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Life in the GOM


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Hello everyone..


I just got hired on in the GOM and was wondering what I can expect life to be like. Are you based in different places or just one? Do you have a choice? Where do most people decide to live on their 1 or 2 weeks off?

I am just curious about this stuff and really looking forward t o starting work...but unsure of what to expect.

Any insight or info someone might be able to add would be great..

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The hiring process and scheduling for the GOM thread has alot of great info on it. I asked similiar questions and received alot of good information from experienced GOM pilots. Congrats on your new job offer, I wish you the best of luck.

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Hey, congrats on the new position. Go back a little bit in here and you'll find a lot of threads related to working in the gulf, shifts, commuting, benefits, etc. Use the search feature.


Thanks for your responses helix and rat. I checked out what other people had said and it sounded very cool...and very diverse. Lots of different experiences and opinions. Either way it sounds like it will be fun...

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