seminar benefit?


  • Students presently in a Pro Pilot Training Program.
  • Flight Instructors getting ready to break out of the training environment and into the REAL WORLD!
  • Individuals considering transferring to other sectors of the industry. i.e., GOM to EMS.
  • Individuals transitioning from Military to Civilian.
  • Professionals wanting to meet the Helicopter Operator Hiring Authorities at the JOB FAIR.


Seminar Topics:


  • Industry Employment Status
  • Career Paths for the Helicopter Pilot
  • What Employers Want
  • Your Resume
  • The Interview
  • Your Salary – What are you worth and what should you expect?
  • Make a plan! - Setting Career Goals/Positioning Yourself
  • Safety Culture/Attitude…..what’s that all about?
  • Professionalism…..raise the bar!
  • Surviving in a hangar full of type A’s
  • Anatomy of a Helicopter Operator
  • More…….


For more info visit this page: http://www.verticalreference.com/CareerDev...67/Default.aspx

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