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AOPA coming my way Hampton VA

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AOPA is coming my way. The topic is about mastering takeoffs and landings. Has anyone attended any of these? I am worried it will pertain to planes and I will learn something wrong ?? etc..


Anyone attend any of these? How about this topic specifically? B)

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I've attended a bunch of these in the past and they've been helpful, though definitely directed more towards fixed wing pilots. It is always good to increase your awareness of what's going on out there generally outside the r/c world, but I've got to admit I'm going to skip this one. It definitely sounds like it won't be very applicable to me, outside of maybe increasing my understanding of what all those other guys are doing.

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I'm thinking this can't hurt me by going. It is so close to home.. I might actually meet people who like flying...close to home.


I go a couple times a year, differing topics. I always learn something, and pilots are not the worst people to hang out with. They are usually free, so what the heck.



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