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1,000hrs or more? i have a question for you...

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Hey All,


i had my heart set on flying 4 years ago, i did some research, spoke to pilots, had a few lessons etc etc


Due to the costs involved i was reluctant to commit to flight training then.


So i decided to go to University, 4 years later I'm about to finish a finance & marketing degree....and yep still have that burning desire to fly...


I have big dreams of running my own operation, i cant afford to have the RESTRICTIVE noose of financial burden, and poor credit ratings around my neck...


So my question is, what are the prospects of working with an operator, applying my degree, contributing to the business development, doing the hard yards in the office & in the hanger, and receiving on the job flight training over time?? Do employers look for these types of credentials??


I'd appreciate any feedback, positive and negative





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