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Warrant packets

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Hello all....I am starting to put together a flight packet and was wondering if anyone had a copy of their packets that passed...i.e. resume, LOR..etc... Anything would help. I am prior service and have 300 hours of flight time as a CFI/CFII rotorcraft helicopter.


A few other questions regarding the packet would be: How long does it take to put it together, are retired CW4 non-aviation but SOF reccomendations OK? I am going to do all of this in the NG. I have not taken the AFAST yet either, but imagine it will not be that difficult after looking at the practice ARCO book online.


Also, if anyone is in the NG, do you have the LUH at your unit and when will they be at all guard stations? Looks like a nice ship.


Thanks for all your answers and help.

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If you packet passes in the NG, it typically stays right there at the unit. They don't give them back.


The AFAST will not be a problem for you, especially with your ratings... If you still wanna study for it, ARCO makes a study guide that you can get at any bookstore


The CW4 wouldn't qualify for the AV LOR, but it would qualify as an 'additional' LOR. Again, you would still need a CW3 or higher, or a MAJ or higher for an LOR.


Here in FL, we have 2 LUH's... I'm not sure if all NG units will be getting them, and if they are when they will be.



Best of luck,



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