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Name that helicopter


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So this has been driving me nuts.


I was watching The World According to Garp the other night, released in 1982. In the end of the movie, he's taken off in the EMS helicopter and I can't seem to find out what type it is.


Looks almost like a Gazelle, it has a fenestron, but the engine cowling seems wrong and it has two wheels in front (not sure if it's a tail dragger or 4 wheel.) It looked more like a Alouette 3 with a fenestron. I haven't been able to find a picture online so I was hoping someone else would know, or would have a clue based on description.



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That may have been it, except it didn't have the pointy nose. I'm assuming it's just a radome, but did they make early Dauphins without the pointy nose? No fairings on the wheels for what that's worth. Lastly, I can't remember if it was single or twin engine. Oh bother.


Never mind, answered my own question with some more searching on airliners. Yes, they did have a flat nose version. I'm thinking it was a Dauphin.

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Yep, after looking through Airliners, it was most certainly an early Dauphin. Pretty sure it was the single engine version. I never even knew those existed..


Yeah there is a bunch of coppters that not many pilots knew were made.

I was thanking we should play a game on here. Name that Heli.

and post a pic see if others can I.D. It.

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