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Help some kids get back to nature


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a friend belongs to this program and they are trying to get votes to win some grants. i will help get kids back into nature. If anyone would vote it would really help him out.




Thanks in advance for your help...












One last plea for your help with the American Express Members Project. There are only four days of nominating left and we’re falling behind- although we’re still in the top 70 of almost 1200 projects. We currently have just over 500 votes but the top projects are almost reaching 4,000. The phase that ends on September 1st is to choose the top 25 projects that will then go into a card member voting phase in which the top five will receive grants ranging from $100,000 to $1.5 million. If we can’t increase our nominations in the next four days we will be out of the running for this funding.




I’m sure you recognize what a significant impact this funding could have on our ability to reach children with the crucial Earth philosophies and skills so needed to make a difference in the world.




We thank all who have already taken the time to nominate our project, and a special thanks to those who also wrote comments! We’ve gotten feedback from a number of folks who have had technical difficulties and weren’t able to vote. If this has happened to you, please make sure you’re signing in as a Guest- not a Card member, unless of course you are a card member. If that’s not the problem, our techie folk have told us it could be something in your computer set-up like pop up blockers or some other filtering system. If you have another computer, perhaps at work or if you’re near a library, you might try again on their system. Sorry, I wish I had more to suggest, but many have successfully used the system as guests, so we know it is possible. Your efforts are appreciated.




So please, before you leave for the holiday weekend, go to www.membersproject.com and nominate the project entitled: Creating Children of the Earth. The link directly to our project is: http://www.membersproject.com/project/view/ZDMHOB

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