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Well I did it. 20.8 hours. Instructor got out and I went and flew about 4 patterns. Holy cyclic forward when I didnt have the extra weight! Also a little squirly on the first hover taxi with a crosswind! I didnt like those feelings much at all! It was fun though. Had a FW doing touch and goes at the same time. Kinda funny making the call and staggering in with him everytime. I was landing on the Taxiway.....Tons of power avail too. Pretty much had to keep carb heat in the whole time as on the downwind I was always right round that magic 18. Got some good hover practice in alone as well waiting for 4 FWers to land before I could cross the runway to go park.


All in all just what I thought! Started Aug 4th and Sept 11th was the first trip alone.


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