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How many hours before you can get a job???

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I was thinking about this earlier in the week and wanted to share. I have seen the question here, and heard it many times!! "How many hours until i can get a real job?" In my short tenure at Rotors i have seen three or four instructors leave for other jobs... most had 1000 plus hours, some even more. But a couple of months ago one of Rotors instructors got a job in the gulf with ~650 hours. Granted this guy is smarter than the average bear, and presented himself better than most, but the point is: he's working in the gulf, flying a turbine. If you work hard, convince employers you are a good deal.. you will get the jobs.


I also know that in this biz it's important who you know.. so choose your school carefully and be nice to everyone you meet.


jmh2cw (just my humble 2 cents worth!)



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Money is generally the issue. I'd love to pay my CFIs more, but since they earn money by teaching students, it is really the students who pay that in the end, and they are only willing to pay so much.

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