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Online helicopter private test prep...?

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I know this question must be asked often, but google isn't much help; so I figured this place would know where I can do a simulated FAA knowledge test specifically for helicopters.


My instructor said I should self-test before doing the real thing. I've studied a lot and went through the 'Test prep for private pilot', but I think a simulated test like...





....that would be good.


While sporty's free test was semi-helpful, I was hoping to do one that is specifically for helicopters...and one that I can do a few times before getting the same questions.


Anyone have a site they're aware of? Specific links would be helpful.



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is good for practice tests. The questions do take a long time to load, but when you're done they send you an email with all the questions you missed. Print that out, study it again, and repeat the whole process till you're golden. Plus it's free :)


Good luck!

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aviationexam.com does both the FAA and JAA helicopter exams online and i think they'll send you the software also in disk form so you don't have to be online while taking the practice tests. I'm using their JAA practice tests while prepping for the ATPL(H). I like the online version cause it gives you full exam history and will narrow down areas where you aren't totally proficient yet by giving you questions that you get wrong more than the ones you get right.

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I would highly recommend spending the money on the http://www.helicoptersonly.com/index1.html test prep software. 95% of the questions in it are the exact same ones you will see on the FAA exam and it presents in to you in a very similar manner to the actual test.


In reply to the mywrittenexam website. Don't use it! I used it for a lot of my private training, then I switched to the test prep software. So many of the answers on the written exam website are broken or wrong.

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