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Past expiration date?

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I was farting aroung the FAA website and got to wondering what the SFAR 73 says. So I find the reg and down at the bottom it says that the SFAR expired this summer. Now that opens up another question: do we have to complete the SFAR 73 training every year now, or is it just a BFR like everybody else?



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Hate to burst your bubble but it is not expired. It was renewed after the 2008 FAR book was published. So it still has to be complied with. Happenes everytime that date comes around. They always wait till the last minute to renew it.

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Sorry JD, I went to the FAA library, and it ain't there. If it is, can you supply a site or other documentation? This is at the FAA library:


This SFAR is No Longer Current.

Click "Here" to go to FAR/SFAR database and search for current section.

14 CFR Parts 61

Docket No. 28095; SFAR No. 73-1


By the way, why are you indoors on a sunny day like today?



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Sunny- ?? L.A. got our first day of rain today..anyway, we beat this dead horse several times already, just do a search and you can find the FAA's letter and extension here on VR..


It would be way too efficient for any government agency to renew a document prior to its expiration date. In fact, I'm pretty sure Congress prohibits it...it would make them look bad (too late)...and they had only known about it expiring for 5 years....hardly enough time.




(edit) permison beat me to it....he made it easy, I was gonna make Witch do some work !

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I'm back.


Well, after following link after link for the past hour-which I'll never get back-I came upon this:


On January 2, 2003, the FAA again re-

issued SFAR No. 73 (68 FR 39-43) and extended the rule's expiration

date to March 31, 2008. On March 31, 2008, we extended the SFAR


[[Page 45907]]


No. 73 until June 30, 2009 (73 FR 17243).


And this little tidbit at the bottom:


Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 73--Robinson R-22/R-44 Special

Training and Experience Requirements


* * * * *

3. Expiration date. This SFAR number 73 shall remain in effect

until further notice.


Issued in Washington, DC on July 30, 2008.



Ok, so maybe I should have done more digging at the time. I didn't. Next time I'll use an excavator.



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Glad u found your answer Witch. Goldy, it maybe raining in L.A. but I don't even know what rain is since I am in Las Vegas. :D


PS: as you know I was flying in the Grand Canyon but now just started EMS in AZ.

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