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Career Development Seminar/Job Fair Updates.....


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Updates for 10/08/2008



Helicopter Pilot and Mechanic Career Development Seminar & Job Fair

October 26 & 27, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada


Sponsored by Bell Helicopter (a Textron Company)

Produced by Justhelicopters.com and Verticalreference.com


Update 1:

TRAINING GIVEAWAY/RAFFLE – One lucky seminar attendee will win one of the following: Bell 206B Pilot Training Course - OR - Bell 206B Maintenance Course. Courtesy of Bell Helicopter.


Update 2:

SEMINAR SEATS are limited and are filling fast. We are 80.5% filled as of today.

Early registration price ends 10/12/2008 and will increase by $25.

Registration will be closed on 10/22/2008.


Update 3:

Please remember that there are two separate JOB FAIRS.

Sunday 10/26/2008 (1530 – 1800) – Private Job Fair. Only Seminar Attendees may participate.

Monday 10/27/2008 (1000 – 1400) – OPEN Job Fair. (Job Fair ONLY, Seminar is separate.) Open to everyone. Pre-register online or register on location.


For more information please visit: http://www.thehelicopterstore.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=35


Or email me at info@verticalreference.com

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Is the registration transferable? If I land an interview that falls on the same day I'd like to be able to give my seat to a friend.


Absolutely. Several people have done that. You just have to let us know who the person is in advance for whom you would like to tranfer.

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Darren, you know you dont want to leave my country, stop trying! Your gonna end up staying so you might as well come down for the Job Fair and get a beer with me.


Dammit, I knew there would be some Mazzei people there, especially good drinkers like yourself!! I guess you'll have to look up your old instructor, I think he's flying for Sundance now. Unfortunately, the exams are paid for and I've been ready to take them since July so putting them off another month would piss me off even more. Sean and I are going to visit Scott in Austin right after them though. You should come down for that!!

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