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R22 Leaseback Info?


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I am currently getting a flight review in the R22, my first expereince in the R22 and it is more fun that I had first thought it would be. I am in the market for a small production helicopter and am looking at ways to defer some of the costs. Can I afford the R22 w/o the leaseback, yes. I'm just looking at the options, as to the hourly rate the average training FBO might be paying and from your experience is that figure worth the accompaning issues.


Yes, I have owned an airplane in the past but w/o a leaseback.


I've had no experience with leasebacks so I am here looking for your wisdom and any advise you might have.


I understand if you do not want to respond here. Please feel free to PM me if you have any information that are willing to share.


Thanks for the help & be safe!



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I was gonna PM you, but none of this is really black ops, tempest kind of stuff !


OK, you lease an R22 for around $105 an hour. You pay for pretty much EVERYTHING! Except the 2200 hour overhaul. ALL fuel, insurance, maintenance, 100 hour inspections, repairs, parts...did I mention EVERYTHING !!


If an AD comes out, the owner usually pays for the parts, you pay the labor to put them on. Most have a minimum number of hours flown each month....about 35 or so.


Most companies that I know of will only lease to a business...a school.


If you have the bucks, probably worth just buying one on your own.


I've done this a few times, so any questions just PM me.



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Goldy, you're thinking of him leasing a helicopter, I think he is more referring to buying a helicopter and doing a private lease with a flight school.


edspilot, you'll find that most schools do one of two things. First, you can do a 80/20 split, you get 80% of the aircraft rental income, the school gets 20%, but deducts all the operational costs of the aircraft from your 80%.


It can be a good deal if you need the tax breaks, but understand that you become a renter, you have to schedule your own helicopter (or another one in the school, if they give you a rental discount). You also will have a helicopter that won't look very new after a year, but some schools do a better job than others (look at their existing aircraft to get an idea).


You can actually lose money on this type of deal, if it doesn't fly enough or if it breaks more than expected. Make sure you're getting a fair price for fuel and maintenance.


The other way to do this is to act as a leasing company, leasing the aircraft for a fixed monthly payment plus something per hour to cover the overhaul, the school pays everything else and keeps the rental income. This provides a fixed rate of return, but you won't know how the school will maintain the aircraft as well, since they are paying for it. You also will become a normal customer, paying full rate since they are paying all the bills.


Both have their place, both make you a renter, it just depends on what you need.


Send me a PM if you want to know more specifics, I've been on both sides of the deal, sometimes it works really well, sometimes not. It depends on whom you're doing business with.

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