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School Review/ V.A. Benefits?

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I'm currently serving overseas in the military but am looking into flight school when I return back to the states. I have two questions:


1. Does anyone have any information on Johnston Flying Services locates in Houma, Louisiana? It isn't listed on this website and I'm trying to find out as much as I can about them.


2. Has anyone reading this or do you know of anyone that has used V.A. benefits to help with financing flight training? I'm starting to get a headache trying to figure all the fineprint out about how much will actually be covered.


Thank you for your time.


SSG Jason Pratt

927th Engineer Company (Sappers)

Operation Enduring Freedom

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Not familiar with Johnston.


It's been quite a while since I dinked around with the VA, but my recollection is that they'll only pay toward a Part 141 school. If anyone has information to the contrary I'd love to hear it before my bennies run out :D

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The school must be 141 and V.A. approved and you must get the Private rating yourself, then the V.A. will reimburse 60% of each additional ratng up to your benifit total...$36,000 I think. I read somewhere that you may get to use Part 61 training if it is part of a degree program at a school but am not sure on that. I am doing training that started in April and my first claim was sent in July and I still haven't gotten my reimbusement payment yet. I heard it could take 3-4 months.

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School has to be part 141, they pay %60, you have to have a second class medical, you need to have a private helicopter certificate already,(they won't pay for private), the link to find an approved school is http://www.gibill.va.gov/GI_Bill_Info/search_programs.htm


When you find a school and enroll they have to send in a 1999 with a copy of your medical and then monthly you verify flight time with a 6553c.

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When I first looked into flying I looked at Johnston in Houma, because I was already working down on the Gulf on boats. This was almost two years ago, but if I remember correctly their professional pilot program was based on getting fixed wing ratings and helicopter add ons. He was promising Airplane Multi-Engine Land CFII and Helicopter CFII.


Yes the VA will reimburse up to 60% of all your training (post Private) at a VA approved 141 flight school. There are much larger, and more professional programs out there than the one at Johnston, look around for a while before you make the choice.

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